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Having a good mattress to sleep in every night is very important. Without restful sleep, you can ruin your energy for the coming day. In order to get the essential sleep needed by your body, you must have a bed that fits perfectly with your needs. However, a mattress is an investment that you make once every 5-6 years.

When investing in a durable mattress, it is important that you do proper research. Whatever mattress you choose, you must look at its material, construction, pros, cons and more. You must focus on what it provides to you and does it meet your needs.

With so many options in the market, this decision is never easy. However, one specific mattress that has been catching a lot of attention today is the Casper Mattress.

In this Casper Mattresses Review, you will be able to get a detailed insight over the Casper Mattress as a product along with all its pros and cons. Although Casper Mattresses manufacture multiple models, this Casper Mattresses Review focuses largely on the Casper Mattress Original.

 Continue on reading the Casper Mattresses Review to find out if the Casper Mattress is worth investing your money in or not.

Casper is one of the much-renowned companies in the world that have reshaped the mattress industry to maximize comfort, bed feel and quality of sleep for the users. Casper Mattresses makes use of the latest technology and innovative design in its products and is constantly trying to enhance its techniques for a better bed and sleep experience.

How Is The Casper Mattress Constructed?

The Casper Mattress is an all-foam mattress which means that it comprises entirely of foam rather than springs or coils. All-foam mattresses, also known as, memory mattresses are known to provide the utmost comfort and help avoid pressure points during sleep.

The new modified Casper Mattress is said to have 4 distinct layers which mean one extra layer has been added to the old model to further improve quality of sleep for the user. The four layers of the Casper Mattresses are as follows:

  • First: The Comfort Layer

This layer ensures comfort for the user with its open cell proprietary design. The open cell proprietary comfort foam design of the Casper Mattress is about 1.5 inches thick and is made out of a latex-like foam that allows immediate bounce to the mattress.

 Not only does it respond to the pressure placed upon it but also allows sinking of the sleeper into the mattress to avoid pressure points. The open cell proprietary ensures cooling properties that are brought about due to the use of the latex foam material.

This makes sure that the bed remains breathable and does not overheat which is often a factor affecting sleep. This upper layer is also quite soft so that the sleeper feels the softness against the skin instead of a rough, hard surface.

  • Second: Contour Layer

Next comes the high-density memory foam layer which is also known as the contour layer and is about 1.5 inches thick as well.  It is so called due to its ability to provide a classic body contoured feeling. This feature allows pressure relief as well as motion isolation.

Both of these features avoid pressure point pain that is discomfort that builds up in the hips or shoulders when they remain pressed up against the surface of the bed as well avoid motion transfer that is the absorption of excess movement on the other end of the bed which may cause disruption during sleep.

  • Third: The Transition Layer

This third layer is the newest addition to the Casper Mattress and is called the Zoned Support transition layer. This layer as well is 1.5 inches thick. The major function of this layer is to allow easy transition of the sleeper from the soft upper layers to the support layers underneath.

The Zoned Support of the transition layer is made up of two kinds of durable poly foam with one, softer type situated towards the edges of the bed while the course, firmer ones fixed at the center. This placement of these poly foams in so because extra weight is concentrated at the hips region of an individual due to which it requires extra support hence the firmer foams while the softer foams are enough to provide ample support and comfort to the head and shoulders.

As a result, your hips are provided with tailored firmness and support levels which help keep your spine in a straight alignment which is necessary to avoid back and joint pains.

  • Fourth: The Foundation Layer

The fourth and final layer is the dense foam layer called the foundation layer and gives the mattress its actual structure. This is the thick 5-inch layer that is made up of heavy-duty poly foam. It is this layer that is responsible for providing the Casper Mattress its durability, support and serves as a foundation of the whole product.

The many layers of the Casper Mattresses while ensuring optimal comfort stack up to give the mattress about 10 inches of height and an average queen size Casper Mattress a weight of about 71 lbs.

Moreover, being designed and assembled in the USA, the cover of the mattresses is a made up of a soft polyester blend that while being soft and smooth against the skin is thick and moves back into place quickly. This keeps the cover from bunching up together as you sleep through the night to avoid discomfort. The cover of the Casper Mattress also carries a zipper that allows the cover to be removed and cleaned easily, avoiding any hassle.

Casper Mattresses Models

Being a reputable and marketable brand, Casper currently has a brief lineup of three mattress models. Two of them are memory foam mattresses while the third one is a mixture of a memory and latex mattress. Each of them carries their own function according to their variable price points. The three models of the Casper Mattresses are as follows.

