What Size Pool Pillow Do i Need?

Winterizing your pool is crucial for maintaining its longevity. A key component in this process is selecting the right pool pillow size. In this guide, we’ll delve into the factors influencing your choice and provide a step-by-step approach to safeguarding your pool during the colder months.

Why Pool Pillows are Important:

Pool pillows serve as a protective barrier against freezing temperatures. They prevent ice expansion, which can damage the pool walls and plumbing. Now, let’s explore how to determine the ideal size for your pool pillow.

Determining the Right Pool Pillow Size:

a. Measuring Your Pool:

To start, measure the length and width of your pool. This ensures the pool pillow adequately covers the surface, providing effective protection against ice.

b. Considering Pool Shape:

Different pool shapes require different pillow sizes. Rectangular pools may need a larger pillow compared to round or oval ones. Factor in your pool’s unique shape during selection.

c. Climate Factors:

Consider your local climate. Harsher winters may demand larger pillows for added protection. Warmer climates might require less coverage.

Top Pool Pillow Selection Tips:

a. Material Matters:

Opt for durable materials like heavy-duty vinyl. This ensures your pool pillow withstands the rigors of winter and serves its protective purpose effectively.

b. Inflation Techniques:

Properly inflate the pool pillow to the recommended level. Overinflating can cause issues, while underinflating may compromise its effectiveness.

Step-by-Step Guide to Using Pool Pillows:

a. Proper Placement:

Place the inflated pool pillow in the center of the pool before freezing temperatures arrive. This strategic placement prevents ice from forming against the pool walls.

b. Securing the Pillow:

Tether the pool pillow securely to prevent it from drifting. Use pool cover weights or tie it to the pool ladder to ensure it stays in position throughout winter.

c. Maintenance Tips:

Regularly check the pillow for any deflation or damage. Address issues promptly to maintain its protective qualities.


With the right pool pillow size and proper winter care, you can ensure your pool emerges from winter unscathed. Follow these guidelines for a stress-free pool opening when the warmer days return.


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