Leesa vs. Purple Mattress – Reviews and Comparison

Leesa vs. Purple Mattress

Leesa and Purple both have taken the mattress industry by storm and have enjoyed great success ever since they introduced their innovative products. Now that mattress by both the companies have started to gain fame, and with more people taking part in the Leesa vs. Purple argument, many are left wondering which is the better option.

Both the brands have a business model that is only based online thus enabling them to provide the mattress at a much affordable price. While Leesa has been favorite of many for quite some time, Purple has also been trying to reach the top of the charts. The question is, can Purple easily compete with the established Leesa mattress?

Before we address Leesa vs. Purple, lets first take a look at the details of both the mattresses.

Let’s look at the various aspects of the Leesa Mattress.


A 10-inch mattress, Leesa features 3 foam layers. The 2-inch top layer is made using Avena foam which is quite similar to latex in many ways. At the same time, Avena foam is more durable and tends to last for longer too. The top Avena foam layer coupled with the core memory foam make an adaptive feel which is appropriate for almost all users with various kinds of sleeping preferences.

Leesa Mattress
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Meanwhile, the middle layer is supposed to provide pressure relief and support and is thus made of 2-inch of memory foam. Both the support and the pressure relief compliments the Avena foam’s comfort quite well.

Furthermore, the 6-inch foundation layer is made using support foam and gives the foam its shape. The purpose of this layer is not only to provide a foundation but also to provide good compression support for heavy sleepers.


The cover is made using a blend of Lycra and polyester. This mixture allows a durable cover that offers sufficient cooling and good flexibility. Since the cover is cut out from only one fabric piece, it ensures a tight fit around the mattress and adds to the appealing aesthetic too. The grey color scheme featuring 4 white-colored bars across the foot makes up such a unique and interesting design that you’ll hardly find a similar one in the market.

Firmness & Support

In terms of firmness, it can be said that the Leesa mattress is a little above average firmness. Since the company’s aim was to manufacture such a mattress that provides universal comfort, they have expertly balanced support and comfort with this one.

When you first lay on the Leesa mattress, you’ll notice that the mattress is soft and comfortable, and the top Avena foam layer provides cooling too. At the same time, Leesa also provides a balance between contour and enveloping such that the user doesn’t feel that his or her body is being overly hugged or enveloped by the foam.

Another great advantage that Leesa has is the response time. It is quick and above average which not only comes in handy when changing sleeping positions but also improves the overall sleep quality. Similarly, the support provided by this Leesa is also nothing short of impressive. Whether you sleep on your sides, stomach, or back, you will get to enjoy good support in all positions.


All in all, the cooling properties along with the excellent support and comfort ensure quality sleep for almost all kinds of users. Plus, it is difficult to find another similar high-valued mattress at the price of this Leesa mattress!

Pros and Cons of Leesa Mattress


  • It is an affordable memory foam mattress making it great for customers.
  • Leesa has a high quality construction.
  • Provides temperature regulation.
  • Great for motion isolation.


  • Has a slight mattress odor that can be bothersome.
  • Leesa has a single firmness level which can be too firm for some sleepers.

Reviewing the Purple Mattress

Now, let’s look at what the Purple mattress has to offer.


Measuring 9.5-inches, the Purple mattress is made using polymer and foam. Like the Leesa mattress, it also has three different layers.

The top layer that provides cooling and comfort measures 2-inches and is made with hyper-elastic polymer. As a result, this layer is able to provide commendable pressure relief, cooling, and bounce for the mattress.

purple mattress
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Meanwhile, the middle support layer is primarily a 3.5-inch polyurethane foam layer. Since this polyurethane layer is directly placed below the polymer layer, this form layer is responsible for providing most of the support.

The bottom foundation layer is again made of polyurethane foam. The 4-inch layer offers deep compression support for the layers above and also makes up the foundational base for the whole mattress.


The cover is made from a mixture of three materials; 4% polyester-lycra, 69% polyester, and 27% viscose. Just like Leesa’s cover, this cover offers high breathability and a commendable stretch. Since the cover is thin, the hyper-elastic polymer can easily breathe. As a result, the cover ensures good airflow,

In terms of appearance, Purple has been able to provide good competition to Leesa. They have efficiently used an all-white scheme featuring a scattered diamond pattern that adds slight stylistic touches. Meanwhile, they have also embossed their name on each side. The bottom line is, the cover is not only aesthetically pleasing but also provides good a good stretch and high breathability, thus being suitable for a tight fit too.

Firmness & Support

The Purple mattress not only has a unique feel but also promises firmness that is a little more than the average. Due to this firmness, the Purple mattress can cater to a variety of sleepers as it is able to create a universal comfort.

Purple’s unique feel is possible because of the 2-inch hyper-elastic polymer top layer. The polymer is also quite comparable to latex in a number of ways like the response, cooling, and bounce.

