Mattress Size Chart and Dimensions Guide

Mattress size guide

A new mattress is a huge investment, and the last thing you want to do is buy a mattress in the wrong size that’ll keep you unhappy for the next couple of years. Before you pick the first mattress you see in a shop, take some time out and think about what kind of mattress will keep you satisfied and comfortable in the upcoming 9 to 10 years.

Look at your current mattress and figure out what features make this mattress be uncomfortable for you, maybe it is the lack of comfort or the fact that you and your partner struggle with the lack of individual space it provides.

Mattress Sizes and Dimension Table
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Well, don’t worry anymore, take a look at our in-depth breakdown of Mattress size chart and figure out which mattress is most suited for you. Mentioned below are the differences between both common and uncommon bed sizes and how many people it can accommodate; making your mattress hunt easier for you.

Mattress Sizes and Dimension Table

Size Of Mattress Mattresses Dimensions (Inches) Best Use For
Toddler or Crib Bed 28⅝ x 52⅝ Baby
Single Or Twin Bed 39 x 74 Toddlers, Single adults
Short Twin Bed 34 x 75 Toddlers, Single adults
Twin XL Bed 39 x 80 Toddlers, Single adults
Double Or Full Bed 54 x 74 Couple, single adults, sleepers with kid or pets
Full XL Bed 54 x 80 Couple, single adults, sleepers with kid or pets
Standard Queen Bed 60 x 80 Couple, Couple with kid or pets
Olympic Queen Bed 66 x 80 Couple, Couple with kid or pets
California Queen Bed 60 x 84 Couple, Couple with kid or pets
Standard King Bed 76 x 80 Couple, Couple with kid or pets
California King Bed 72 x 84 Couple, Couple with kid or pets
Split King Bed 76 x 80 Adjustable beds
Split California King Bed 72 x 84 Adjustable beds

Why Use The Mattress Size Chart?

A supportive base is required for a peaceful sleep, and if you don’t find a good base, you may never be able to have a decent amount of sleep. However, finding yourself a good mattress has become a very tough choice due to so many options in the market. To help save yourself from this mind scratching decision, you must take help from the above-mentioned Mattress size chart and its dimensions.

Getting a good night sleep is vital for staying healthy and happy throughout your day. But buying yourself a mattress without any research can lead you to have sleepless nights with twisting and turning and annoying achy mornings along with an angry mood. Nobody wants to wake up and start their day off by screaming.

The main reason for finding a flawless mattress is the comfort. Everyone feels comfortable on different kinds of mattresses whether it’s a foam mattress or a latex mattress which is why it is important to find the perfect mattress for you. A wrong size mattress can affect your health and what most people refuse to acknowledge is that a bad mattress can ruin your back if you do not get proper support while sleeping.

These chronic pains can be worsened if the size of your mattress does not fit your body or give you enough space to spread yourself easily. Sleep helps in regenerating cells and muscle tissues, and if you do not get enough sleep, then these processes will not be able to carry out. The question that bothers most buyers is, how to choose the right mattress sizes and figure out the ideal mattress dimensions?

 Find The Right Mattress Sizes & Mattress Dimensions

For most people, it is a habit to stick to the same mattress size as they had before however, things change and so do the sleepers. Selecting the right bed size is a crucial part of the mattress buying process, and you need to consider your health and living options when buying this.

Some things to consider include; are you an active sleeper? Do you have children or animals sharing your bed with you? Do you sleep with a partner?

Mentioned below is a mattress chart size guide to help break down each size and mattress dimensions to help you figure out the best mattress for you.

Crib or Toddler

For many couples, moving their baby to a bigger bed comes when they reach two years of age or a height of 35 inches. For this reason, a crib mattress is a popular choice. These beds can also serve as toddler mattress once your baby outgrows his or her cot.

For a crib baby, you may also use detachable safety rails; these rails will discourage your child from climbing and prevent your baby from falling down.

When choosing these crib mattresses, you must focus on the firmness of your baby’s mattress. Many parents prefer on choosing pillow-tops and soft mattresses for the comfort of their baby, however; they fail to realize that their infant needs a solid surface to sleep on since they can’t move themselves from one position to another.

