Best King Size Mattress 2024: Review & Buyers Guide

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Maybe you want to upgrade your mattress.

Maybe you are looking to accommodate your pets or children on your bed.

Maybe you are one of those who wants more space to sleep on.

Whichever the way you use it, there’s one thing you can’t deny. You need the best King size mattress. Most importantly, a mattress that gives you more room on your bed so that you can have fun with your partner, pets, and children.

Did I forget to mention deep slumber?

And that too. You see, there’s lots of reasons to own this mattress. The challenge comes when you have to buy a new or replace an old King-size mattress for yourself. That’s why I want to show you the following things in this guide:

  • Checklist for choosing the best King size mattress
  • The 10 King-size mattresses that we have spent lots man-hours testing for their comfort and firmness
  • How King size mattress is different from all other mattress sizes

In fact, after the end of this guide, you’ll know which mattress to buy. Let’s dive right in and figure out.

Picture Mattress Layers Materials Price
Snuggle-Pedic Memory Foam Mattress


4.4 out of 5 stars

Two layers Memory Check Price
Zinus Memory Foam Green Tea Mattress


4.3 out of 5 stars

Five layers Memory Check Price
Tuft And Needle

Tuft and Needle

4.3 out of 5 stars

Two layers Proprietary foam Check Price
the purple mattress

Purple Red

4.2 out of 5 stars

Three layers Patented Hyper-Elastic Polymer Check Price
Classic Brand Cool Gel Memory Foam 12-inch Mattress

Classic Brand

4.2 out of 5 stars

Four layers Memory foam Check Price
DynastyMattress Gel Memory Foam Queen Mattress


4 out of 5 stars

Six layers Memory foam Check Price
Live and Sleep

Live and Sleep

4.1 out of 5 stars

Two layers Gel infused memory foam Check Price
leesa mattress

Leesa Mattress

4.5 out of 5 stars

Three layers Avena foam Check Price
sweetnight mattress


3.9 out of 5 stars

Three layers Memory foam Check Price
Lucid 14-inc Plush Memory Foam Mattress

Lucid Mattress

4.2 out of 5 stars

Three layers Memory foam Check Price

What’s a King-Size Mattress

If this your first time buying a King-size mattress, then you are probably asking yourself how this mattress looks like and what makes it different from all the kind of sizes?

The mattress sizes vary by country. For instance, an American King-size mattress may have a different dimension from UK King-size mattress. Most American King-size mattresses have a 5 extra inches on the sides and extra inches on their end, compared to the same bed in Europe.

My point is, whichever the country you are coming from, King-size mattress remain to have different dimension. But how are King-size mattress different from all other sizes on the market.

Is King-Size Mattress Two Twins?

A King-size mattress is bigger than a twin-size mattress. Twin size mattress dimension is 38×75 inches. For instance, if you put two twin-size mattresses, you are getting a King-size mattress. A twin-size mattress is perfect if you have babies that have outgrown their cribs.

Alternatively, this twin-size mattress can make perfect guest beds, because you can easily store and use them even if you run low on spaces.

King-Size Mattress Dimension Versus California King Mattress

A standard California mattress is 72 inches wide by 84 while a King-size mattress is 76 by 80 inches. If you are 6 feet 2-inch-tall and over, you will need a mattress that offers you extra length so that your legs don’t hang outside.

Alternatively, if you have cats, dogs, and kids that love sleeping on your mattress, you are going to need extra width of King-size mattress. Second, you will have to ensure that linens and sheet are compatible in each mattress because their dimension will vary a lot.

Which is Bigger & Better? California King vs. King

Type Width Length
Twin 39 in (99.1 cm) 75 in (190.5 cm)
Twin(extra-long) 39 in (99.1 cm) 80 in (203.2 cm)
Full/double 54 in (137.2 cm) 75 in (190.5 cm)
Queen 60 in (152.4 cm) 80 in (203.2 cm)
California Queen 60 in (152.4 cm) 84 in (213.4 cm)
King 76 in (193 cm) 80 in (203.2 cm)
California King 72 in (182.9 cm) 84 in (213 cm)

How to Select the Best King Size Mattress?


A king size mattress should allow you to have an excellent sleep at night without interruptions at night.

Studies and research reveal that when you sleep, your weight is presses down against your blood vessels. Blood vessels then slow down their movement because the pressure is too much and this prevents them from moving forward.

And this happens a lot especially on your shoulders where the pressure points are greater because of too much weight pressing on the blood vessels. When this happens, skin receptors tell your brain to toss or turn to another position and this when you have sleep interruptions.

