Best Crib Mattresses for Babies 2024 – Review And Buying Guide

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Shopping for a newborn baby can be the most amazing and exciting part about having a kid. The new smell of baby sheets, towels, adorable tiny socks, mittens and caps along with tiny clothes with things written on them like “Mommy’s princess” or “Daddy’s little angel” is bound to tear up any new parents to be. They want the best crib mattress, the best toys, and the best everything.

Not to mention the cute toys and some complicated baby accessories that come with complex instructions to join them up and the sweet smell of baby cosmetics. While all these things may seem simple and trivial to a regular shopper, expecting parents and first-time mommies tend to jump at these things. All these things hold a lot of importance to them, and they want everything to be perfect.

New parents do not want to compromise when it comes to their baby, so anything they pick out holds a deeper meaning and is incredibly dear to them. In a few months they tend to have a bundle of joy in their arms, and when this time comes, they want to be prepared. Since parents shopping list can go on and on, here’s a guide to help look for the best crib mattress for your baby.

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Picture Mattress Material Weight Size Price
Newton Baby Crib Mattress


4.9 out of 5 stars

Organic 11 pounds 28 x 5.5 x 52 Check Price
Moonlight Slumber

Moonlight Slumber

4.7 out of 5 stars

Foam 11 pounds 52 x 27.5 x 5 Check Price
Milliard Hypoallergenic

Milliard Hypoallergenic

4.2 out of 5 stars

Memory Foam 10.8 pounds 52 x 27.5 x 5.5 Check Price
Safety 1st Heavenly Dreams

Safety 1st Heavenly Dreams

4.5 out of 5 stars

Thermal Bonded foam 7.8 pounds 52 x 27.5 x 5.5 Check Price

Why Do You Need The Best Crib Mattress For Babies?

Newborn babies can spend approximately 18 hours a day napping and sleeping. This means that they will need the best crib mattress that will provide them with the support they need for their spine. A good mattress also plays a very important role when it comes to the overall posture of your baby.

A fairly firm mattress will help keep your baby’s head from contouring and conforming into the crib mattress, and this can be dangerous for a newborn baby. It is important that new parents find the best crib mattress for babies that not only helps provide them with a good alignment but also fits in the baby crib properly.

However, when buying a crib mattress, it can be a great option to go for an organic mattress. This mattress can be a little expensive since they are 100% natural and will protect your child from inhaling any toxic smells and chemicals.

Types Of Crib Mattresses For Babies

To help you choose the best crib mattress for you and your newborn baby you should know the difference between the crib types. Most of the crib mattress present in the market fall under the following material category:

Foam Crib Mattress

Foam mattresses are the most basic material present in the market. It is also one of the cheapest crib mattresses, and as the name suggests, the mattress is made from one or more block of foam.

The best part about this mattress material is the lightweight it has. Due to its weight, foam mattresses can be the perfect choice for portable cribs that are easy to fold when not in use. The lightweight makes it easy to carry around the mattress and does not require the help of your husband.

However the foam used in these mattresses can be of many different varieties, for example, you can get a polyurethane mattress, bamboo fiber foam mattress, and latex as well. These are just a few of the material that can help in making up of a crib foam mattress.

When choosing the best crib mattress for your baby, it is important that you carry out your own research on the foam material used in making it. You must know that polyurethane foam is very cheap but has the tendency to sink very easily. Similarly, latex foam is more reliable and has the ability to last longer but is also expensive.

When opting for a foam crib mattress be mindful that not only does foam have different densities but it also has different levels of firmness. However, remember that the more firmed and dense the foam mattress is, the better and safer it is for your baby.

Nevertheless the thickness of a foam mattress varies from company to company; different brands have different firmness levels but generally speaking, most foam crib mattress has a thickness between three to six inches.


  • Is the cheapest crib mattress
  • Lightweight
  • Is available in many different sizes


  • Has less durability than another mattress
  • Is not a good solution in the long run

Coil Spring Crib Mattress

This crib mattress for babies is also known as an innerspring mattress. This mattress gets its name from the coiled steel present in the core of it.

Due to the construction of steel, innerspring mattresses are more heavy than the foam crib mattress. Nevertheless, keep in mind that even though many mattresses advertise out the coil count present in their mattress, more coils does not mean that the crib will be firmer and so more comfortable.

Even though the coil count is important, you must focus on the thickness of the steel used in the making of these mattresses. The spring should be of a steel gauge of 15.5 or even lower than that. Keep in mind, the lower the gauge will be the thicker the steel wire will be in the making of each coil.