So when buying this mattress make sure it is firm and nice; push down on the mattress, the more resistance it produces, the more firm the mattress is.

Why Use The Mattress Size Chart
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Twin Or Single

Twin mattress sizes are the smallest adult size mattresses available. These mattresses are suitable for your child who has outgrown their toddler bed and crib. The mattress dimensions of this bed are ideal for a single adult or an adult with a small room. This bed is normally used for bunk beds, dorm rooms, small guest bedroom, and daybeds.

For sleepers who are tight on their budget and space, this bed can help in providing them with the luxury feeling of sleeping on a large mattress without burning a hole in their pocket or taking up all their space.

Short Twin

These beds are suited for motorhomes or campers since they are smaller in size when compared with houses. These campers are motorhomes don’t have much space and everything in this area has to be small which is why these beds are perfect to use. Mattress sizes and dimensions of short twin make it ideal for traveling.

Twin XL

If you are a sleeper who needs space to spread her or his leg, then twin XL is the most suited mattress for you. These mattresses are a good alternative for those sleepers who live in tight spaces. The difference between twin XL and a regular twin is that twin XL gives more length whereas the width of both remains the same.

This bed is also great for ideal for taller children, and you can even use two twin XL on a bed with a king size frame.

A king size mattress dimensions are same as two twin XL mattresses. This strategy can be used if you are living with your partner and you both have different feel and firmness preferences. This technique also allows couples to do their work at night by sitting up without upsetting their partners’ sleep.

Full Or Double

A full-size mattress is also known as a double mattress and is 15 inches wider than a twin size mattress. These mattresses are mostly found in hotel rooms and have the ability to accommodate two individuals comfortably.

For a couple sharing this mattress, it only leaves 27 inches of personal space which is equal to that of a crib.

Standard Queen

Queen size mattress dimensions are around 60 inches wide and approximately 80 inches in length; this makes it 5 inches longer and 7 inches wider than a full-size mattress.  This is a very popular mattress in use today. This bed is comfortable for couples, active sleepers and those individuals who may share their bed along with their pets or children.

This bed makes it an ideal fit due to the mattress dimensions. This mattress is considered standard mattress size when it comes to queen mattresses.

Olympic Queen

 Olympic queen size mattress dimensions include 80 inches in length and 66 inches in width. These mattresses provide you an additional room of 6 inches so that you may stretch your leg around easily.

These mattress sizes are preferred for people who are tall in height, and they also need some space in width. Keep in mind that the people who opt for this bed size have no interest in settling for King size since their rooms are bigger in length rather than the width.

If you own a pet who likes to sleep on the bed with you, near your feet, then this is the size you must choose. The recommended room size for this mattress ranges from 10 by 10 foot or 10 by 14 foot; depending on how much room you need to walk around comfortably.

California Queen

The mattress dimensions of California queen size are 60 inches in width and 84 inches in length. This mattress is ideal for couples who require some extra space so that they may move around comfortably in their sleep.

This bed size, however, does not come with any extra room for your leg or foot. The additional width that comes along with this mattress sizes is great for couples who may require some personal space when they are sleeping in bed.

California queen mattress also helps in accommodating your child if he or she needs some cuddling or if they wake up in between their sleep and are scared to go back to their own bed.

Standard King

King size mattress is suited for couples who need maximum space from each other while they sleep. This bed also helps to give them enough space for different activities such as relaxing or stretching for their own comfort.

Mattress sizes for this king size bed are 76 inch in width and around 80 inches in length which is why this mattress is considered as a standard mattress size for king size bed. This bed is very much suited for large rooms and for those couples who may be joined by their children while they sleep.

If you are a single sleeper then you may do whatever you like on this bed as it will provide you with maximum space to stretch, relax and sleep in whatever position you like. This mattress sizes provide you with many possibilities. The ideal room size for this mattress ranges from 10 by 12 foot or 13 by 13 foot; depending on how much space you need for walking around.

California King

A California king bed is the largest of them all and is incredibly popular on the west coast. This mattress size is the longest available on the market excluding the custom-designed mattress.

