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Good night sleep is integral for children since they are constantly growing physically as well as mentally. Night time is when your kids’ brain collects their thought, bringing together everything that they have learned throughout the day. Picking out the best mattress for kids will help in providing them with a comfortable and supportive sleep throughout their childhood.

Night time also helps in developing your child’s bones, muscles, hormones and the physical makeup of their brain and a good mattress will help accommodate your child after they undergo major growth spurts.  Similarly, a wrong mattress can have a negative effect on your child and ruin their sleeping habits and this, in turn, will affect their growth, health, and development.

To find the best mattress for kids, you no longer have to use all your time and energy, keep on reading this guide and view the ideal mattress options for your kids as well as some other tips for new parents.

Best Mattress For Kids; Brand Guide

Kids grow up very fast, and anyone who has kids is well aware of how rapidly they can apply wear and tear to anything that toddlers come in contact with. If the time to upgrade your child’s mattress is here, it is easy to go online and find a bed that’ll fit in their room and looks perfect. However, your kid may not be able to use this mattress since their preferences are not met, and the appearance of the bed is not what matters to them.

There are plenty of kids’ mattresses in the market, and most of them meet your child’s needs. You should take a moment and understand how to find the best mattress for kids that will offer them comfort and support their growing needs.

Picture Mattress Brand Best For Price
casper essential Casper Essential Foam Check Price
Tuft And Needle Tuft And Needle Firm Check Price
Spindle Spindle Natural Check Price
eLuxurySupply Mattress eLuxurySupply Budget Check Price
Dreamfoam Euro top Dreamfoam Euro top Latex Check Price
My Green Mattress My Green Mattress Organic Check Price
Amerisleep AS2 Amerisleep AS2 Memory Foam Check Price
Five Little Monkeys 5 Little Monkeys First Big Kid Bed Check Price


*Price for the Full-size mattress. (Five Little Monkeys are only available in sizes twin and full).

Best Mattress Guide; How To Choose A Mattress For A Child

All kids require a mattress that is comfortable and extremely supportive to them because if not, then your child’s sleep quality may decline and this can lead to changes in their behavior and emotional issues.

Some emotional issues that your child may experience due to lack of sleep are:

  • Inability to concentrate in school or focus in the day to day activities.
  • An upsurge in his or her tantrums and outburst.
  • Difficulty in getting up and going to school.
  • Hyperactivity
  • Poor motor abilities

It is important that parents focus on multiple factors when buying the best mattress for kids and make sure that the mattress meets their toddler’s preferences. Some factors to focus on include:

  • Support

 This is the most crucial factor to consider when you go shopping for your kid’s mattress. In the mattress market, support denotes how well a bed can remain flat and how it helps promote spinal placement. As your child is growing he/ she will require optimal back support especially in the spinal area; which is why parents are urged to choose mattresses that’ll provide their child with ample support.

Keep in mind that mattresses that are very firm or too soft are not considered suitable for children. Similarly, some mattresses sag in the middle after using them for a year or two and can cause a spinal problem for your children.

  • Mattress Size

When finding the perfect mattress for your child, it is crucial that you keep in mind that your child will grow; whatever mattress you choose must have a margin for this growth before you think about replacing it. It is important that the mattress you pick out be of a slightly bigger size than the size required by your child so that they don’t outgrow their bed too soon.

Mentioned below are the six standard sizes of the mattresses in the market today:

Size Dimensions Is It Suited For Kids?
Twin 38Width x 75Length Yes, this mattress is ideal for kids and is the smallest bed size available in the market. This mattress is no more than 6 feet in length and is also the cheapest bed.
Twin XL 38Width x 80Length Yes, this mattress is great for teenagers, especially teenagers that are expected to get tall. This mattress has an extra 5 inches than the twin bed.
Double Or Full 54Width x 75Length Yes, these mattresses are ideal for children since they are very spacious and can easily accommodate restless sleepers and tall children. Many kids can sleep in these beds even after they reach adulthood.
Queen Bed 60Width x 80Length No, these mattresses are around eight feet long and six feet wide making them very large for you kid.
King Bed 76Width x 80Length No, king size mattresses are very large for your children and can be very expensive for you too.
California King Bed 72Width x 84Length A California King is extremely large and not suited for your child’s bed.
  • Thickness

The thickness of your child’s mattress depends on what he or she prefers, however; the ideal thickness for smaller children s is usually twelve inches or is shorter in height. This thickness makes it easy for your kid to get on the bed and off it as well.