Each spring is joined with the next one by a steel frame. When weight is placed on the crib mattress, the spring will compress to a specific degree. When buying these mattresses look out for the cheap innerspring mattress as cheap quality coil mattress will make noises and squeak out every time your baby moves. For parents who are new, learning to handle a baby and already sleep deprived, this squeaking is the last thing they want in the middle of the night.


  • Innerspring mattresses are very durable.
  • They are ideal in the long run as they are long lasting
  • They are also very supportive


  • Are one of the heaviest crib mattresses present in the market
  • Can be very expensive; are more expensive than a firm crib mattress
  • May have poor spring quality so can be noisy

Pocket Spring Crib Mattress

Just like the mattress mentioned above, a pocket spring crib mattress also makes use of coils of steel to help in providing support to your baby. However, the difference between the two spring mattresses is that instead of having springs connected to one another, each spring in the pocket spring crib mattress is sewn in its material pocket.

Since the pockets are individual and not connected with one another, each spring has the ability to move on its own, independently. What this means is that each coil spring compresses according to the weight placed on it.

The pocket spring that is supporting your baby’s upper body will compress a greater number of springs under it as compared to the spring supporting your baby’s legs. Due to this, your baby gets the perfect amount of support throughout their entire body.


  • Provide your baby with excellent support
  • Is incredibly long lasting
  • Very comfortable


  • One of the most expensive mattress crib present in the market

Memory Foam Crib Mattress

Memory foam crib mattresses feature foam that is temperature sensitive. This kind of mattress aims to mold and contour itself to your baby’s body shape. Once you lift your baby off the mattress, the foam will start to slowly spring back to its original position.

If you have a cold nursery you will find the memory foam crib to be slightly hard but as soon as your place your baby on it; the foam will mold around your baby’s shape providing it with the perfect body contour and comfortable sleep.

However, since this foam has the ability to hug around your baby’s body, the air circulation near your baby is reduced. This, in turn, makes the mattress your baby is sleeping on feel warm. This specific feature of the memory foam is what makes these crib mattress a very popular choice in the cold regions.

Many of the memory foam mattresses come with a core made from coiled spring and then are finished with a layer of memory foam on top of it. Due to this construction of these mattresses, memory foam mattress cannot be flipped and turned over.


  • Has the ability to contour to your baby’s body shape
  • Can go back to its original shape
  • Since it does not allow air circulation, it is very warm


  • One of the most expensive mattress crib present in the market

Organic And Natural Crib Mattress

New parents do not want to expose their baby to the harmful chemical embedded in the mattresses today nor do they want their baby to be introduced to the scenario of off-gassing. So instead of choosing memory foam, latex, and other mattress materials, they opt for a natural crib mattress.

Conventional mattresses are constructed via petroleum by-products and treated along with flame and chemicals including the boric acid. Parents want to keep their baby safe from this and so tend to go for an organic mattress.

An organic mattress is made from all natural fibers and materials. Some materials used in the making of organic mattress include:

  • Unprocessed wool; which is a natural flame retardant and is also resistant to dust mite.
  • Organic cotton; this is incredibly breathable and free from all chemicals.
  • Natural latex; this is the best alternative to a foam made from petroleum.
  • Coconut fiber; is another highly breathable material.

However, due to weak rules and regulations, a crib mattress claiming to advertise itself as an organic mattress may only have a small amount of natural and organic material in it.

If you have decided to buy your baby an organic and natural crib mattress, then make sure that you read plenty of reviews on it and also make contact with the manufacturer directly to figure out the percentage of natural material present in your selected crib.


  • This mattress is chemical free
  • It is gentle on the allergies
  • Is incredibly durable and long lasting
  • Also has breathable quality


  • Is not very common as the other crib mattresses
  • These mattresses require a lot of research when buying it
  • The firmness of the mattress varies according to the material used

Foam Vs. Innerspring Mattress

When buying a mattress it is good to compare materials; foam mattresses are mostly made up of polyurethane and so have a remarkably lightweight. This can be a very important characteristic when you want to lift the mattress in order to change your baby’s diaper.

However, many parents prefer spring bed because of their firmness. As far as the price of the mattress is concerned both of these mattresses have almost the same price. They fall between a price range of $90 to $250 you can a really good mattress made from this material.

When comparing the size of these two, you don’t have to worry, since the size is regulated by law there is not much of a difference.

However, there are a few differences between these two material mattresses; both mattresses are equally good but choosing one depends entirely on your preference. Whatever you prefer to make sure that the mattress is very firm and is also very safe for your newborn baby.