Casper Mattress Wave

The Casper Wave is the luxury mattress that carries a price point of about $2000. It comprises four layers that are made of natural and synthetic latex as well as poly foams of different resiliency. This luxury mattress is bound to provide its owner a fantastic good night sleep with the spine in a neutral alignment so that they wake up fresh and ready for the day.

Casper Mattress Original

The Casper Original is the one that was discussed in great detail above in terms of its manufacture and construction. This mattress too ensures the sleeper to have a quality sleep that is free of disruptions.

Casper Mattress Essential

The Casper Essential Mattress is equivalent of value. This Casper Mattress costs about $600 and is a perfect choice for those who are on a budget but still enjoy the comfort and support of a good, quality mattress.

Features of the Casper Mattress

When looking for a new mattress, there are a few features that need to be taken into consideration. The foremost is a comfort; it is extremely important for you to have a mattress that is comfortable enough for you to sleep on instead of a lumpy pile of foam that keeps you tossing and turning throughout the night.

Similarly, the support provided by a mattress is of equal importance because sleeping with your spine in a neutral alignment is vital to avoid developing backaches. Due to not all people sleeping on their backs and rather sleeping largely on their sides or stomach, the mattress should provide enough support to maintain the natural curve of the spine.

Other features such as motion isolation, prices, and many other qualities of a mattress such as the ones listed down below need to be considered before making an investment.

Comfort Level Of Casper Mattresses

The comfort level of the Casper Mattresses can be easily determined by the many different layers used, entirely for the purpose of maximizing comfort. It carries a subtle bounce due to its comfort and foundation layer.

According to Casper Mattress reviews online, it is one of the quite versatile mattresses available in the market that seems to suit all kinds of sleepers. Moreover, the cover itself of the Casper Mattress is soft and cozy and feels nice against the skin, inducing a warm and snuggly environment that is perfect for a deep slumber.

Support and Feel Of Casper Mattress

Being an all-foam mattress, the Casper Mattress is said to have a medium level of firmness. This is because it allows a gentle bounce due to its initial comfort layer while as the pressure increases the memory foam layer allows the contouring of the individual’s body.

However, the firmer layers below such as the Zoned Support and the foundation layer provide the firmness the body needs. It will help keep the spine even with the shoulders. As a result, the gentle sink in the mattress allows pressure relief off shoulders while the firmer parts provide support to the hips and back.

Many Casper mattress reviews speak highly of its ability to equally distributing weight across the entire surface instead of focusing in one area. This helps the sleeper feel cradled, however, not stuck into the mattress.

Moreover, the mediocre firmness of the Casper Mattresses is perfect for light to average weight sleepers as well as those who tend to sleep in different positions.

  • Back sleepers

Such sleepers tend to feel extra support on their lower back and hip region that is great to keep their spine aligned along with their heads. In addition, the soft upper layers contour seamlessly into their lumbar region.

  • Side sleepers

Side sleepers tend to feel the most pressure points, particularly in their hips and shoulders due to an uncomfortable mattress that causes their entire weight to be concentrated in a small area. The Casper mattress, however, relieves pressure through its memory foam layer and contours nicely along their curves while keeping their spine in a neutral alignment at all times.

  • Stomach sleepers

Most stomach sleepers struggle with finding a mattress firm enough that would keep their lower back from sinking too low and causing their spine to curve in an uncomfortable angle. This issue is largely dealt with by the newly introduced Zoned Support third layer of the Casper Mattress that keeps the people sleeping on their stomach for sinking into the mattress and developing backaches.

Does Casper Mattresses Allow Motion Transfer?

Almost all memory foam mattress is expected to shine when it comes to motion transfer solely because of the foams ability to absorb motion and keeping it from being felt on the other side.

This is an important feature to those who share a bed with their partner and often require their mattress to be resistant to feeling any movements through the course of the night when their partner moves around, tosses and turns or moves in or out of bed.

The Casper mattresses are fairly average at motion isolation just like any other all-foam mattress however it is not too bad and won’t cause anything too disruptive.

Casper Mattress Sinkage

Mattresses that end up sinking the sleeper into a specific position and making them feel stuck are usually deemed as poor quality and quite uncomfortable. The Casper Mattress, however, shines brightly in this category. Although the first two layers conform to the sleepers curves, the last two are the ones that ensure that the individual sleeps on top of the mattress instead of in it.

Casper mattresses are firm enough to uplift the sleeper up and out of bed to keep them from feeling stuck. This is a great feature for combination sleepers who tend to change positions throughout the night. It allows them to bounce and turn into a different position without any extra effort.

Does Casper Mattresses Offer Edge Support?

Most all-foam mattresses tend to have a hard time being living up this feature but the Casper Mattress, according to multiple Casper Mattress reviews, is promising. Solid edge support becomes necessary when you are sharing your bed with a partner.