In other words, you’ll be getting low quality sleep as a result of tossing and turning. When choosing a King size mattress, never pick a firm mattress because it will increase pressure. Neither should you opt for a soft mattress because it will cause back pain. A medium-firm King size mattress should be your best choice.

The Benefit of Buying The Best King Size Mattress

I get it.

What’s the point of buying a king size mattress? In other words, what do you stand to gain with this mattress?

It all boils down to luxury and relaxation. Seriously, there’s so much extra comfort and support that you’ll get from this mattress than any other mattress.

Apart from that, its breadth is perfect for couples with kids, because it provides more room for the family to snuggle together and feel comfortable when they sleep together.

Another benefit you’ll notice is its width because it prevents sleepers from falling off the mattress. Whether you have kids or you are the person who sprawls out, the King size mattress will be ideal for you.

It gets even better realizing that you can sleep with your partner or friend on the mattress without having to fight for space.

Does King-size Mattress Have any Health Benefit?

Here’s what you don’t know:

The extra space on the King-size mattress contributes to the health and wellness of your being. For instance, sleeping disorders like insomnia develop because one can’t get a comfortable sleep at night.

With a King-size mattress, you will gain the following health benefit:

  • Lowers the risk of you waking up with pains and needle thanks to the extra space that allows you to spread out.
  • Your legs have space and freedom to spread out easing pressure on the ankle and Achilles.
  • Lessens tossing and turning at night brought by lack of sleep or an annoying partner.
  • Creates more room for you to sleep comfortably, reducing joint tension, pain, and soreness.

Factors to Consider When You Are Buying the Best King Size Mattress

There are lots of King size mattress today. New ones keep on coming every single day. The question is…. what criteria are you using to choose a mattress? If you don’t have a set of checklists, chances are you could be jumping at every mattress that suits you.

But brace yourself.

As of 2024, they are a lot of King size mattress. Lots of these choices can confuse you if you don’t know how to vet this mattress for yourself.

The good news is, in the past 30 years I have bought a King size mattress, and I have used a checklist similar to what I am about to reveal to you. Read? Let’s take a look.

Room Size

A King size mattress will need lots of room in your bedroom. If you have a small room, your bed could take the whole space, plus you won’t have enough space to walk around. So, here’s what you need to do, take the measurement of your room, the length and width.

Most designers recommend that you have 30-inch space where you can walk freely without knocking yourself off to the bed. Alternatively, you can always upgrade your bedroom if you don’t have the right size.

But keep in mind, this will cost you money when it comes to renovation of your bedroom.

King Size Mattress Accessories

Hey, you won’t just incur the cost of buying a mattress, you will also have to make a budget for the bedsheet, bedcover, mattress protector and even pillows. Before you buy the mattress, you need to include these accessories in your budget

Material Matters A lot

Materials used to make the mattress matters a lot because they determine if you will have a comfortable sleep or you’ll be tossing and turning at night.

Some companies have excellent materials that have use technology to innovate their memory foam so that you have a great late-night sleep. If you are looking for a high-quality mattress, always, find out what the manufacturer is offering besides having a memory foam material.

Comfort, Firmness, and Layers

Comfort and support are what every person is looking for when buying a King size mattress, which contributes to the betterment of sleep.

Some mattresses have a breathable comfort layer that absorbs moisture and keeps you cool at night. Others give you a plush soft feel when you are sleeping.

Whichever how you choose to look at it- the mattress that you want needs to be comfortable, promote pressure relief and contours to your body’s position so that you don’t sink too much.

Snuggle-Pedic Memory Foam Mattress

These are signs that you are looking for Snuggle-Pedic memory foam mattress.Why?

Because it has incredible features, you won’t find anywhere. Tell me more?

Okay, the mattress comes with an excellent airflow system, which means, you are getting a breathable mattress.

Second, the company offers free customization and free exchanges if you are not happy with the quality of the mattress you receive.

Listen, a mattress is a long-time purchase and if you have an option of customization and exchanges. It means that you are getting the value for your money.

But there’s more….

Sleeping on the mattress feels super great because there’s less bounce and absorbs moisture significantly. What it means is, you’ll feel fewer disturbances every night. Best of all, you’ll not even hear you partner tossing left and right.

Looking at the material, you’ll notice that it comes with a thick, luxurious Kool-Flow Bamboo micro-vented cover that offers universal comfort and support. What’s more, this material is excellent for people who are back sleepers, side sleepers, and stomach sleepers.


  • Excellent airflow transfer system to keep you cool all night long
  • Flex-support technology along with micro-vented cover for universal comfort and support
  • Free exchanges and customization at your request
  • CertiPUR-US certified for comfort and support.