Organic Mattress vs. Non-Organic

Nowadays organic cot mattresses are becoming increasingly popular all around the globe due to the fact that they aim at keeping your child safe from many hazardous materials. Even though not much research is done on this topic, people who are organic consider all non-organic items dangerous and believe that they aim at putting their child at risk.

They consider that non-organic products are made of polyester fabric, petrochemical foams, and vinyl. These materials can have a very bad effect on your child and cause respiratory allergies. Different kinds of fire retardants along with cheaply made glues used in the making of non-organic crib mattresses are a threat to their child’s safety. However, many people also believe that organic mattresses are no safer than non-organic mattresses.

When buying either of these mattresses always make sure that you do not overpay and check out your items quality and characteristics to make sure it is really organic.

What To Look For When Buying The Best Crib Mattress?

Once you have decided on the material of mattress that will suit your baby and is ideal for you; it is time that you start comparing it to other brands. Mentioned below are some points you must consider when comparing the best crib mattress for babies.

  • What Materials Are Used In Making The Cover Of The Crib Mattress?

Now do focus on the material used in the cover of the crib mattress, we will first have to understand the purpose of the cover. The cover of a baby mattress has two very important purposes:

  1. It tends to stop the inside of the mattresses from falling out
  2. It helps in protecting the core of the mattress

While some baby crib mattresses are more than just a thin layer of material, other mattress covers are strengthened with nylon. The reason behind this is that nylon helps in reducing the chances of holes and tear forming. Some mattress covers are even waterproof and prevent baby’s urine, which can seep out between the baby’s diapers and soak inside the mattress from happening.

A waterproof crib mattress cover helps in making the task of cleaning your baby’s crib after an accident very easily. Now you may think that a normal crib sheet can help with the baby’s urine and protect the mattress but the amount of pee leaked out by a baby can definitely harm the core of your mattress so opt for a waterproof crib sheet.

  • How Firm Is The Baby Crib Mattress?

A firm mattress is the best for your baby’s safety. A soft mattress may have the risk of suffocation. To determine whether your baby’s mattress is soft or not, simply press in the center of the mattress as well as the edge with your hand. The mattress should then bounce back to its original shape and not contour to the shape of your hand.

If the mattress does not bounce back, then it is too soft for your baby, and you may want to go for a high-density foam mattress. Remember to put your own preferences aside when shopping for a crib. Even though you may find a mattress too firm, your baby will think it is perfect.

One of the main reasons to get the perfect firm level mattress is to reduce the risk of SIDS. SIDS stands for sudden infant death syndrome. This occurs due to suffocation when you place your baby on a soft mattress causing their body to get overheated or finding him stuck with his face down.

Due to this reason is it very important that you check the mattress firmness and support.

  • Is The Crib Mattress Hypoallergenic?

Babies have the worst sleep routine, and this is no secret. They tend to wake up in the middle of the night and disrupt the sleep of the entire household. However, sometimes they might wake up due to problems in their mattress.

The last thing you may want is your baby waking up due to allergies triggered by the new crib mattress you have bought. For this reason, it is essential that your baby mattress is hypoallergenic. If your baby is diagnosed with allergies or asthma than a hypoallergenic mattress is the best choice for you.

Most of the best cribs mattresses present in the market tend to be hypoallergenic and assist in preventing irritation from occurring.

  • Is Your Baby Mattress Well Ventilated?

It is important that your baby mattress allows air to circulate thoroughly. The reason behind this ventilation is that fresh air help in preventing building up of odor, mildew, and mold inside your baby’s crib mattress.

Now while most mattresses are made from breathable materials, some companies take this ventilation up a notch. They place small plastic or metal vents on the side of the mattress allowing it to be more breathable than ever before. For this reason, air can easily enter, circulate and leave the mattress leaving your baby sleep peacefully.

  • How Heavy Is The Crib Mattress?

Many parents tend to wash their crib sheet at least once every week. Every time you replace out your baby’ crib sheet, you will have to lift the entire mattress properly in order to clean it. Since sheet changing requires proper lifting if the mattress is bulky and heavy, it can take a lot of time.

However, if the mattress is light then changing sheets can be a very simple task. New parents will not sustain wrist injuries when lifting the crib for a daily task. The lightest crib mattresses available in the market is made from foam.

  • Is It Flame Retardant?

A mattress can be incredibly flammable and burn to crisps within minutes. When a mattress burns, it leaves nothing behind except for metal springs. However, US law states that all crib mattresses must meet the flammability requirements set. This means that once fire comes in contact with your mattress, I will not burn your bed to the ground.

However, be aware that some crib mattresses for babies make use of toxic chemicals in order to reduce its flammability. But these chemicals can have a very harmful effect on your child health. It is recommended that you buy a crib mattress that is free from all toxic chemicals.