  • Material

Each mattress material has its own advantages and disadvantages and is an important consideration to make when buying a new mattress; mentioned below are some mattress types and their benefits:

Mattress Type Advantage Disadvantage
Innerspring This mattress has a low price point and is a good option for kids. However, it has low noise potential, can be too firm for some children and also has limited durability.
Latex This mattress is good for noise prevention, movement during sleep and provides isolation for children who share a single bed. It is expensive and may have an allergic reaction in an organic latex bed.
Hybrid This mattress has a long life span and also provides contoured support. However, Hybrid mattresses can be very expensive and do not provide noise cancellation.
Polyfoam/ Memory Foam Similar to the Latex mattress, Polyfoam also provides isolation to kids and has a long lifespan. However, this mattress has off-gassing potential.
Airbed Airbed can be ideal for your use since they have a long lifespan and adjustable firmness. However, these mattresses have a high price point, electrical controls that can be difficult for your child to handle and can also be very noisy.
  • Durability

Durability is one of the key factors to keep in mind when shopping for your child’s mattress; this is because your child will continue to grow during the lifespan of his or her bed. Per se, the parent would not want to buy a very expensive mattress such as an airbed or latex and may go for a cheaper model that is less durable instead.

  • Firmness

The firmness of your child’s mattress will depend entirely on his preferences; ideally, a medium-firm mattress is considered very popular among children. However, children who weigh 130 pounds tend to feel most comfortable on mattresses that are medium or soft whereas heavy kids choose mattresses with the firm to medium firmness.

  • Temperature Impartiality

The most common problem that sleepers face while sleeping is the feeling of sweating. This feeling of hot is mostly associated with polyfoam mattresses, and memory foam beds and innerspring and hybrids may also get hot if they have a thick foam layer.

It is important that you keep temperature neutrality in mind when finding a mattress for your child.

  • Odor Potential

Most mattresses have a potential for odor when they are new, however; foam based mattresses, as well as hybrids and latex, can smell for even weeks, and this can be an issue for children who are very sensitive to odor or smell.

  • Motion Disturbance

Some mattresses can easily absorb motion which occurs when someone changes their position or gets in or out of bed. This feature can be very important if you are buying a bed that will accommodate more than one kid. Motion Isolation mattresses tend to give your child a peaceful sleep.

  • Noise Cancellation

Mattresses made from hybrid or innerspring materials tend to produce squeaking sounds since they have metal features and electrical systems that can be very loud. If your child has a sensitivity to noise, then you must opt for a foam or latex mattress.

Reviews Of Best Mattress For Kids

Casper Essential

casper essential
Image Source

This is an all foam mattress and is made up of 3 layers. These layers give this mattress an ideal height of 8.5 inches. Casper Essential even has a knit cover made of pure polyester and is incredibly durable.

This mattress will also provide your child with the utmost comfort with its 2-inch soft foam layer and beneath this layer is another one-inch layer of memory foam that will give you the feeling of being sunk in. This mattress can respond very quickly to pressure which means that when trying to change your position, you will not find yourself getting stuck.

This mattress is great for relieving pressure and has a firm base that helps in providing compression support to your child when sleeping.


  • Temperature control
  • Provides pressure relief
  • Cheaper than other Casper Sleep mattresses
  • Easy to setup


  • Too firm
  • Weak support

Tuft And Needle

Tuft And Needle
Image Source

These mattresses are made simply with two layers of foam that can help create a general sleeping feel. The construction of this mattress makes it easy to attract a wide range of customer making it very popular for kids as well as adults.

These mattresses have a stretchy polyester cover which is incredibly thick and allows these beds to be airy and temperature regulated. They also have a comfort layer on the mattress that is made of proprietary foam of 3 inches. This layer helps in making sure that the mattress provides pressure relief and a good bounce to it.

Immediately below this layer of comfort is the base layer made up of 7 inches of poly foam; this 7 inch helps in providing the mattress with great shape and durability.


  • Durability
  • Motion Isolation
  • Cheap
  • Has a Positive Feedback


  • Lacks edge support
  • Can be too firm for some sleepers

My Green Mattress

This mattress was designed while keeping the needs of a child in mind. The owner of this mattress had a daughter who suffered from eczema, and so he developed a natural product to help make her sleep more comfortably.

My Green Mattress
Image Source

The comfort layer of this mattress is made up of 3 inches of 100 percent original Dunlop latex, and the remaining eight inches of this bed has coil innerspring. These mattresses happen to be slightly more firm in the middle to help your child in the lumbar area. You can even avail their 100 night’s trial to find out if this mattress is suited for your child


  • Low off Gassing
  • Motion Isolation
  • Reasonable Price
  • Healthy- Free of Allergens


  • Some People Find this to be too Firm

Amerisleep AS2

Amerisleep AS2
Image Source

Amerisleep mattresses are known for their memory foam mattresses that can help you move easily during sleep. The Amerisleep mattresses have five models in line including AS1, AS3, AS4, and AS5. AS2 is also known as Revere and is one of the most famous models by Amerisleep.

