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A person spends a lot of time of his life on his bed, and if you are going to spend half of your day on your bed, you should love the sheets you get wrapped in. Bed sheets are a worthwhile and valuable investment that you will make, and it is important that whatever option you choose, it must be the right one.

Finding the best bed sheet can be a mind-scratching and time-consuming decision. Having the perfect bed sheet is like having a soft fuzzy duvet or blanket wrapped around you providing you with comfort and warmth while you lay on your bed. With the best bed sheet, you can enjoy sleeping, resting and lying on your mattress while a comforting and soft layer will caress your skin putting you to sleep almost immediately.

Slipping yourself under a silky and smooth bed sheet can help you get a taste of the expensive luxury’s you can’t afford. Similarly, a cheaply constructed and inferior quality sheet bought from bargain can give you an unpleasant and itchy feel; making your sleep uncomfortable. This is why it is very important that before you go ahead and invest in your money in buying a bed sheet, you find out the top sheets present in the market. You should also be aware of the things to look for when buying these bed sheets.

This article will help you with the ultimate buyer’s guide to grabbing a bed sheet and also review some of the best bed sheets present in the market today. So keep on reading to find out!

These sizes are standardized since most of the store carries these sizes of mattress. Learning about the standard size of your bed sheet will make you more confident when going through plenty of bed sheets. This will also assure you that the bed sheet you will buy is definitely going to fit your mattress.

Picture Name Quality Material Comfort Price
1500 Supreme Collection Sheet

1500 Supreme Collection Sheet

4.6 out of 5 stars

Premium Sheen Super Comfortable Check Price
Cariloha Crazy Resort Sheets

Cariloha Crazy Resort Sheets

4.7 out of 5 stars

Premium Bamboo Super Comfortable Check Price
Cosy House Luxury Sheets

Cosy House Luxury Sheets

4.6 out of 5 stars

Good Double-brushed microfibers Comfortable Check Price
Zen Bamboo Bed Sheets

Zen Bamboo Bed Sheets

4.7 out of 5 stars

High-quality Bamboo & microfibers Comfortable Check Price
HC Collection Bed Sheets

HC Collection Bed Sheets

4.7 out of 5 stars

Premium Quality Microfibers Super comfortable Check Price
Egyptian Luxury 1800 Hotel Collection

Egyptian Luxury

4.8 out of 5 stars

Premium quality Double brushed microfibers Very comfortable Check Price

What Is A Bed Sheet?

A bed sheet is a flat-woven cloth that is used commonly on a mattress in between a warm blanket and the user of the bed. Generally speaking, a bed sheet comes in a rectangular shape and is made without a center seam. These bed sheets are hemmed from the bottom and top and due to advancements made today, these bed sheets can match in color, fabric and have unique details on them.

These bed sheets come single as well as in a set of bed linen consisting of fitted sheets, flat sheets, and a pillowcase. The material of bed sheets can vary according to its brand; mentioned below are the common types of material used in making bed sheets.

Common Material Used In Constructing Bed Sheets

Many people who own bed sheets are not aware of the material of their product. Even when buying the right kind of bed sheet you must know what material is best for you and provides comfort. Mentioned below are some common types of material used in manufacturing bed sheets all around the globe:


Cotton material is a very popular material and is still incredibly popular when it comes to manufacturing bed sheet. Most bed sheets today are made from this very material because cotton tends to provide year-round comfort to its buyers. Cotton is very easy to take care of and is convenient to wash and use. Since cotton has many different qualities, you may also find different price ranges on the types of the cotton present in the market.

Sea Island Cotton

This is a specific kind of cotton and is only found in the West Indies area, some particular parts of Georgia and the Carolinas. This kind of cotton bed sheets is incredibly silky and white, so they are sometimes known by fabric fanatics as the best kind of cotton present in the world.

Egyptian Cotton

This kind of cotton is known as “ne plus ultra” of sheets and bed linens; bed sheets made from this cotton are incredibly comfortable, luxuriously soft and have a long lifespan.

Pima/ Supima Cotton

This cotton grows in the United States and is famous for its premium quality.

100% Cotton

100% cotton is a universal term often used in referring products made from non-premium cotton. The quality of these bed sheets is not very high and can be considered weak.

Organic Cotton

This cotton is the kind grown without the usage of any kind of fertilizer what so ever; no synthetic products are used in its production proving to be a great option for eco-friendly users. Nowadays, bed sheets and other bedding accessories are made from organic cotton and are carried on my multiple store owners and shops online.


Bamboo is a plant that grows commonly in Asia. It grows incredibly fast and without the usage of any kind of artificial fertilizers or pesticides. It is one of the most eco-friendly products used in bedding accessories and is a great option for bed sheets.

