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Are you a side sleeper?

Chances are you’ve been scouring the internet looking for the best pillow for side sleepers that:

  • promotes spinal alignment
  • improve circulation
  • Prevents strain on the neck and back.

But that’s not all.

A good side sleeper pillow will always regain its shape and create a stable body posture. With so many pillows for side sleepers coming in the market year in, year out. It begs the question…

How do you choose the best pillow for a side sleeper? And in this post, I want to show you just that. Let’s dive right in

Picture Name of The Pillow Materials Price
Eden Coop Home Goods Eden Coop Home Goods memory foam construction Check Price
Tempur-Pedic Tempur-Neck Pillow Tempur-Pedic Neck Pillow solid memory foam Check Price
Snuggle-Pedic Side Sleeper Pillow Snuggle-Pedic Side Sleeper Pillow velour and bamboo Check Price
Nest Easy Breather Pillow Nest Easy Breather Pillow shredded memory foam Check Price
Beyond Down Gel Fiber Side Sleeper Pillow Sleep Better Gel Fiber Pillow cotton & micro denier gel fiber Check Price
Layla Pillow Layla Pillow copper-infused material Check Price
Bear Pillow Bear Pillow cool yarn and polyester Check Price
The Scrumptious Pillow Drift: The Scrumptious PilLow Memory foam Check Price
Cradle Me Pillow Cradle Me Pillow Memory foam Check Price
Casper Pillow Casper Pillow Memory foam Check Price

Understand The Qualities of the Best Pillow for Side Sleeper

Before you shell out your cash, it is vital that you know the item you are buying. That way, you will receive the value of your money and choose the best pillow for side sleepers

Not all side sleeper pillow promises the same sleeping experience you are hoping for. That means, whichever pillow you choose, it has to meet your expectation.

That’s why in this mini short guide, I want to walk you on what you can expect on the market and choose your pillow wisely.

Ready, let’s begin.


If you are a side sleeper the first thing you want to check out is the loft or height of the pillow. And in this case, make sure you have the answer to the following questions:

  • Does this pillow keep my head, neck, and spine in the correct alignment?
  • Does it elevate my head and cranes upwards?
  • Does it provide lots of pressure relief for my shoulders

If you can answer those questions correctly, Boyd you’ve found yourself a new pillow. In other words, you have found the right height for a side sleeper pillow.

In case you have found the right one, it will hold your head and neck in the right position.


Do you know what’s tempting than buying a side sleeper pillow?

Going for the pillow that is a soft or cloud-like pillow. But what most people forget is that it won’t suit you enough if you are a side sleeper.

As a side sleeper, you are better off sleeping on a firmer pillow for incredible support so that your head and neck are aligned.

A soft pillow will make your head to sink deep disrupting your neck and spinal alignment.

When shopping, do yourself a favor and look for the pillow that’s firmer. It will make your head stay upright to align with your neck and spine, therefore maintain a good balance.

Most importantly, the pressure will be evenly distributed across. I know a firmer pillow takes time to get used to if you have been sleeping on soft a pillow. It is just a matter of practice.


There are lots of material that go into the construction of the side sleeper pillow. You just need to look for the right material.


Best pillow for side sleepers made of down material are light and soft. It is the perfect material if you love sleeping on the soft plush places.

Down pillows for side sleepers are either made from goose or duck fibers. If you are looking for best pillow for side sleepers that are super soft, goose down is the best for you.

And they are also expensive too compared to duck fibers. If you are allergic or sensitive, down may not be the best pillow for you with some exception.

What makes people experience an allergic reaction with a down pillow is because the filling has not been sufficiently cleaned. The dirt from animal fibers is what causes the discomfort.

Synthetic down & Polyester fill

They are less expensive compared to other pillows on the market. Most synthetic best pillow for side sleepers are medium soft and less soft. The only disadvantage is that flatten with time and you may need to replace them more often.


They are hypoallergenic and resistant to dust and mold. The good thing you will love about wool pillow is their ability to wick away moisture from your head and neck.

Therefore, regulating the body temperature during the night to keep you warm in the winter season and cool in the summer season.

Wool pillow is perfect if you are looking for something that’s firm and offers great longevity.

But for those looking to experience the benefit of wool without the firmness, they are free to try alpaca cool.

Memory foam

It is used widely to make best pillow for side sleepers around the world. It is so because it conforms to a person’s shape.

Best of all, it responds to your body weight & heat. It also contours to align with your head, neck, and shoulders.