This mattress contains three layers of foam and has a height of 12 inches in total. This mattress is the second firmest mattress by Amerisleep and is constructed using a thin layer of memory foam and also has a layer of poly foam on it to help provide you with pressure relief feature.

The cover for this mattress is the same for the entire Amerisleep line and is a mixture of Celliant, spandex, and polyester. This mixture helps in creating a stretchy material that’ll go back to its place, so you no longer have to worry about bunching your mattress in the middle of the night when you change position.

The stretchy material of the cover will help in providing a comfortable sleep for your child, and the 2-inch memory foam comfort layer will help in giving you a sink in feeling. Even though memory foam can trap your body heat, but Amerisleep makes use of a memory foam that has an open cell design which will protect your child from overheating during his sleep.

There is also another layer below the comfort layer, and this layer is known as the Affinity Layer. The Affinity Layer helps in allowing air to flow through the bed making it air and regulating the temperature. The Affinity Layer helps in providing support and also has a quick response to pressure which in turn gives this mattress a bouncy touch to it.

Below this layer is the base layer made up of 7-inch poly foam (high-density); this layer helps in giving AS2 its shape and also some durability.


  • Firmness
  • Provides Pressure Relief and Comfort
  • Motion Isolation
  • Comes with a Free Trial and Warranty


  • Can be Bouncy
  • Has Weak Edge Support

eLuxurySupply Mattress

eLuxurySupply Mattress
Image Source

The layout of this mattress is a straightforward design and has a 10-inch layer of Gel Memory foam. This memory foam gives this mattress its own feel and comfort and also helps in contouring to your body.

This mattress provides a classic feeling of being sunk in and has a cover made from 100% cotton. The cover is very thin due to which it does not hinder with the foam layer beneath. This mattress is very breathable and helps in temperature cooling and regulation.

The comfort layers on these beds are made of 3-inch gel memory foam and give you a pressure relief feeling; memory foam can be too hot to sleep on which is why these memory foams are infused with gel to help with temperature regulation and coolness.

The base of this mattress consists of a 7-inch layer of poly foam (high-density); this base helps in giving the mattress durability and shape.


  • Allows Temperature Regulation
  • Pressure Relief
  • Excellent Value
  • Provides Trial Period


  • Can be too Thin for Heavy Customers
  • Is Soft for Stomach Sleepers
  • Weak Support

Five Little Monkeys

Five Little Monkeys
Image Source

This mattress is ideal for your child and is constructed with three-layer of foam providing it with eight inches of comfort. The materials chosen for this mattress helps in creating a balanced and gentle feel for your child and also helps in accommodating their growing needs.

The three layers of this mattress include the first cover layer made up of organic cotton. This layer can be easily detached and removed from the mattress, it is stain resistant, and also machine washable; all these qualities mean that if your child wet’s his or her bed at night, you can clean it very easily.

The comfort layer on this mattress is made with 4lb. memory foam infused with gel. This comfort layer is very dense and has a weak response to pressure allowing your little one to sink in which sleeping and providing them with relief. Memory foam has a bad reputation of being overheated which is why gel is infused in them to keep the temperature regulated and your child’s bed cool.

5 Little Monkeys have also placed a transition layer so that your child does not sink in the mattress; this layer is made up of responsive foam and is right below the layer of memory foam. This transition layer gives this mattress a quick response to pressure and is also very soft; it is made while keeping kids in mind.

The base of this bed is made from high-density poly foam and gives this bed its shape and also provides it with durability.


  • Comfortable
  • Waterproof
  • Is responsive to Movement
  • Temperature Regulation


  • Pricey
  • Not Spacious


When finding the best mattress for a kid, it is important to keep your toddler’s age in mind. Many girls start to grow by the age of 8 and 13 whereas boys tend to grow during the age of 10 and 15, if your kid is near to these ages then you must opt for a longer mattress as this will be more suitable to them.

Similarly, you must also keep your child’s sleeping position in mind when deciding on the firmness and type of mattress. If your child sleeps on their back, then the type and firmness of the mattress will not matter much, however, if he or she sleeps on their side, then you must opt for a softer mattress that’ll provide them with good night sleep.

If your child has different firm options, then you can go for the flappable mattress as this will be a much reasonable investment. If your child changes their mind on the firmness of the mattress, you can always flip it over and keep them satisfied.  These flappable mattresses are designed with a comfort layer on the sides however the support core is the same.

Since most mattresses produce off-gassing, make sure you talk to your child about the odor mattresses have and know about his or her preference before buying the mattress of your choosing.

Keep in mind that buying the right mattress for your kid is not supposed to be a quick and rash decision, it is important that you keep in mind all key factors and considerations when buying the perfect mattress so that your child can get a good night sleep every single day.

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