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A mattress is the essential piece of furniture required in any home. It helps in offering you with a sleep of eight hours which is the recommended amount every night. A mattress tends to last for around nine years on an average, and you spent three years sleeping on it.

Nevertheless, many people do not comprehend how a mattress can affect your daily well-being. Sleeping on a wrong kind of mattress can exacerbate and cause you extreme back pain. The best firm mattress helps in making sure you have a proper posture while sleeping. A good firm mattress also helps in soothing your muscles and ensures you have a restful sleep.

Firmness, however, is subjective; there is no ideal and exclusive firm mattress present in the market for all users because everybody has their own need for comfort. Since everyone’s comfort level is based on their gender, body shape, weight and age these factors play an important role in how a mattress will feel to you.

Check out our complete guide on how to grab the best firm mattress and make your decision simpler.

Picture Mattress Material Dimensions Weight Price
TEMPUR Contour Tempur Contour Mattress

Memory Foam

4.9 out of 5 stars

80 x 60 x 11.5 Inches 94 Pounds Check Price
Serta Perfect Sleeper Elite Firm Super Pillow Top Serta Perfect Sleeper

Memory Foam

4.9 out of 5 stars

80 x 76 x 12 Inches 97 Pounds Check Price
TEMPUR-Flex Tempur Flex Hybrid Prima


4.7 out of 5 stars

80 x 60 x 10 Inches 116 Pounds Check Price
Snuggle Pedic Mattress Snuggle Pedic Mattress

Memory Foam & Bamboo

4.5 out of 5 stars

80 x 38 x 10 Inches 47.2 Pounds Check Price
Snuggle Pedic Mattress Cocoon By Sealy Chill


4.5 out of 5 stars

80 x 76 x 10 Inches 83 Pounds Check Price

Advantages Of A Firm Mattress

In order to go and grab an ergonomic firm mattress you first have to understand why you should opt for a firm mattress and not any other type. Many users never become conscious of their firmer mattress until and unless they actually try one. If you are choosing to buy a medium firm mattress or an ultra-plush one, then you will be surprised by the advantages you can get from buying a firm mattress.

Additional Support

This is without a doubt the best advantage of a firm mattress. A firmer mattress implies additional support, and this is very much useful if you are an aged sleeper. This can also be great for people who have a neck, joint, spine or back problems.

Less support can be very difficult for any sleeper. Also with a firm mattress your lower back will not sink in as it does in a medium firm or plush mattress and so your breathing will not be compromised, and  you will be able to inhale more oxygen with each breath.

Spinal Alignment

When sleeping a good posture is incredibly important. If you get your spinal misaligned, then your health problems will start to grow. A firm mattress helps in providing you with good spinal alignment. Sleep experts also recommend that small cushioning will help in neutralizing your spine. With a firm mattress, your foam soaks up maximum pressure which permits your arteries, veins, and muscles to relax.

This allows for improved circulation and premium sleep quality.

Quality Sleep

When sleeping you must get 25% rest as this is the essential amount of rest needed by your body. As your body temperature starts to lower down due to the firm mattress, you will get the much-needed support for your limbs, spine, back, and neck. You will start to settle down in a comfy position and avoid any sagging.

Weight Distribution

If you have a problem with uneven muscles or joints, then a wrong mattress can provide you with weak support and lead to sagging in weightier body areas. A firm mattress acts as a catalyst and provides you with the support you need.

How To Decide On The Best Firmness Level?

If you are not sure on what firm level to buy in your mattress, you can perform a self-analysis before you go shopping. The main question when shopping revolves around the best firmness level.

Sleeping Position

This is the essential factor used in determining the firmness level ideal for you. When checking on a scale of 1-10, side sleepers require a range level of 3-6 firmness when sleeping. Similarly, stomach sleepers love a firmness level of 5-7 range, and back sleepers find the 4-8 range as the perfect level of firmness.

If you love sleeping in various different positions that you can find a balanced level of firmness to fit all your needs.

Weight And Body Type

Your firmness level depends on your weight and body type you have. If you are large, then you will need a thick and very firm mattress so that you have deep compression support. Large and heavy sleepers find that plush mattress may sink in due to their weight and pressure exerted on it.