However, there is a slight sinkage level with the Purple mattress. There is a slight level sinkage for users below 150 pounds. However, as the sleeper exceeds 150 pounds, body hug and sinkage slowly increase. Meanwhile, mattress floats anyone below 130 pounds. Since light sleepers don’t put a lot of pressure on the polymer, they enjoy more firmness and reduced body hug.  Similarly, heavier sleepers and those with an average weight are able to engage the foam and polymer more deeply and thus; they get to enjoy a more balanced sinkage and average firmness.

When it comes to hugging contour, the Purple mattress ensures a balanced and rounded contour. Moreover, high point elasticity allows certain body parts to get more sinkage and pressure relief without there being a drastic decrease in the overall comfort and support for other parts.

Furthermore, cooling characteristics of this mattress are almost incomparable. Both the materials and construction result in one of the coolest mattresses ever!


The Purple mattress offers no less than what Leesa has to offer. Apart from being aesthetically pleasing, the top polymer layer drastically improves airflow with its grid design while the polymer itself doesn’t retain heat.

Pros and Cons of Purple Mattress


  • Is made with unique polymer technology that is ideal for hot sleepers.
  • Provides motion isolation.
  • Is very compatible with different bedframes.
  • Is affordable for many customers.


  • Has weak edge support.
  • Can be very heavy as compared to other mattresses.
  • Not ideal for tall people due to its small size.

Leesa vs. Purple – The Similarities

While there are numerous differences between the two mattresses, there are some similarities too. These include:

  • The business model of both is quite similar
  • Both the mattresses are only available for purchase online
  • Purple and Leesa both are priced in a similar range
  • The return policies and trial periods of both the mattresses are quite friendly
  • Both of them have received many positive customer reviews
  • Both Purple and Leesa have only one level of firmness
  • Construction of both is very similar

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Leesa vs. Purple – Key Differences

Both Leesa and Purple vary in a number of aspects. Let’s have a look!


Perhaps, both the Purple and Leesa differ the most in construction. While the Purple mattress measures 9.5-inches in thickness, the Leesa mattress has a thickness of 10 inches. Of course, the materials and construction, in a sense, are pretty similar; however closer inspection does show up some big differences. Yes, both feature a layered and contemporary foam structure, and both avoid coils, but that’s about it for the structural similarities.

Let’s first discuss the construction of Purple. Its 2-inch top layer is quite unique and hardly has a competitor in the industry. Moreover, the top layer is made using hyper-elastic polymer which is known for relieving pressure much better than other materials found in the mattress industry. Furthermore, it features such a unique feel that initially, the mattress feels initially firm but then it tends to relieve the pressure well. Furthermore, it is also quite resilient and bouncy, because of which it feels a lot like latex.

On the other hand, Leesa features a 2-inch Avena foam which features not only good pressure-relieving and body conforming properties, but also a little resilience and bounce too. Below that layer is a 2-inch layer of memory foam which also has numerous benefits.


Despite the similar 3-layer construction, the materials used in both are different.

Apart from high-quality memory foam, the Leesa mattress also features a proprietary high-end Avena foam blend. As a result, the mattress is more durable and reliable, and also ensures a good lifespan thus providing you with the guaranty that the mattress is worth the money.

As for the materials used in Purple, instead of the Avena foam layer, Purple features a hyper-elastic foam.

Leesa vs. Purple – Which One is the Better Option?

This is the most important part, which mattress is most suitable for you; Purple or Leesa? Of course, this is quite a difficult question, and it all comes down to personal preferences. Both the mattress put up a good competition and one cannot be declared better than the other one. In their own ways, both the mattresses are exceptional and ensure a great sleep.

To make choosing between the two easier, below is a breakdown of which mattress will suit your needs.

Who is Leesa Best for?

Leesa is best in the following cases:

  • You want your mattress to have just medium firmness:The memory foam combined with the Avena foam results in a mattress with a balanced feel and great response, bounce, and pressure relief.
  • You want to have a well-balanced mattress: At every corner, you can enjoy a balanced feel as well as constant firmness regardless of the kind of sleeper you are. Both the mattress design and the material components result in an adaptive feel that can cater to the needs of almost all sleepers.
  • You want to enjoy good value for your money:You won’t find such a comparable mattress in store below $2,000. You can get the Queen Leesa for a price of even below $1,000 which is, perhaps, the best you can get considering the overall value and benefits of the mattress.
  • You want a mattress that is all foam: Leesa is made completely out of foam from top to bottom, thus giving it a familiar feel. In fact, the Avena foam makes it easy to change from coil and other foam mattresses to Avena foam.
  • You want to purchase from a reputable and compassionate company: Leesa has a 1:10 program in which it donates one mattress to homeless shelters for every ten mattress it sells. With this program, the company has already been able to donate more than 5,000 mattresses within the first 18 months.

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The bottom line is, both the mattresses are great options, and you can’t really go wrong with any of them. As mentioned earlier, which one you should purchase all comes down to your own preferences. In this Leesa vs. Purple mattress, you’ll find the characteristics of both in detail so that you can select the mattress that suits you best accordingly.

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