  • Some people may find the mattress too soft for their liking

Zinus Memory Foam Green Tea MattressAs a person who spends 10 hours of their day sleeping, I’m always looking for that thin line between comfort, support, and firmness.

As it turns out, Zinus scores in all those three areas and this makes it a great mattress to include in your list of preferences.

Besides that, price is also a major consideration, the good news is, Zinus has the best price for its customers including you.

Zinus 12-inch does an excellent job of conforming to the natural shape and body position to create a hugging effect. Most importantly, it won’t hug too much and make you feel enveloped.

It’s just the right kind of hug and sinkage that will push you to slumber in less than 30 minutes. As a premium mattress, Zinus is responsive enough to create a pleasurable feel thanks to its natural green tea properties.

To add more comfort at night, Zinus has bottom layers that offer excellent bounce and support compared to other foam mattresses.

For what’s worth, Zinus 12-inch mattress is great and recommendable. I still love the mattress for the extra plush support, firmness, and durability. Trust me. You won’t regret owning this mattress.


  • Ultra-cloud-like plush support that keeps you comfy and safe all night
  • CertiPUR-US certified for safety and tested against toxins
  • Green tea properties along with other natural based material to minimize the use of petroleum and chemical products
  • No smell


  • Some people find the mattress to be too firm

Tuft and Needle Mattress

Tuft And NeedleLook:

Five years ago, no one ever thought Tuft and Needle mattress would be a household name in America. But what I love most is not the popularity. It’s what the founders had in mind when they were creating this mattress.

Especially, how they utilized the appropriate foams and technology to tweak their construction and developed their proprietary foam.

Tuft and Needle mattress has two layers that appeal to people with all kind of sleep preferences. Tuft and Needle proprietary foam heavily influence its construction.

Its cover is a tasteful blend that offers excellent air circulation which regulates temperatures at night. Looking at the comfort layer, you’ll see that it’s 3 inches and provides pressure relief to increase your overall feel while lying on the mattress.

Did I forget to mention firmness?

It’s pretty soft and offers a quick response to pressure. That means you’ll toss and turn easily while lying on the mattress. Giving the mattress a little push, I felt the firm base layer, which did a great job offering support to the mattress.


  • Ultra-cloud-like plush support that keeps you comfy and safe all night
  • CertiPUR-US certified for safety and tested against toxins
  • Green tea properties along with other natural based material to minimize the use of petroleum and chemical products
  • No smell


  • It is a new mattress in the market and people are getting to know it

The Purple Red

The Purple RedCan I be honest with you?

A mattress made of the hyper-elastic polymer provides excellent comfort and cushioning at night. Instead of looking for other options, purple is one such mattress that will fulfill this need. It’s hyper-elastic polymer forms grid structure to provide excellent support and pressure relief.

Its cover incorporates, polyester, viscose, and lycra breathable material to create an excellent airflow system that regulates temperatures and wicks moisture away.

What about its comfort layer?

It’s 2 inches tall and responds quickly to pressure, providing great bounce while allowing you to change positions on the mattress without disturbances.

The unique thing about this grid structures is that it helps with weight distribution and pressure relief.

Pressing the mattress, I found out that it responds to pressure fast and does an excellent job of

distributing weight evenly.


  • Great mattress for people with allergies or sensitive skin because it is Hypoallergenic
  • Excellent comfort layer for weight distribution and pain relief
  • Combines different material such as polyester, viscose, and lycra to create great bounce and unmatched support.
  • Has a medium-soft firmness level
  • Perfect mattress for those looking for a high-end mattress.


  • It is so expensive compared to other mattresses.

Classic Brands Cool Gel Ultimate Gel Memory Foam

Classic Brand Cool Gel Memory Foam 12-inch MattressShow of hands!!!

How many are looking for a budget-friendly mattress without sacrificing durability and comfort? Everybody right.

Classic Brand Cool Gel mattress is one such mattress. What separates it from other mattress is that it offers the most extended warranty period, which is 25 years.

That should put a smile on your face because you’ll be buying the best mattress ever. Apart from that the mattress relieves you from pressure and supports your body.

Nothing beats classic ventilated and breathable mattress, because the gel-memory foam layer provides excellent ventilation to the whole mattress.

When you sleep on it, you’ll experience an airy feel, and your body’s moisture will be drawn away because the knitted mattress cover absorbs heat.

But hang on a minute.

If you have ever experienced back, neck or hip pains. The classic mattress will ensure that you have a pain-free morning, no matter your sleeping position. That didn’t surprise me because, it’s layering foam compliments the plushness, support, and comfort you will need for a wholesome sleep.