That this way is a popular choice for most people.

And if you experience, head, neck, or pressure points, memory foam side sleeper pillow may be the ultimate therapy you are looking for.

But there’s one caveat of memory foam?

They retain heat, which leads to sweating at night, therefore interfering with your sleep.

That said, not all memory foam pillows for side sleepers are the same. You can buy high-quality memory foam pillow that provides you with as much ventilation as you like.


The term Gel may mean that you sleep on liquid, which is not the case. This is a kind of pillow that has special micro-fibers of memory foam that offer extra-conformity.

They are easier to clean, hypoallergenic and offer superior neck and back support.

The only disadvantage of using Gel-fill is that they can be too soft for some sleepers. Worst still is that it forms clumps easier compared to other pillows for side sleepers.

Formed or Moldable

It is a matter of personal preference here. There are some who love pillows for side sleepers that stay in shape throughout the night.

Some prefer pillows for side sleepers that can be tucked or twisted to confirm with their body.

For those who have a habit of putting their arm under the pillow, you wouldn’t want to use a gusseted side or a solid memory foam pillow.

But you could be better off with shredded memory foam, gel-fill or buckwheat side sleeper pillow.

Quality of the Side Sleeper Pillow

I cannot emphasize how the quality of the pillow affect your sleep. Okay, let’s put some numbers forward.

The higher the number of the fill/material, the greater the pillow. In other words, pillows for side sleepers that have lots of fill, last longer than a pillow with less fill.

For instance, a fill-power of 600 shows that it is a high-quality pillow. But there’s a limit to the fill-power.

For instance, a fill-power of 800 doesn’t guarantee that the pillow will last you a decade, no matter how great the advertiser wants you to believe.

10 Amazing (and Lofty) Best Pillows for Side Sleeper

Up to this point, you have achieved a few things:

  • Understood the qualities of a side sleeper pillow that you need to buy
  • Understood the benefit of sleeping on a side sleeper pillow.

With so many choices on the market today, am damn sure that you don’t want to make the wrong choices.

We have decided to save you lots of time in research and testing to show you the best side sleeping pillow on the market today.

Okay, let’s dive into the benefit we got for each kind of pillow.

Eden Coop Home Goods

  • Gel memory foam construction combed with microfibers
  • Longer-than-average lifespan
  • Full-adjustable pillow loft
  • Machine-washable
Eden Coop Home Goods

If you are looking for a fully adjustable side sleeping pillow coupled with a softer feel yet supportive.

The Eden coop home goods foots the bill. Easier to maintain because all you need is to take out its cover and throw it into the dryer for 10 mins.

Honestly guys, how easier can that be. In terms of cleaning, rest assured that this baby is a time saver.

Let’s talk about the most crucial aspect of any side sleeping pillow?

The pillow exhibits a gel memory foam construction combed with microfibers. That’s a great combination because it makes the pillow conform to your neck and shoulders relieving you from pain and aches.

Second and the most important quality… The Eden Coop Home regains its shape. In other words, it does not require you to fluffy in the morning when you wake up.

Unlike most side sleeping pillow on the market today. The one key thing that makes Eden coop pillow to stand out is the lifespan.

It offers a longer-than-average lifespan, unlike most side sleeping pillow. That means if you have been looking for a durable pillow. You can’t go wrong with Eden coop home.


  • Soft and smooth surface to sleep on
  • Adjustable firmness
  • Easily washable


  • Mild off-gassing when unpacking
  • Wish the pillow had extra-foam

Tempur-Pedic Tempur-Neck Pillow

  • Solid memory foam for extra firmness
  • An orthopedic pillow
  • Premium polyester knit cover that’s washable
Tempur-Pedic Tempur-Neck Pillow

Did you know that they are few orthopedic side sleeping pillows on the market?

Tempur-Pedic neck pillow happens to be among the few and for very good reason.

Its ergonomic shape offers great support and pressure relief. Besides that, the pillow is made from a solid memory foam material to provide you the extra firmness.

Its material is known for promoting perfect support for your neck.

Okay, what makes it stand out?

Good question. The pillow is mainly suitable for guys who have large heads and broad shoulders because they tend to sink deep when they are sleeping on the soft pillow.

That means, they won’t sink deep when they are using Tempur-Pedic neck pillow. If you have a larger neck or broader shoulder, it is the right pillow for you.

What about longevity? This is the one thing that stood out when I was looking at the pillow.

It’s less susceptible to early deterioration.