In times like these, you want to make use of as much surface space as you can. The Casper mattresses remain steady when you’re lying on your back and offer, more or less,the same uplifting effect when you roll onto your sides. It keeps you from rolling over and off the bed during sleep as well as eliminates the feeling of toppling over which is common when you’re lying right by the edge of the bed.

The most compression is experienced in a mattress, including the Casper mattress, when you’re sitting at the edge with all your weight concentrated at one point. While most foam mattresses result in severe compression, the Casper mattresses hold up fairly well and keep you supported when doing tasks such as tying the shoelace while sitting on the end of your bed.

Durability Of Casper Mattresses

The durability of a product is something we all feel the need to check before purchasing. Similarly, it is important that you find yourself a mattress that would stay durable for a sufficient amount of time because it is not practical nor economically feasible to buy a new mattress every few years.

Among the many Casper mattress reviews, many customers agreed to the fact that the Casper Mattresses perform fairly well even after long-term use. However, it is essential to note that the Casper company is quite new and has been operational for a short span of time of three years. Therefore, gauging the accurate lifespan of the Casper Mattress already might be a bit too early.

New updates Of the Casper Mattress 2019

The new upgrades in the Casper Mattress have made many Casper fans all over the world, quite excited. This is because they know enhanced technology means improved levels of comforts and thus, a much more peaceful sleeping experience.

As discussed previously, the additional of the new layer in the Casper mattresses is the latest update as well as another improved feature that is the use of an ultra-supportive foam.

Zoned Support Transition Layer

This is the biggest structural change in the good old Casper Mattresses with the inclusion of an interior layer of the Zoned Support. As per by its name, it is clear that this layer is supposed to provide support to different zones of the body.

It targets different areas of the sleeper’s body in specific ways, all with the objective of relieving pressure. The layer is made of soft and hard poly foams with the soft ones located towards the outer edge of the mattress while the latter situated largely at the center.

This organization of these two types of poly foams ensures that your heavier areas that are your hip region receive maximum support and stays lifted onto the bed with the help of the firm foams instead of sinking in. On the other hand, the soft ones provide just enough support to your head and shoulders and ensure optimal comfort without causing pressure points to build up.

Ultra Supportive Foam

The four different layers of the Casper Mattress work together to give ample support to the sleeper to ensure that they have a peaceful sleep that is free of any disruptions. The feel of the new foams is comfortable and cozy against the skin.

While they deliver the very best to provide maximum support, they have just the perfect hint of sinkage that conforms perfectly well to the body contours of the user.

As a result, although the older model of the Casper Mattress had been pretty good at its job and was customers’ favorite, the new improved Casper Mattresses are even better and carry just the right balance between the different materials used.

Casper Mattresses Is Good For;

Casper Mattress is a Good Choice for Combination Sleepers.

Combination sleepers are people who tend to sleep in various positions that are on their back, their stomach and on their sides, all in one night. Normally, a huge number of people are combination sleepers even if they prefer one position more than the other.

Casper Mattress allows enough bounce to allow them to turn into whichever position they like without much effort and causing any disruptions during sleep. At the same time, while the first two-layer ensures maximum comfort and softness, the below two layers provide ample support to keep the sleeper uplifted over the surface of the bed instead of sinking into it.

This sinking into the bed which is often linked to the feeling of being ‘stuck’ is often disliked by people, and it is preferred having a mattress that allows them to move around freely through the course of the night.

It is also able to Provide Fairly Well Zonal Spine Support.

The new third layer that is the Zoned Support transition layer is a great addition that ensures steady alignment of the spine. Usually, with the course of time, all-foam mattresses tend to get too soft such that they completely sink in with the weight of the sleeper particularly at the hip region that is said to be the heaviest region.

This often results in an abnormally placed spine through the night and getting up in the morning with a terrible backache along with poor quality sleep. This backache is also often linked to poor posture and may even get serious if the mattress isn’t replaced promptly.

However, the Casper Mattresses ensure that your spine stays in level with your head as you sleep and maintains a natural spinal curve to keep you well-rested and your posture, steady.

The Mattress is Good at Keeping the Bed Cool.

Many users have one major complaint with the memory foam mattress that is they tend to get very hot as you sleep. Too warm can cause you to get up through your sleep in order to change position and find a cooler spot.

The Casper mattress though does not have this issue. The first layer of the Casper mattresses carry the open cell proprietary foams that are is a strategic layer that promotes airflow through the mattress. This makes the Casper mattress breathable and does not heat up so that you stay cool on the mattress as you sleep.

Casper Mattresses Is Not Good For;

  • People who enjoy innerspring feeling to their mattress may not like this mattress.