  • Comes with a luxurious stretch knit cover that creates a plush medium feel on the mattress
  • The cooling gel memory foam guarantees lots of air breeze when you are sleeping no matter the season of the year.
  • Made from naturally hypoallergenic material that’s safe for your skin-whether sensitive or dry
  • It’s among the mattress that comes with the most extended warranty period
  • The company provide you with two bonus pillows when you buy their mattress.
  • CertiPUR – US certified


  • The mattress has poor side support. I hope the company will improve this in the future.

Dynasty Mattress New! 15.5-Inch Grand Atlantic breeze

DynastyMattress Gel Memory Foam Queen MattressAre you are looking for a top-caliber mattress?

Or better, are looking for a thin line between comfort and firmness.

Whichever the situation you are right now, this is a clear sign that you want a dynasty mattress. It comes with 6-layer durable construction to elevates your sleep experience and improve airflow.

Comfort remains to be my number one consideration when I am looking for a quality mattress. Because its name is Atlantis Breeze, it gave me the feeling of a cool breeze and comfort when I am sleeping at night.

The quilted Euro top provides you with a plush sleeping surface to improve your sleeping experience. The major selling point of this mattress is the HD gel memory foam technology.

If you have used this mattress like me, you’ll agree that it doesn’t sag even after you have used it for years. And it doesn’t matter how many pounds you weigh. The mattress will distribute your weight effectively.

Thanks to its medium firm feel it will offer you conducive sleep and pain relief from pressure points especially for those who are back sleepers.

Once you lie on your back, the heat from your body softens the points to relieve pain without interrupting your sleeping position.


  • Grand AtlantisBreeze that’s breathable and ensures a perfect cooling system throughout the year
  • Comes with luxurious white cover with brown suede for plush sleeping surface and comfort
  • Designed to offer additional support and all-around support
  • Extra Gel beads to cool the temperature
  • Equipped with six layers for extended durability


  • Some customers say that the mattress is too soft and sinks a lot.

Live and Sleep Resort Ultra 12-Inch Gel-Infused Memory Foam Mattress

Live and SleepWhen was the last time you said that you’ve slept like a baby and wake up energized? Few people remember the last time they had sex.

My point is, live and sleep resort can change all that. The mattress is so comfortable that you’ll have to make sleeping a hobby worth pursuing.

It also comes with a 2.5-inch premium airflow viscose foam. The foam is thick, dense, and comfortable to provide you a luxurious feel of the mattress.

The deluxe cushion provides excellent contour and beautifully cradles your body position to prevent muscle ache and soreness.

What’s more, the inch gel memory foam in the middle offers excellent breathability and keeps you relaxed all night long.

Apart from that, resort sleep mattress comes with a stretch knit cover which softens to give you comfort when you are sleeping. In addition to that, knit cover has a zip. All you need is to open, remove the cover and wash.

The mixture of soft and firmness is a great boon for people having stiff joints. Although resort sleep won’t fall into the categories of the orthopedic mattress, it proves to be useful for stiff joints and sore muscles.

Finally, and most importantly, all the material used to construct this mattress are US certified and FDA approved. You can have a restful sleep knowing that you are safe from allergens, bacteria, germs, and dust.


  • A budget-friendly mattress that all the features you’ll find in a high-end mattress
  • No coils or latex, which means you won’t sink or sag when you are sleeping on the mattress
  • An eco-friendly and hypoallergenic mattress that’s free from allergens and toxins
  • Comes with ultra-soft knit cover to create an excellent sleeping surface for your body
  • The gel-infused memory foam cools your body at night, all year round


  • The mattress is soft. It might not be your perfect match if you prefer a firm mattress

Leesa Mattress, King, 10 inch

Leesa MattressWe spend a third of our life sleeping, yet 70% of people struggle with sleep. While reviewing hundreds of mattresses, I noticed that there’s something unique about Leesa mattress, which promotes good sleep.

But hang in there for a second, I have to you show something.

Leesa mattress combines Avena foam top layer with a middle layer to create a unique sleeping experience that offers excellent bounce and support. Talk of Avena proprietary foam, this material contours perfectly with your body.

Second, for every ten mattresses that Leesa sell, one mattress is donated to the homeless shelter. In other words, instead of profits going back to the company, they are giving back to the community.

If you believe strongly in the mission Leesa have for the homeless shelter, you will do something to support them.

Let’s now talk about softness?

Leesa’s cover top has a soft feel. I tried lying on the mattress, and all I could experience is the plush feel. But what I saw different is the top layer, I could feel the bounce and cool from the Avena layer.