Like the previous pillow, the orthopedic pillow regains its shape and its moldable.

My third point?

The side sleeping pillow comes with a premium polyester knit cover. You can remove it and throw it a washing machine.

My expectation was that Tempur-neck pillow to cost more than average memory form pillow. It’s quite the opposite. The pillow has a below-average price point, making a top-value pick for side sleepers.


  • Relatively cheap
  • Less susceptible to deterioration
  • Easily regains its shape
  • Moldable
  • Perfect pillow for a side sleeper with broader shoulders or large necks


  • Maybe too firm for some people
  • Mild off-gassing when opening

Snuggle-Pedic Side Sleeper Pillow

  • Combination of bamboo and rayon material to promote cooling
  • A NASA accredited pillow
  • Adjustable Loft
Snuggle-Pedic Side Sleeper Pillow

I sleep on the Snuggle mattress which I love it but I wanted to test the side sleeper pillow.

The reason?

To find out if the company lived up to their expectation and whether their pillow is great like their mattress. So here are my findings

A blend of velour and bamboo rayon material is what you’ll see on the cover. And the combination of these two materials makes the pillow cool throughout the night

Point being: if you experience hot flashes or sleep hot at night, it is the ideal pillow to sleep on at night.

Does it offer an adjustable loft?

Yes, if you are kind of a person who likes to toss left and right, it will work just fine. Like other pillows for side sleepers on the list, the Snuggle pedic retains its shape and you can easily wash in a machine.

Before I forget. Its material deserves a mentioned. It comes with a polyurethane material enriched with chemicals to promote comfortable support and density.

What makes Snuggle a perfect pillow?

It is a NASA creation. It was initially made to keep the NASA crews safe. Second, the pillow is a hypoallergenic V.O.C Biogreen memory foam & certipur-us certified to create a unique sleeping experience.

Despite all those reasons, the pillow doesn’t sacrifice comfort because it is enhanced with Kool flow micro-vented bamboo cover.

The material offers unparalleled breathability to promote air circulation.

My point is?

You can’t go wrong with the Snuggle-Pedic NASA pillow. It has been tested and its benefit has stood its test of time. Your neck, shoulders, and head are aligned with the comfort of the pillow.

Best of all, you are likely never going to feel like your head is hanging downward off your neck. And whether you have a narrow or buff shoulder, the pillow will provide you with an incredible amount of support.

Nest Easy Breather Pillow

  • Made using shredded memory foam and Tencel lyocell cover
  • Excellent thermal regulation at night
  • Promotes spinal alignment
Nest Easy Breather Pillow

If you are looking for a side sleeper pillow that will hug you well as you sleep. Then there’s so much to be said about the Nest easy breather pillow.

Comes with a shredded memory foam featuring a cool, breathable Tencel lyocell cover. Besides that, it also has an adjustable loft, which accommodates different levels of thickness and is highly moldable.

That means you can adjust it to your preferred height. I consider the Nest easy breather pillow, the perfect pillow snuggling.

Did I forget to say that it regains its shape?

Yes, the pillow regains its shape, that means you won’t have to worry about fluffing your pillow every morning.

And you can also wash it easily in the washing machine. All you need is to unzip the cover and the machine takes care of the rest.

The other outstanding benefit is, they are no smell or off-gassing with these models.

Easy breath pillow delivers great thermal regulation that you won’t have to wake up in the wee hours of the night to flip the pillow over.

In terms of conformity, I am happy to report that the pillow conforms to your head and neck, relieving you from extreme pressure points.

While at the same time promoting unmatched spinal alignment to keep you safe throughout the night.

The other thing, you will also notice is that you can always roll back and forth easily thanks to the lofty cushioning. That means, if you are always tossing and turning during the night, this pillow might be the best investment you have ever made.


  • Loft cushioning
  • Promotes excellent conformity on the head and neck
  • No odor
  • Highly moldable


  • Slight off-gassing when you open the pillows
  • The pillow is not washable

Sleep Better Beyond Down Gel Fiber Side Sleeper Pillow

  • 5’’ wide gusset design
  • 300 thread-count & 100% cotton
  • Micro-denier gel fiber
Beyond Down Gel Fiber Side Sleeper Pillow

What makes Sleep Better standout is the down alternative material they use.

The unique benefit is to keep your head aligned with your spine. If you have been sleeping on different pillows for side sleepers in the past, you will know that this is not the case.

And if you have allergies to down pillow, this is a great pillow for you.