The mattress dimensions of California king size bed are 72 inches in width and 84 inches in length. This bed is great for people who prefer length instead of width. This mattress is 4 inches narrower when compared with a standard king size bed, however; you do get an additional 4 inch in length.

Even though this bed is smaller than a standard sized king mattress, California kind is 6 inches broader than a queen bed. With this bed, you and your partner can sleep with enough room and also cuddle if you want. This bed can accommodate your children as well as your pet with ease.

Split King

A split king mattresses dimensions include 76 inch in width and 80 inches in length, and this mattress uses two identical sized mattresses that can equal up to the size of one complete king bed. There are, however, two kinds of split, a full split, and a half split. Both of these splits can be used by couples who require different levels of comfort and firmness when they sleep.

This technique is great as it allows both the sleepers to sleep together on a mattress without sacrificing their sleep for one another.

Split California King

Mattress sizes for split California king are 72 inches in width and around 84 inches in length. This mattress is ideal for sleepers who may want a little extra length on their bed and who may be very tall. This mattress is ideal for most uses as it is very spacious and is suitable for active sleepers as well as couples.

This mattress can also accommodate a third person so couples who sleep with their pet or children may opt for this bed size.

Keep in mind that even though this mattress is 4 inches longer in its length when compared to a standard king mattress, it is also narrower by 4 inches.

For this mattress, it is recommended that your bedroom must be at least 12’ in width and 12’ in length.

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Who Will Sleep On The Mattress?

To sum up, the above-mentioned mattress size chart, read on below.

Who Will Sleep On The Mattress?
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Depending on the age of your child, he or she will most likely be comfortable in the following mattresses:

  • Twin Bed
  • Twin XL
  • Full

Single Adults

If you are a single adult, you may be most comfortable in sleeping on the following mattress:

  • Twin XL
  • Full
  • Queen Size
  • King Size

Two Adult Sleepers

To find a bed for you and your partner, you may go for:

  • Queen Size
  • King Size
  • California King

Two Adult Sleeper and Children Or Pets

If you sleep with your partner and your dog or a child who may come to your bed occasionally, you may choose the following mattresses:

  • King
  • California King

Sleeper Who Need Their Own Firmness

If you sleep with your partner but need your own firmness of the bed and need to move around independently, you can consider the following sizes:

  • Twin XL Mattress
  • Split King

Mattress Thickness

You may be confused about the thickness of the mattress since it is not mentioned in this article, well don’t worry because when it comes down to the thickness of the mattress, there are no standards.

Mattress Thickness
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The thickness of your mattress depends entirely on your preference. Some mattresses offer a thickness of 9 to 10 inches; however, most pillow top beds have a depth of 15 inches to 16 inches, sometimes even more.

Box springs and other similar products may lift your bed further above the ground which is why it is important that you consider the additional height when choosing a mattress.

Apart from thickness, you may also consider the type of mattress you want to sleep on. These types of mattresses include:

  • Open Spring Mattress– ideal for children or guest bedrooms since these mattresses are occasionally used and will require replacement regularly.
  • Pocket Spring Mattress– this mattress is more luxurious come with three options: soft, medium and firm. This is a good option for those sleeping with their partner as this mattress can cater to different needs and weight.
  • Memory Foam Mattress– these mattresses are made with a moldable material, and they can respond to weight, temperature and hypo-allergic properties. This bed is ideal for those who require support or suffer from a bad back.
  • Latex Mattress– this mattress is filled with latex foam, and this is also a breathable material. This mattress is durable and can last for years; it is a good choice for people with allergies or asthma.


When it comes down to Mattress, it is important to take a look at everything mentioned above. There are various options available in helping you find the perfect mattress, however, do make sure that whatever mattress you choose from the above-mentioned mattress size chart you must leave some walking space in your room.

This walking space will make your room look spacious otherwise choosing an oversized mattress may make you feel congested. On average, you may need around 30 inches of space between your bed and the side wall so that you have a convenient passage to walk around.

Some beds even have drawers under them to help provide you with additional storage, however, if your bed is jam-packed with the wall, how will you access these drawers.

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