Bed sheets made from bamboo blend include a mixture of cotton and bamboo making them incredibly luxurious, soft, easy to take care of and breathable.


This material is taken out from beech pulp and is also used in making sheets. It is often blended out with cotton to give bedding products durability and making them feel extremely soft.


Silk is a material everyone is aware of. It screams luxury and is warm which is why it is normally chosen in the winter months. However, silk can be a very bad option in the summers since they can get very hot. Also, silk sheets are dried and washed vie your washing machines delicate cycle.


Linen is also a material most people know about, and it is a great option in the summer months. It tends to stay cool and is the kind of fiber that needs extra care; to make it look good, you will have to properly look after these sheets. These sheets, however, can last for a decade since they have a very long lifespan.


In synthetic bed sheets, you get many different materials such as polyester, acrylic, and rayon. When buying bed sheets, you must avoid these three artificial materials as they are not at all breathable. These bed sheets do not absorb moisture and do not feel soft and smooth. Synthetic bed sheets can also cause skin allergies and irritation.

What Is Thread Count?

If you are new at the buying bed sheets industry, then this question may be the first thing you will be asking yourself. When buying bed sheets many consumers believe that the higher the number of thread counts present on a sheet, the more premium is the quality of the sheets. However, this is not entirely true.

So what is thread count and what does it really mean? To explain it in simple words, thread count refers to the number of threads that are weaved in every square inch of the bed sheet. It also stands for the number of threads woven horizontally known as the weft and vertically also called the warp.

What manufacturers do is that they place an additional number of threads into the weft and increase the thread count; fooling customers easily. Also, threads are generally added in the total thread count of the sheet which is why many sheets come with thread counts going beyond thousands.

Many consumers tend to believe the whole “the higher the thread count, the better the quality” theory; this belief is not very accurate. Many weavers claim that the maximum number of threads weaved in  a mere square inch of the fabric is 600 maximum. This number will give you the perfect idea of picking out unpicked weaves and single ply. Adding any extra threads to a square inch is just a trick to increase the thread count hence fooling you to buy it.

What Is The Thing You Should Look For When Buying The Best Bed Sheets?

When buying the perfect bed sheet, you must take into consideration three things; one, the cotton being used- two, where the cotton is being woven and three the thread count. Even though it is true that many people confuse themselves with the kind of cotton being used on their bed sheets, the chaos around Egyptian cotton being great is true.

Fabric experts are quick to side with Egyptian cotton that is grown and produced in Egypt making it one of the high-end material in terms of its quality. Another cotton highly recommended is the Pima cotton. This kind of cotton as mentioned above grows in America and even though is not as exceptional as Egyptian but is good too.

When talking about where the cotton is weaved; the best type of weaving is no doubt done in Italy since Italians are also known as the master of weavers. The reason behind this title is that Italians have a long tradition that goes way back, regarding weaving and making use of the finest Egyptian cotton in their work.

You also have to make sure that your sheet label must say 100% Egyptian cotton, The reason for this is that most manufacturers add in a blend of the good stuff and the cheap stuff and the high-quality stuff is very little in amount.

When talking about thread count, a good enough number to consider is 200 thread counts. Once you set out your basis, buying the kind of bed sheet you need depends on your preference.

What To Avoid When Going Bed Sheet Shopping?

When buying bed sheets, you also need to be aware of the things you should avoid when looking for bed sheets. One of the most important things that you should avoid is extremely cheap price tags. When a thread sheet count is very high, the sheets tend to have very low pricing. Always remember that you should get what you are paying for.

Most likely, the price of your bed sheet depends on its brand and size. Nevertheless, you need to be aware of the fact that distributors have a tight competition between one another and you are definitely bound to get sheets that have affordable pricing. All you have to do is complete your research.

The next thing you must look for is the way the sheet looks and feels; if it feels comfortable for you, then it is great for you. If you want a longer lifespan sheet, then you must grab percale with a thread count of 200-800 threads.

If you are looking for silkier sheets, then go for cotton satin with a thread count of 300-600. If you want a lightweight sheet, then a thread count of 400 will work best for you as they are not only light but also incredibly soft. If sheets have a very high thread count, then it is because picks have been added or multiple-ply threads have been used; these make the sheets feel dense and very heavy.

With this, it can be clear that the quality of the sheet cannot be determined with its thread count so do not let number play a role in your decision. Take your time in reading the labels, be aware of the low price tags and in the end, go with the sheet that feels good.