That makes it a versatile pillow offering incredible support for your neck and spine. Let’s look at its features a little bit.

The pillow comes stuffed with unique micro denier gel fiber, which makes you feel goose down-look at this further. You’ll experience plushness while offering more support to your head.

In other words, the pillow offers a balance between firmness and springiness. If you have a small or medium head, you will love the incredible support this pillow offers.

Because there’s more support than a normal feathered pillow. The only problem is, you won’t experience much support with this pillow if you have a heavy head.

With the 4.5” wide gusset design on all the sides, you are likely going to experience a great amount of loft. That’s why this pillow is great for side sleeper who love a little bit of support.

Let’s talk about its outer cover… You will notice that it has 300 thread-count & 100% cotton, making it a premium durable pillow.

Placing my head on the pillow, I noticed that it did sink slightly. But what I love most is enough fill which made me experience a cradling effect.

Also, I didn’t notice anything blocking my nose or mouth when I tried to toss and turn on the sides.


  • Promotes excellent balance between plushness and firmness
  • Enough fill to experience a cradling effect at night
  • No allergic reaction
  • Adjustable Loft


  • You will have to fluffy it often

Layla Pillow

  • copper-infused fabric
  • Best pillow for people with broader shoulders
  • Preferred by athletes
Layla Pillow

I was so curious the way Layla pillow is marketed, which made me get one and start an investigation.

There is a lot to be said about Layla Pillow. First, its cover fabric is super soft and comes with copper infused material which promotes cooling at night.

It’s hypoallergenic in nature, that means, if you have allergies you will get along with this pillow well. In other words, you are totally safe throughout the night.

But the thing that really turns amazes me is the copper-infused material and softness equipped in the pillow.

And the reason for loftiness is the kapok fibers which are soft and thick to promote luxurious feel when you sleep on it.

I am pretty sure you have not heard about the benefit of copper-infusion in a pillow. Most athletes swear by the benefit of copper to relieves aches and pain.

Think about this for a second. Your facial contact with the cover of the pillow makes an intimate contact. If you have slept on different pillows in the past, you have woken up in the morning feeling like your face is compressed.

Although little research has been done on the effectiveness of copper in the promotion of health and wellness to eliminate bacteria and viruses.

On a personal level, I’ve noticed that I find myself eager to wake up in the morning since using this copper.

Can’t personally say that it’s because of copper infusion. But what I do know is that I have experienced positive changes in my sleep.

What I felt just matches what other people who use this pillow say. What about the response to pressure?

The Layla pillow responds slowly to pressure and stretches evenly to distribute the fill throughout the cover. Therefore, providing relieving from the neck, spine, and shoulder pain.

Because of that reason, it is also the best pillow for folks who have broader shoulders.


  • Promotes cooling at night
  • Evenly distributes the pressure
  • Great side sleeper neck pillow for people with broader shoulders
  • Promotes health and wellness thanks to the copper infusion


  • Mild off-gassing
  • You will have to fluff on a regular basis

Bear Pillow

  • Discrete zipper, making it easier for removal
  • Combines polyester and cool yearn to promote cooling
  • Built-in loft
Bear Pillow

The built-in loft and along with the firm feel is what makes a Bear pillow a perfect pick for side sleepers.

If you are also a sleeper who experiences hot flashes, the Bear pillow is an excellent pick for you because of the cooling features in it has.

What separates bear pillow from other pillows for side sleeping is the fact that it was built mainly to promote a cooling sensation for hot sleepers at night.

And you’ll notice this from the cover fabrics that is icy-crisp that facilitates a cooling effect.

As if that wasn’t enough, the pillow also has two mesh panels capped at the end to promote breathability at night.

Most importantly to reduce the temperature on your face and promote a soothing chill when you sleep. That is so because the cover fabric is a blend of cool yarn and polyester.

The combination of polyester and cool yarn makes these pillows for side sleeping so cool to touch.

That wasn’t much of a surprise to me because polyester is a moisture-wicking, which is helpful to keep anyone cool at night.

But that’s not all.

The pillow also features a discrete zipper on one side, meaning you can easily remove it and wash the cover.


  • Even firmness across the pillow
  • Double ice fabric to enhance the hand feel cooling effect
  • offers nice sinkage and bouncy support


  • No adjustable fill

Drift: The Scrumptious Pillow

  • High-end material
  • Improved breathability for sleepers
  • Maintains spinal and neck alignment
  • Perfect traveling side sleeper pillow
The Scrumptious Pillow

Well, the scrumptious pillow happens to be an excellent choice for those who prefer a plush soft feeling while they sleep.