If you have slept on any mattress before, you will notice that most of their top layer are 1.5 to 3 inches and that’s the difference between having “good night sleep” and deep slumber. Leesa seems to have taken the sleeping experience to the next level thanks to its material.


  • Made of high-performance Avena foam layer that supports cooling, pressure relief, and comfort
  • Avena foam offers the best cooling system and minimal motion transfers
  • Creates the perfect balance of sinkage and bounce
  • Donates one mattress to Homeless shelters after every ten sells.
  • Contours well with your body position no matter your sleeping position
  • Tactel blend cover that’s cozy and thicker than most mattress


  • Great mattress but it is expensive compared to other high-end mattresses

Sweet night 10-inch Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress

sweetnight mattressThough a good night sleep and comfort is what most people desire when choosing a mattress, people still have lots of questions- Chief among them: How is the firmness scale on the mattress?

The Sweet Night Gel memory foam mattress has two different types of firmness in one. All you need is flip it over and see if you’ll love the firmness on the other side.

Laying on the mattress, I felt like I was sleeping on a fluffy cloud patch, which is a clear indication that the mattress is soft and perfect for those who love sleeping softly. Alternatively, this mattress may not be ideal for you, if you like firm mattresses.

But that’s just a tip of the iceberg.

Let’s break down its layers in details. First, the mattress has three different layers, which play different roles in enhancing your sleeping experience.

Second, the first layer has gel memory foam that leaves you relaxed while you are sleeping on the plush mattress.

Third, it also features an additional 5 inches comfort foam split in a 3-zone design, with the middle part design to provide relief from pressure points. Because of this, you are likely going to experience great sinkage and cradle at night.

The last layer is 10 inches and features a high-density support foam that provides support and absorbs motion when you are sleeping at night.

Although the company has its root in China, it has contributed and improved the sleeping experience in Europe, Canada, America, and Australia by selling an eco-friendly mattress.


  • You can use both sides of the mattress. All you need is to flip over and sleep on the other sides. The top is plush while the bottom is medium. It is a perfect mattress if you can’t decide which side works best for you.
  • CertiPUR-US certified for long-lasting performance
  • Cool gel memory foam material to promote breathability and comfort
  • Excellent motion transfer


  • It is quite a hassle unpacking this mattress from the box. It’s not an easy job. You will need a helping hand

Lucid 12-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Lucid 14-inc Plush Memory Foam MattressIt’s no secret that Lucid mattress is one of the low-priced beds on Amazon and Walmart. The question you are asking: Does the mattress offer quality despite being cheap?

That’s what you are about to find out.

The lucid mattress is a12-inch gel memory foam mattress that comes with decent lumbar support and the right level of firmness to people with the different sleeping position. Its layers deserve mention.

It has a simple triple-foam layer design. The comfort layer acts as a cooling zone and responds quickly to body weight, shape, and sleeping position. It also contours around the joints and curves to ensures that you don’t feel uncomfortable.

If you are a side sleeper and vulnerable to pressure points, this mattress will offer you a great balance between soft contouring and firm support reducing pain.

If you have slept on most memory foam mattress, you’ll notice that they are not good at cooling. But worry not because Lucid mattress has two features that keep mattress cool, breathable, and dry.

Let me explain this in details…

The cooling gel inside the mattress dissipates heat away from the mattress. Also, its open-cell design is well ventilated to increase airflow so that you don’t sweat a lot at night.

It’s Tencel cover is a proprietary fabric that’s soft and breathable. Like the Mattress, it also adds a plush feel while keeping the mattress cool. What could be better than that?


  • Made of high-quality bamboo memory foam mattress
  • Soft, breathable cover made of Tactel blend that adds premium comfort to your cover
  • Excellent edge support
  • Great mattress for people who are on a tight budget


  • This is a heavy mattress, you’ll need a helping hand to unpack it
  • The cover is tough to remove, you’ll need some patience, especially when you want to replace or wash it

Conclusion (My Thoughts)

I know from firsthand experience that choosing a king size mattress can be hectic. I’ve been there before. But don’t let information overload kill your chances of having the best luxurious mattress on the market.

Having a King size mattress is the difference between having a great slumber and “okay sleep.” Best of all, it is you sleeping on the mattress knowing that you have all the space you need. And you can sleep in any position without feeling that you are interrupting your partner’s sleep.

Admittedly, what could be more important to you than having a great night sleep. The first step you need to make is to invest in a high-quality King size mattress because it will guarantee you comfortable sleep only the rich and famous have. Don’t be overwhelmed, pick the best mattress for yourself.

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