Best Crib Mattresses Present In The Market

Choosing the best crib mattress for babies is very important and is a vital decision that you cannot decide on right away. To help with this difficult decision, it is important that you have some potential options and pros and cons of some popular mattress in the market.

We have decided to make your work easy by providing you the review of some of the best crib mattress present in the market. Keep on reading to find out!

The Newton Crib mattress is the perfect union of support, safety, comfort, and health. This nifty mattress for babies is made from a very unique and novel material known as Wovenaire. This material is itself made from 90% air and the rest from the food-grade polymer.

The material of this crib mattress is completely organic. It is made from a recyclable food-grade polymer that can be recycled and does not contain any traces of allergens or harmful chemicals. For this reason, it is one of the most wanted crib mattresses in the market and contains the perfect solution for baby hazards.

Some key features of this mattress are:

  • Recyclable

If you are eco-friendly, then this is an ideal mattress for your baby. This mattress is completely recyclable and does not contain any traces of glue, spring or latex. These three materials can be very hard to recycle, and this mattress does not contain them.

  • Lightweight

As mentioned above mattress should be lightweight so that mommies can easily pick it up on their own and change the sheets. A lightweight mattress is also great for changing in the middle of the night when you are desperate to get the job done and go back to sleep.

This mattress is lightweight giving it another great feature. But lightweight does not mean that it is not firm enough to support your baby and its weight.

  • Washable

The manufacturers of Newton mattresses support messy babies aim to make them happy without the worry of mattress getting ruined. This mattress is made in a way that mommies do not have to worry about the mess their baby makes.

It is completely washable with soap and warm water. This mattress can even be washed in a machine making your job more easy.

  • Water-Resistant Cover

The cover present on Newton crib mattresses is not waterproof but is water-resistant. This allows it to have more breathability, reduce overheating and formation of moisture. A water-resistant cover allows the temperature to get regulated easily and keeps dirt and bacteria away from your child.

You can let your baby sleep carefree without sweating all night long.

  • Breathable Material

This mattress is made with breathable construction allowing air to flow easily through it. This feature allows this mattress to get dried easily and also decrease the chances of oxygen deficiency. Also since it is completely organic, you no longer have to worry about harmful toxins and chemicals being inhaled by your baby.


  • This mattress has zero off-gassing
  • It is very easy to wash
  • Is hypoallergenic making it safe from dust mites and molds


  • The cover is not waterproof

The Moonlight Slumber Foam Crib Mattress is also special in its own way. This mattress is also a very safe mattress present in the market today and has a dual purpose feature. The manufacturers allow the buyer to have a 10-year warranty on this baby crib mattress and due to its dual sidedness, this mattress can last for a long time.

One side of this baby mattress is made from firm foam for babies whereas the other side is made from soft foam for toddlers.

Some of the keys features of this mattress include:

  • PVC, Vinyl And Polyethylene Free

The best thing about this bed is that it is free from all kinds of toxic chemicals and is Centipur certified. This certification means that this mattress is not only a healthy and free from all harmful chemicals but also does not have any smell.

This feature makes this mattress ideal for a crib of a newborn baby.

  • Light Weight

Since new mommies are always in a hurry and in a rush, having a lightweight mattress can prove to be incredibly helpful. A lightweight mattress means that you can easily change the bedding of your baby crib, clean the mattress and even wash the mattress’s exterior anytime you want.

Since the cover of this mattress is water resistant, you only have to use a wet cloth to wipe off any dirt present on it.

  • Dropped Side Stitched Seams

Rather than being made with seams that are visible to the eye and go around and over the baby mattress, Little Dreamer consists of seams that go all the way around the mattress’s side. This makes it very stress-free for parents to change the baby’s diaper or clean anything spilled on the mattress without worrying about dirt or spillage getting stuck in between the edges.

If dirt does get stuck in the edges, it will grow into the mold and ruin the entire mattress; proving that the construction of this mattress is very good.


  • Since it has dual surface firmness, the baby can easily sleep on the side more comfortable
  • It is hypoallergenic and is safe from mites and molds
  • Have square edges making it easy to fit in differently sized cribs
  • Provides with a healthy indoor air quality


  • Can get ruined after using it for a few years
  • The foam may get heated up

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If you are searching for a comfy mattress that is hypoallergenic and made from foam then reviewing Milliard Baby Crib Mattress would be an excellent choice. This bed is not only very comfortable but is also free from all toxic and harmful chemicals that pose as a risk to your baby’s health.