The pillow features a high-end material and delivers splendid neck alignment.

Which improves breathing and reduces snoring. This is actually great news for side sleepers who are looking for a pillow that’s breathable and cool.

Do you know the best part?

The pillow delivers superior alignment and supporting the neck and head. Therefore, reducing headaches and stuffiness.

The one thing that excited me about this pillow is that you can adjust the height. It comes with a hidden zipper that allows you to customize the pillow according to your choice.

Besides that, you’ll find the pillow to be so durable and capable of maintains spinal and neck alignment all the time.

Thanks to its filling, you will experience cushioning and incredible support for your neck. Due to the fact that the pillow is compact, it is the ideal pillow that serves as a traveling companion.


  • Improves breathing for side and back sleepers to solve snoring problem
  • Customizable fill to cradle every single night
  • Flexible, yet supportive side sleeper pillow


  • Too expensive compared to other side sleeper neck pillow

Cradle Me Pillow

  • Great orthopedic value
  • A butterfly-like memory foam material
  • Great satisfaction guarantee
Cradle Me Pillow

Cradle Me Pillow is high-end luxurious pillow known for promoting comfortable sleep.

In other words, if you are the kind of a person who always wakes up with a stiff neck, this is a pillow that’s is worth your try.

Not only is Cradle Me Pillow perfect for side sleepers, but it is also great for back and stomach sleepers as well.

All this is possible because of the unique, butterfly-like shape memory foam material it has. The design of the material makes it suitable for pain relief, shoulders, neck, & back pain.

Let’s not forget all the tremendous orthopedic value the pillow brings, which makes it an ideal for neck and spinal alignment.

That means if you are experiencing pain on the neck, back, or even your shoulder, consider the Cradle Me Pillow a therapy for pain relief.

But that’s not the only point that Cradle Me Pillow scores highly.

The pillow also employs a butterfly shape that caters for different sleeping patterns with an aim for promoting optimum relaxation.

If you are a side sleeper but you don’t know what pillow to use, you can never go wrong with Cradle Me Pillow.


  • Delivers lots of orthopedic value to promote spinal alignment
  • Excellent mattress for those who love sleeping softly
  • Customizable loft
  • Durable


  • Not enough support
  • Takes time to get used to

Casper Pillow

  • Made of beautiful percale weave
  • 100 days night-trial
  • Two pillows in the one-a firmer inner core and a soft outer shell
Casper Pillow

The Casper pillow employs a dual-layer design whereby it has an inner and outer pillow. This great because it offers an excellent balance between plush and support while at the same time offering pain relief.

There’s also a two-inch gusset which fortifies the shape of the pillow to allow for a consistent loft.

In other words, you will experience tremendous lofty support and softness on the side.

Casper pillow happens to be one of the best top-rated pillows because of the ”cloud-like” quality. By cloud like I mean, there’s fluffier and loftiness of the highest level compared to other pillows on the market.

Because of its cloud-like nature, you will sleep comfortably whether you are a back, stomach or even side sleeper.

While most people love it because of its fluffiness, the Casper pillow doesn’t sacrifice on its firmness level.

It’s an incredible firm to offer you support but compressible to make sure that your posture is well-aligned. That’s the main reason why people love the dual-layer pillow, its ability to create a nice balance between support and plushness.

No other pillow on the market scores great when it comes to comfort. From the lining of both the outer and inner layer of the material, you’ll notice that the company didn’t take any chance to make less quality material.

While the inner layer is made up of polyester blend, the outer layer is made up of the low-friction silky fibers which give the cushion cushy feel.


  • Thicker than average side sleeper pillows
  • Prevents buildup of heat to promote cooling
  • Easy to wash


  • Quite an investment
  • Not easy to fluffy


You will spend thousands of hours sleeping on a pillow. That’s why you need to choose an excellent side sleeper pillow.

A pillow that will not only relieve you from occasional neck and shoulder pain but also offers you superior comfort and support you need throughout all night.

Surely, folks, there’s nothing that’s so flattering like having an awesome sleep and waking rejuvenated every day.

I know this because, in the past, I have slept on wrong pillows that made waking up in the morning so difficult. But things changed when I started taking my sleeping seriously.

That means, sleeping on the right mattress, right pillows, and have the right bedding accessories. Am confident that you will choose the best side sleeper pillow for your situation.

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