Light sleepers are mostly disturbed with only the top layer of the mattress and not with the base and core so they can grab a mattress that has a firmer top layer only.


Mattress buyers should always remember that support and firmness and not the same thing. A mattress offering good support can be soft and encourage greater pressure relief. While you may want adequate support to avoid spinal alignment gone wrong, going firm makes sure that you get a proper curvature to get comfort in your legs, neck, shoulder, head, and hips.

If you are not certain what you want to buy, then you can always buy a medium-firm level mattress first and then go for a more firmer one.

What Features To Focus On When Buying A Firm Mattress?

A mattress is a pricey investment, and with a lot of new mattress models growing in the market with a number of manufacturers, it is important that you do your complete research before investing in your money.

Sleepers who are not familiar with the materials, jargon, firmness grading and other vital features must inspect these qualities when buying it. Keep on reading to find out more about the mattress features and which one to grab.

Material And Its Construction

When going through the most popular options, innerspring or coil spring support core is present in the majority of the mattress. This innerspring system is made from steel springs or rounded coils placed uniformly all through the core of the mattress for reliable and fine support.

These coils are steel rendered and so can get cooled and heated through a procedure known as tempering; this process helps in softening the coils to provide additional suppleness in your mattress. This process is also carried out on wire gauge.

The most conventional cushioning coil is the Bonnell coils and is produced in a curved hourglass shape. Offset coils consist of an hourglass shape and have a helical pattern joined together and straightened underneath the mattress; this construction helps in creating a hinge type motion when the mattress is compressed.

Continuous wire coils consist of numerous rows, and each row has a single length wire. These rows are then joined together by a helical structure from all sides. Encased coils also known as Pocket coils or Marshall coils are wrapped together in a cloth type material and helps in creating fabric strands used to join these individual coils together.

Then there is a latex material mattress; latex is derived from the rubber tree sap and has a soft yet elastic feel to it. Latex has the ability to contour to your body and is used in the comfort layer of mattresses. Latex also helps in supporting cores.


A firm mattress is great for sleepers who sleep on the side, back or stomach and weight more than 200 lbs. and have chronic pain. Firmness helps in keeping your back at a stable and comfortable position and avoids your body from sinking in while you sleep. This also reduces any soreness you may get. Firmness level can be determined by many things; to check the firmness grading of an innerspring mattress, latex and polyfoam read on below.

  • Innerspring Mattress

The first thing you can check for firmness of a mattress is the coil count; coil count is the major benchmark, and most beds have around 300-1000 coils whereas some come with more than 2000 coils. The number of coils is used in figuring out the contouring abilities of a mattress as well and is tied to the lifespan of a mattress.

Any mattress having more coils is more resilient.

  • Latex Mattress

The firmness level or softness of a latex mattress is tested via impression load deflection. Impression load deflection (ILD) is the amount of force placed on a mattress that causes it to compress the latex material by 25%. A high ILD number denotes that the latex is firm whereas a small ILD rating denotes that the latex is soft.

In general, latex mattresses comfort layer have a low ILD whereas the support core of the latex mattress has a high ILD.

  • Polyfoam Mattress

Polyfoam mattresses, on the other hand, are classified on two measures compressive modulus and density. Density is mass upon volume, and this clearly indicates the amount of compression your mattress sis able to handle and this directly relates to the durability of the mattress and its firmness.

Compression modulus, on the other hand, is the ratio of stress and strain for the mattress, and this helps in determining how much compression can be placed on the mattress before its foam structure gets permanently compromised.

Together, compressive modulus and density can help in figuring out the quality and firmness level of a polyfoam.

Ergonomics And Comfort

The most important feature in finding the perfect mattress is the comfort and support. You will need to look for a firm mattress that has the ability to push up on your body weight and counteract the pressure you place on it. You need to remember that your body is not a straight line and that if you sleep on your side, stomach or back, your body will curve and the mattress you choose must be able to support all your curves and arches.

Whatever mattress you choose, it must be firm enough to support your upper and lower back and should be soft enough to outline your entire body as well.