Different Kinds Of Weaves For Bedsheets

What most customers do not know about bed sheets is that the overall appearance, feel and durability of the sheet depends entirely on the way it has been woven. The price point also plays an important role in the best bed sheets. When talking about weaves, the most common weaving done on bed sheets are:


Percale is a luxurious yet simple weave which is also extremely durable. This soft-feeling sheet consists of 200 thread counts however when looking for the right kind of percale weave make sure to choose the one that has combed cotton.


This weave is most commonly found on bed sheets with a higher number of thread counts. Sateen weave is usually associated with lustrous sheen but has the ability to snag very easily. Due to this, these bed sheets can have an effect on their appearance.


Jersey is not weaved; instead, it is known as being finely knitted. These kinds of fabric usually are seen on t-shirts. The casual looking appearance of jersey bed sheets is what attracts customer as well as its ability to be incredibly breathable.


Bed sheets weave in Jacquard style consist of patterns that have been weaved together via special looms. Some great examples of jacquard weaving are Brocade and Damask; however, they are very highly priced.


Flannel sheets are simply very popular due to the cozy and homey feeling they provide. These sheets are ideal for the winter months and tend to be very nice.

Looking After Bed Sheets

A bed sheet as mentioned at the beginning of this review is an investment you make. Bed sheets are chosen on the qualities they come with that you liked in the start and loved when you started using these sheets. However, how do you plan on keeping your bed sheets last for years and years? The answer to this question is by taking care of the sheets.

Once you bring home the best bed sheets, it is vital that you start to take extra care of them as to increase the comfort and promote longer shelf life. Taking good care will help you with longevity and give you the assurance you require in the years to come. So the question arises; how do you take care of bed sheets?

  • The first thing to keep in mind when looking after these bedding accessories is that you will have to launder them regularly. You can do this once a week; however, make sure your washing machines rotation is set finely to make sure an even wear is there.
  • When dealing with bed sheet stains make sure to carry out a spot test first. To do this test, change a strong bleaching agent with a soft and gentle bleach.
  • When washing sheets always make sure to use warm water and never use hot water.
  • Only wash your bedding accessories with eco-friendly detergents that are mild. These detergents are not only good for your bed sheets but are also great for your skin.
  • Dry out your sheets using the lowest heat setting present on your dryer. Once your sheets are dried out completely, remove them from the dryer right away.
  • Unless and until your bed sheets are made from linen, they do not require any ironing. However, ironing is optional; if you want to you can iron out your bed sheets but don’t push yourself to do it all the time.

Different Bed Sheet Sizes

Since mattress come in very different sizes, it is obvious that so do sheets that cover them. To be able to figure out the size of the bed sheet ideal for your mattress, it is important that you know about the bed’s length and width. Once you figure this out, you can choose the bed sheet of its size from the following category:

  • Twin Size
  • Double Bed
  • Queen Bed
  • King Bed
  • California King

These are the standard sizes commonly found in our industry. This, however, excludes the pocket measurement on bed sheets that are fitted. Fitted bed sheet depends on the thickness of the mattress as well as the pillow on the mattress.

If you are looking for a sheet for your thick mattress, then grab a bed sheet with deep pockets. Generally, the mentioned below sheet size is ideal for fitted sheets:

Bed Sheet Size & Dimensions

Dimensions Name
75 inches long and 39 inches wide Twin Bed Sheet
75 inches long and 54 inches wide Double Bed Sheet
79 inches long and 59 inches wide Queen Size Bed Sheet
80 inches long and 80 inches wide King Size Bed Sheet
84 inches long and 72 inches wide California King Size Sheet

6 Best Bed Sheets Reviews

1500 Supreme Collection Sheet

Why go from Sweet Home Collection bed sheets? Well with this brand you are guaranteed the finest and most high-quality sheets without spending an arm and leg on it. These particular bed sheets help in showcasing the brand’s commitment to its quality along with the positive customer feedback it gets.


Quality is the number one criteria the consumers look for when buying something they will have to use daily. When it comes to quality, Sweet Home Collection exceeds the highest sense of quality consumers have. You can see this premium quality in the string weaving done on the sheets along with the neat stitching.


When looking for a good sheet you also need to check the material, it is made from. These Sweet Home Collection sheets are made from sateen which is a material sometimes known as lustrous sheen; making it incredibly elegant for your bedroom. This material aims at providing you a smooth feeling every time you lay on the bed. These bed sheets are double brushed for premium comfort and have heirloom style quality in it.


These bed sheets are no doubt made from the finest textile and have been constructed using state-of-the-art techniques. Its durability can be spelled out with its neat stitching and strong weaving. Due to this, these bed sheets provide you with the assurance that they will last for many years to come.