Moreover, with this mattress, you no longer have to worry about the foam being dirty and its core getting ruined because this mattress comes with a cover that is waterproof. This waterproof cover will help keep your baby’s mess at bay and protect the mattress from getting completely ruined.

Some of the key features of Milliard Hypoallergenic include:

  • Hypoallergenic

Even though this mattress is pleasing to the eye due to its polka dotted blue exterior, it is also hypoallergenic in nature. This means that with this mattress you no longer have to worry about your child inhaling chemicals and any other toxic fumed.

Babies that suffer from allergies or have asthma can rest peacefully in this mattress and sleep comfortably throughout the night. This mattress is also resistant to antimicrobial bodies so preventing any risk to your baby.

  • Waterproof Cover

When handling a baby mattress, it can be a good option to have a waterproof cover over it. A waterproof cover will help prevent your baby from ruining the entire bed, and if you have to clean it in the middle of the night, you no longer have to spend a lot of time doing it.

However, Millard Baby Crib Mattress cover is not only waterproof but is also made from a thick polyester thus making the surface of the mattress stiff for your baby. This cover is specially added to this mattress to get rid of the parent’s worry about issues such as oxygen deficiency.

  • Comfort And Safety

Even though the core of this mattress is made predominantly from foam, this is no way means that your baby’s safety is compromised. This crib mattress allows temperature regulation and enhancing the overall airflow so that your baby does not swear. Moreover, the exterior of this mattress is firm, so the chances of your baby’s head contouring inside and ruining the oxygen supply is less.


  • It is made from high-density foam so does not lose its shape
  • The cover of this bed is made from waterproof material
  • It is hypoallergenic and so keeps dust mites and mold away
  • It provides sufficient ventilation


  • May have a pungent odor that is toxic free
  • Takes around 48 hours to decompress to its full form

This foam mattress is another great foam mattress which is why it is the best crib mattress for babies. This mattress checks of the essential requirements needed for a baby bed. Even though it is made from foam, it has a firm level and is free from lead and phthalates.

This mattress does not release any harmful toxins and is one of the best crib mattress presents. It can sit firmly in many different crib sizes and does not leave any gaps.

Some of the key features of Safety 1st Heavenly Dream include:

  • Durable

The cover on this mattress is made from vinyl, and this makes it very sturdy and has the ability to last long. This mattress has been built in order to withstand wear and tear easily and for a long time. It can also retain back to its original shape after using it for years which means that you can use this mattress in your baby’s toddler years as well.

Since this mattress is hypoallergenic, it is also a very healthy mattress option.

  • Water Resistant

A water-resistant mattress can be a blessing for new mommies. This feature on mattress allows for easy cleaning when accidents occur such as a dirty diaper or leakage. Moreover, due it being water resistant you no longer have to deal with smelly odors and molds.

If you only want to wash the cover, you can easily detach it from the mattress and wash it away.

  • Passes The Two Finger Test

The two-finger test is a test carried out to make sure that the edges of the mattress are firm. If they start to sink in, then you should not consider buying this mattress because if it sinks on the pressure of your finger, this mattress will most likely sink your baby and suffocate it while he/she moves near the edge.

This mattress passed the two-finger test and is an ideal mattress.


  • Meets the fire regulations and safety
  • Since it has a foam base, it is also lightweight
  • Due to its foam base, toddlers can jump on it without worrying about ruining the firmness
  • Has healthy indoor chemical emissions


  • Not breathable
  • Can get crushed from the center after some time
  • Is not a dual sided mattress


Buying a baby crib mattress is a very important decision for new parents. You need to buy a mattress with the perfect firmness level along with comfort, safety. The mattress you choose must not be made with harmful chemicals and have no off-gassing.

It should have good reviews, a reasonable price range and meet your requirements. Keep in mind that the mattress you buy must be new and not used since the used mattress is unsanitary. A used mattress will be used by another baby and so will have his fluids, poop, urine, vomit and dribble on it and if your baby comes in contact with all of this it can have a harmful effect on their health.

Used crib mattresses can also be a living environment for dust mites and have molds. They increase the chances of SIDS, and you may not be able to use this mattress for a long time. Instead, you must opt for a brand new mattress. A good mattress is breathable, firm and comfortable.

It must be water-resistant or have a waterproof cover as to keep the mattress protected, and even with all the features, you must take care of the mattress. Crib mattress maintenance is important and will provide your baby with a healthy living environment. Make sure to wash the cover weekly and change it to a spare one ever time it gets dirty.

Make use of the crib mattresses we have mentioned above but also do your own research. Use our buying guide to find the ideal mattress available in the market. Hope our research proves to be helpful to you in this new phase of your life. Give birth to your bundle of joy and stay carefree with our help!

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