5 Best Firm Mattress 2024 Reviews

To find the perfect mattress for yourself, we have compiled a list of the best firm mattresses present in the market. Take a look at the pros and cons each mattress has and grab the mattress that fits your requirements.

Tempur is one of the best firm mattresses which is why it has gained a position in our top 5. This mattress helps in enhancing your sleep, and their extra-firm mattress is the ultimate bed to help release pressure and provide you with a firm feel.

With this mattress, you can get conforming comfort and the perfect spinal alignment.

Some other key features of this mattress are mentioned below.

  • Material And Construction

Tempur Contour Supreme Mattress is designed in order to make you sleep easily without any worries. It comes with an EasyRefresh top cover that can easily get unzipped for washing and you can replace it when you want.

The comfort layer on this mattress consists of Tempur Adapt substances to help provide you with a firm texture, feel and allow you with the comfort you need. This mattress also has a SmartClimate technology that allows you to stay comfortable all night long and helps in absorbing moisture. The inner cover of this mattress promises you with cool-to-your-touch comfort.

The base layer of this mattress under the Tempur Material helps in getting rid of heat. The support layer created with Tempur material helps in providing your body with even weight distribution and support. This mattress also has a 10-year warranty.

  • Firmness

This 11.5-inch thick mattress is made from Tempur material that provides firmness to your body and helps in distributing your body weight evenly. According to the ILD firmness scale, this mattress has an ILD rating of 64 due to its thickness.

This mattress is very firm, and kids cannot leave their body impression on the foam whereas adults might dent it slightly. Every Tempur mattress has an adaptable base and a firm base. This firm and contouring mattress is perfect for your body support and helps in relieving pressure.

  • Ergonomics And Comfort

The two different material of Tempur layer used in this mattress helps in providing you with spinal support via the required firmness level. With a dense feel to it, Tempur Supreme has an immediate response to weight and contours around your body to remove pressure points.

This also has a 2 layer construction that makes sure that the user is comfortable when he or she sleeps and the cover of this mattress pulls away moisture making sure you remain cool throughout the night.


  • Is extra firm
  • Has a breathable top cover
  • Provides even distribution of your body weight
  • Comes with a SmartClimate system


  • Can feel very hard at first and takes time to get comfortable

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Serta Perfect Sleeper is another best firm mattress due to its 1000 innerspring and premium material used in its construction. This mattress has a traditional coil innerspring build and is perfect for sleepers looking for extra firmness.

  • Material & Construction

This firm mattress weight 77lbs. and has an extra thick layer of EverCool memory foam. This layer features open-cell construction and aims at improving airflow while you sleep thus reducing turning and tossing all night.

Its extra soft Serta foam has the ability to contour to your body and provide you with enhanced cushioning. It’s 886 Custom Support firm along with BestEdge foam encasement consists of premium designed coils and helps in stabilizing your body by hugging it with comfort. Its coil gauge construction gives it a firm feel.

The innerspring also helps in promoting a cool temperature while you sleep and minimizes motion isolation.

  • Firmness

The firmness of this bed depends on the value of the 1000 innersprings. This medium firm mattress consists of EverCool Plus memory foam and has coils individually wrapped to provide you with ultimate firmness.

However, this mattress requires a proper foundation.

  • Ergonomics And Comfort

This mattress is designed to help cure your problems and reduce tossing and turning at night. It helps in maintaining proper spinal alignment and provide you with proper sleeping temperature. Comfort scale has been rated three out of five.


  • Solve five common sleeping problems
  • Is an extra firm mattress
  • Has firmness grading of 1000 springs


  • Memory foam to can reflect your body heat
  • The foam is very dense allowing no sinkage at all

Tempur Flex Hybrid Prima has a medium firmness and aims at repairing the damage you have done to your body. Moreover, this mattress is made with safe materials which is why it is non-toxic and is good for your health and indoor atmosphere.

  • Mattress And Construction

This mattress is 10 inches thick and has a medium firmness level.  With its new energetic, responsive feel, you can transform the way you sleep. This mattress is created with a dynamic support layer made with state-of-the-art coils précised and engineered in order to work in together.