Some people are often accustomed to sleeping on a spring mattress all their life and hence, find it difficult using an all-foam mattress. The absence of innerspring or coil-like feeling underneath causes lack of comfort for them on memory foam. Therefore, the Casper mattress, being an all-foam memory mattress may not live up to the expectations of people who enjoy spring mattress.

  • Overweight people may not feel entirely supported on the Casper mattress.

According to Casper reviews, people weighing light to average enjoyed using the mattress. However, this was not completely the case with heavier people. The firmness of the mattress proved to be below average for them and was not good enough to support their weight fully and resulted in them sinking into the mattress and facing problems while moving over the Casper Mattress.

  • This is not a good option if you like too soft or too firm mattress.

Casper Mattress is just the perfect balance of softness and firmness, standing right in between of the two qualities. Due to this, the Casper mattress may not be a suitable choice for people who prefer a very soft mattress or a too hard one.

Available Sizing of the Casper Mattress

The Casper Mattress is available in a number of different sizes ranging from twin size to the large Casper King Mattress. There are about 6 sizes in total, all of which are listed down below along with their dimensions and weight.

Casper Twin Mattress 39” x 75” x 10” 44 lbs.
Casper Twin XL Mattress 39” x 80” x 10” 46 lbs.
Casper Full Mattress 54” x 75” x 10” 60 lbs.
Casper Queen Mattress 60” x 80” x 10” 71 lbs.
Casper King Mattress 76” x 80” x 10.” 91 lbs.
Casper California King Mattress 72” x 84” x 10.” 90 lbs.

This wide range of sizes offered by the Casper Mattresses allows a large array of needs to be met. You can choose the size that you fits you best and get one for yourself. If it’s a single bed that you need a mattress for, you can go for the twin size or maybe a full-size mattress if you have a double bed and accordingly.

Casper Mattresses Price

The original Casper Mattresses are on a more reasonable side in terms of pricing. Although there are other models that are either a tad bit too expensive as well as some models that are cheap enough to fit the needs of those folks who are on a budget yet enjoy the luxury of the Casper mattress.

The Casper mattress prices are as follows. However, it is vital to note that these Casper mattress costs are without discounts.

Twin $ 595
Twin XL $ 645
Full $ 895
Queen $ 995
King $ 1,195
Cal King $ 1,195

Frequently Asked Questions Of Casper Mattress

Apart from the basic features of Casper Mattress such as the ones discussed above, it is also quite important to be aware of other features such as the ones listed down below. Many people tend to overlook these. However, they are of equal importance and need to be considered in order to be sure of your decision.

Does Casper Mattress Offer A Trial Period?

Casper Mattresses allows its users a 100 day trial period. This means you can test the Casper Mattress for a good time of 100 days and if you are not contented with the product, you can send it back or call the company to get it picked up.

Does Casper Mattress Allows Return?

One may worry that you would not have a refund if you choose to send the mattress back and this would lead to a loss for you. However, Casper Mattresses allows a complete free return, saving you any extra costs.

Does Casper Mattress Offer Free Shipping?

Customers in the US and Canada can enjoy free shipping. The product comes compressed in a box. If you like you can also make use of the Optional White Glove Delivery where the workers of Casper Mattresses not only deliver the mattress to your doorstep but also install it in your home, professionally. This option, however, requires an additional fee.

Do Casper Mattresses Come With A Warranty?

Casper Mattresses come with a 10-year warranty which means you can get the mattress repaired or replaced for any of its defective parts anytime through the period of 10 years.

Final Thoughts

Casper Mattresses are luxury mattresses and are the foremost choice for those who enjoy bed – in-a-box.Casper Mattress has long been reigning the hearts of people all over and stands out as the champion amongst all memory foam mattresses. It is extremely versatile that fits the needs of all people. It is fully accommodating of all types of sleepers and ensures a good night’s sleep for all. With the latest upgrades to the Casper Mattress such as the Zoned Support layer, it has only improved the comfort level one could experience on an all-foam mattress. In short, Casper Mattress is one of the best memory mattresses available in the market today and is surely, worth its hype and money!


  • Offers free standard deliver along with free white glove delivery as well
  • Effective motion isolation
  • Temperature regulation
  • Produce very little to no noise


  • Has weight edge support
  • Has an above average price point
  • Maybe too heavy for some users to lift
Overall Rating

Very Good!

The Casper Mattress is available in a number of different sizes ranging from twin size to the large Casper King Mattress.

Trial Period 10/10
Cooling 9/10
Comfort 8/10
Durability 8/10
Sex 8/10
Sinkage 7/10
Motion Transfer 6.5/10
Support and Feel 6/10
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