With the usage of high-quality material and microfibers infused in these bed sheets via the latest technology, Sweet Home bed sheets are not only of premium quality but are also incredibly comfortable. If you are looking for bed sheets that will help you sleep better at night, then these sheets are for you.


  • Can fit mattress up to 16 inches thick
  • Come with an all-around plastic
  • Sheets do not have to be ironed
  • Available in many colors
  • Have heirloom style quality


  • Sheets are very thin
  • Can get easily stained
  • Not ideal for active sleepers as body fluids do not get washed right away

After staying in a resort for over a week, you may fall in love with the dreamy softness provided to you by the bed and its sheets. You may not be willing to go back home to the bed present in your room; however, with Cariloha Crazy Soft Resort Sheets you can enjoy the feeling of the resort bed at your home. Now you no longer have to give up on the softness and relax whenever you want.


When opting for these bed sheets, you can relax because the quality is assured. In fact, Cariloha resort bed sheets offer their customers with a 100% lifetime guarantee on the quality of their bed sheets. This guarantee necessitates replacing your bed sheets if you do not feel satisfied after using them.

This offer is not really available on most sheets present in the market


These amazing bed sheets are made from the bamboo material. They are then enhanced with a sateen finish providing you with an exquisite softness and smooth feeling whenever you lay on them. These bed sheets are also easy to use and are extremely cool due to their breathable features. This material is also moisture wicking and can easy repel any odd odor.


If you have questions regarding the durability of these bed sheets, then you must know that apart from using premium quality material and ground-breaking construction these sheets are incredibly durable. The extra deep pocket in these and its premium box-stitching add a couple more years in its durability 


Since these sheets have a sateen finish, they are incredibly smooth and soft to touch. They remain cool throughout the night since they are breathable and have moisture-wicking features. These sheets are very easy to clean since they repel odors and allergens.


  • Guaranteed softness
  • Breathable and moisture wicking sheets
  • Can repel odor and allergens naturally
  • Provide a 100& guarantee on their quality
  • Eco-friendly sheets due to the usage of bamboo


  • Colors of sheets are not solid, and patches may start to form
  • Stitches may break out

Since you spend so much time on the bed, it is important that you enjoy each and every money spend on the bed. Something cozy on the bed is ideal which is why Cosy House Luxury Bed Sheet is a great idea.


When it comes down to quality, these sheets are advertised and flaunted as sheets softer than silk. Cosy House Luxury sheets aim at providing you with a refreshing and restful sleep all night long. Since these sheets are stronger than cotton, you do not have to worry about them getting ripped during the wash.


When searching for the best bed sheets to buy, you must put your focus on the material used in making them. This bed sheet is made using premium double-brushed microfiber that provides you with smoothness and softness whenever you use them.


When buying a bed sheet, it is important to take into consideration the lifespan it has- the longer the lifespan, the more comfortable you can enjoy. According to the representative of Cosy bed sheets, these sheets are stronger than cotton.

Each Cosy sheet consists of ultra- tight knitting making sure that they do not tear or rip out after being washed. These sheets are also very breathable and durable since cotton has the ability to resist fading, stains, wrinkles and dust mite.


When manufacturing this product the most premium quality materials are used making sure that you are left satisfied and have a restful sleep. Its softer-than-silk property will make you want to sink down your body in these sumptuous and plush sheets and get a refreshing sleep.


  • Softer than silk
  • Can resist stains and wrinkles
  • Very breathable for summer nights
  • Remain warm in winter without overheating you
  • Are available in many colors


  • Corners can get unravel after a few washed
  • Sheets are very thin
  • Contain some loose threads

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These bamboo bed sheets are very famous for bed sheets fanatics nowadays. According to the manufacturers, this bed sheet is of premium quality, are extra durable and provide you with ultimate softness. These bed sheets fit your mattress perfectly and make your bed look terrific. With its softness and silky feel, you are bound to enjoy a restful sleep your whole night.


These Zen Bamboo bed sheets are wrinkle resistant and hypo-allergenic bed sheets made from premium quality. When rubbed against your skin, you will not feel even the slightest roughness. These bed sheets can fit your mattress perfectly and promise you silkiness, comfort, and ultra-softness all through the night and day.


As the name of these bed sheets suggest, Zen Bed Sheets are made from the bamboo material. The type of bamboo material used in the construction of these bed sheets is not only premium quality but also brushed finely. To add to its quality, these bamboo fibers finely combed are blended in with microfiber so that your product will stand the test of time and offer perfect comfort to you.