Its response material layer helps in responding immediately to your body movement.

Just like the previous Tempur mattress, this mattress also has an EasyFresh cover that can get zipped on and off making it easy to replace and wash.  It also has a SmartClimate system to avoid overheating of your body.

  • Firmness

On a firmness scale, this firm mattress gets a 7 out of 10. It is known as a hybrid due to it being a mixture of foam and coils. This makes this mattress a medium firm one and helps in shunning down pressure points for side sleepers and back. This mattress is best for users who do not like the sinking feeling on their mattress.

  • Ergonomics And Comfort

Tempur response material helps in adapting precisely to your body and encourages support and provides pressure relief. This material layer is the base and helps in dispersing heat from the mattress.

The SmartClimate system is a moisture-wicking layer and draws away moisture while you have a cool sleep without any disturbance. This mattress is adaptive and responsive to your body’s need making it one of the best firm mattress.


  • Premium quality material
  • Has a medium firm feel
  • Provides undisturbed sleep


  • Not good for side sleepers
  • Not rock hard as compared to other firm mattresses

If you are tired of waking up with stiffness and numbness in your body and then stay exhausted the whole day, then you must try Snuggle Pedic Mattress. This mattress is one of the best firm mattresses is the market and is very breathable. It aims at protecting your body from orthopedic pain and provides flex support.

  • Material And Construction

The full-size zipper cover on this mattress allows firmness adjustment on this mattress for a fee. This mattress has extra breathable qualities due to its micro-vented cover that helps in keeping you relaxed all night long.

The flex support system on this mattress aims at providing you with pressure relief similar to a gel mattress and also provides you with ultimate support and comfort as compared to a traditional mattress. The extra-firm lower layer on this mattress aims at providing you with an ideal balance and premium comfort. This mattress is also dust-mite resistant and hypoallergenic.

  • Firmness

The two-layer structure on this mattress with its 10-inch thickness helps in permitting the soft memory foam to be able to relieve pressure. This mattress has the ability to contour to your body shape and provide you with ultimate spinal support.

This mattress has an ILD rating of 54.5, and even if you are very heavy, you won’t sink in this mattress.

  • Ergonomics And Comfort

This mattress has a patented airflow transfer system and focuses on ultimate breathability and dissipates heat. The buoyant memory foam helps in responding to all temperatures and provides you with less motion transfer and pressure relief.

The KOOL-Flow bamboo cover allows its user with comfort and breathability. It has a natural anti-microbial visco-elastic memory foam that increases blood circulation and provides you with pain relief and back support.


  • Has a patented airflow system
  • Comes with a Kool-Flow bamboo firm cover
  • Is anti-microbial and provides flex support


  • Sleepers with fibromyalgia may find this mattress too stiff

Cocoon by Sealy Chill is a firm foam mattress and is a high quality product. This mattress is blended with cooling technology and is constructed to help keep your body cool as you sleep.

  • Material And Construction

Cocoon by Sealy is one of the best firm mattress present in the market. This mattress has a premium stretch knit cover and is crafted with a unique material that helps in soaking up and dispersing heat away from your body while you sleep.

This mattress aims to act as a cool surface for your body and is manufactured to be very flexible and hard-wearing. This mattress has the cooling technology and a perfect fit providing you with a restful sleep all night long.


  • Has cooling technology
  • Is an essential support foam
  • Consists of customized comfort


  • Being in the same position may cause you pain due to stiffness


As mentioned in this article, the firmness of the mattress depends on a number of factors. When going mattress shopping, you will have to take into account the specific features of the mattress before you invest in your money.

A mattress is something you buy for a long run so make sure that you make the most from our buying guide and grab the best firm mattress present in the market. Your mattress must be long lasting and durable so that you make the most out of your money. The mattress best for you depends on your need and requirements; make sure to do your own research.

Be well aware of the specifications of each mattress so that you can conveniently make an adequate and informed decision based on your sleeping position, pattern, preferences, and requirements. Hope our list of the best firm mattress in the market be helpful for you when you go shopping!

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