The bed sheets are designed while keeping in mind comfort and excellence; every product in this set is a blend of 40% rayon bought from bamboo and 60% microfibers making these bed sheets very plush.


As mentioned at the start of this review, these bed sheets are wrinkle resistant, extremely soft and hypoallergenic. The material used in the construction of these bed sheets promise you with longevity durability.


Due to the state-of-the-art construction of this product, these bed sheets feel very comfortable when used. They have a plush characteristic, and with the blend of bamboo and microfiber, you can have a good night sleep without being disturbed by any allergies.


  • Available in many colors
  • Easy to take care of and is washable via a machine
  • Comes with a satisfaction guarantee
  • Resistant to stain
  • Hypoallergenic


  • Tiny balls can form on the surface of these sheets making it all bumpy
  • After washing the sheets may start shedding

If you are looking to sleep in a unique and sophisticated looking bed, then HC Bed Collection bed sheets can be a great option for you. They look classy and are incredibly comfortable providing you with the sleep you are looking for.


When talking quality of these bed sheets, they are highly reliable and of premium quality. The fabrics used in its production are groundbreaking and can definitely last for a long time. It is double-brushed fabric making sure that you will feel the optimal softness and see it too. The sheets are available in very vibrant colors and do not fade after being washed.


Bed sheets from HC collection are made using microfibers derived from artificial fibers that look and feel as if the bed sheets are made from cotton. The material used in the manufacturing of these bed sheets are known to offer its users with great comfort, durability and feel very lightweight. The materials used in this product are resistant to hypoallergenic, dust mists and the environment.


With proper care of your bed sheets, you can make them last for a whole decade. Bed sheets made using the finest quality material can last very long if care is rendered. This bed sheet is not only made from the high quality material but can also stand the test of time with its easy-to-care features. You can wash these bed sheets in the machine with cold water and dry it with low tumble.


With these bed sheet, you can enjoy luxury and comfort both in one. It helps in creating a welcoming atmosphere in your bed and with its premium quality and affordable bed sheets they can be a valuable investment for your mattress.


  • Ground-breaking construction
  • Provides you with luxury
  • Very easy to take care of
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Winkle and resistant free


  • Sheets do not have deep pockets
  • The elastic band is not sewn properly in place

Egyptian Luxury 1800 Hotel Collection Bed Sheet consists of silky, soft and ultra-plush bed sheets with ground-breaking craftsmanship. These bed sheets exude properties such as fade-resistant, wrinkle-resistant and stain-resistant making it a premium quality bed sheet. These highly-luxurious sheets are hypoallergenic and very easy to maintain and take care of.

These sheets, in short, scream luxury, elegance, and comfort.


These bed sheets are made from premium quality microfiber which automatically gives them a high quality look and feels. These sheets are silky, soft and highly comfortable making them designer sheets. They can look perfect on all kinds of mattresses and give your room a classy look.


1800 Series are made using double-brushed microfiber woven together with the finest artistry. The material used in the production of these sheets is easy to take care of, resistant of stain, shrinking, wrinkling and fading of color. They are machine washable when using cold water and can dry very quickly on tumble.

This bed sheet is also resistant to dust mites and hypoallergenic. This bed sheet is incredibly reliable due to the material used as compared to the cheap bed sheets available in the bed sheet market.


When it comes to the lifespan of these sheets, the materials used help in spelling out the long lifespan of this product. It’s easy to care features, and resistant to damaging properties is enough to explain how long these bed sheets can last. However, to further increase the lifespan you will have to take care of it so don’t overlook this factor.


If comfort is what you require, then Egyptian Luxury 1800 bed sheets are what you need. Their high quality material infuses in its production aims at giving you the best sleep all year round and for many more years to come. These bed sheets provide you with the assurance you need all year around.


  • Sheets are very light and airy
  • Available in many colors
  • Have deep pockets making them fit perfectly on your mattress
  • Very durable and sturdy


  • Can sometimes come with the wrong labeling
  • Sheets are thins so can get ripped easily


After immersing yourself with the important details on how to grab the best bed sheet in the market and how to take care of the bed sheet, you can easily go ahead and buy bed sheets for your room. The mentioned above bed sheets are great and reasonable with features ideal for customers.

They are soft, durable and super comfortable. These bed sheets are easy to use and provide to you what you need. However, when buying bed sheets make sure that you do your own research as well, read along the customer feedback, ratings given to the bed sheets and its warranty before investing in your money.

Whatever bed sheet you buy to make sure that it is the one you want. Figure out the size required by your mattress, the color you want and the material suited to your skin. Then go ahead and blow out your money on the sheet you want.

Hope this review and buying guide on the best bed sheet in the market was helpful for you.

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