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Selecting the best twin mattress for a child requires many different considerations as selecting an adult’s bed. For one thing, growth is a major thing. A child can grow and double in his height and body weight by the time they reach their teenage years and outgrow their mattress. For this reason, many parents tend to opt for a cheap mattress considering it a good investment and tend to overlook the essential features the mattress does not have.

Mattress support and pressure relief are incredibly important for children. This is especially important during their early adolescence years which is why parents should buy the best twin mattress for a toddler when they go shopping. Some other factors to keep in mind is bed thickness, temperature neutrality, the composition of the material and your child’s sleeping position.

Many mattress manufacturers produce beds specifically designed for children, however, finding the best twin mattress can be difficult. We have compiled some of the best twin mattresses for toddlers present in the market along with a buying guide. Hope it proves to be helpful for you.

Picture Twin Mattress Material Trial Weight Price
My Green Mattress

My Green Mattress

4.6 out of 5 stars

Dunlop Latex, Innersprings 100 Nights 70 Pounds Check Price
Dreamfoam Ultimate Dreams

Dreamfoam Ultimate Dreams

4.4 out of 5 stars

Bamboo, Talalay Latex, Polyfoam 90 Nights 50 Pounds Check Price
Pangea Bed Copper Mattress

Pangea Bed Copper

4.5 out of 5 stars

Talalay Latex, Gel Memory foam 100 Nights 41 Pounds Check Price
Bear Mattress

Bear Mattress

4.6 out of 5 stars

Graphite Gel Memory Foam 100 Nights 50 Pounds Check Price
Aveline Mattress

Aveline Mattress

4.7 out of 5 stars

Gel Memory Foam 100 Nights 31 Pounds Check Price

* All Prices And Weight Are Of Twin Size Mattress And Not Twin XL or Full.

What Are The Benefits Of The Best Twin Mattress For Toddlers

Every parent wants the best option for their child, and they know how uncomfortable an old mattress is. A bad mattress can completely ruin your night, it can leave you tossing and turning all night long, and you are left with a grumpy morning.

The best twin mattress should help in supporting your child while they sleep so that they wake up very fresh the next day and be ready to face the challenges that come. Toddlers and newborn baby need firm support for their spine and neck, and so the choice between a firm mattress and a soft one is very important.

Another reason to choose a twin mattress for your kid is that twin mattress is easy to move around so if your child doesn’t want to sleep in their room, you can always fix his or her bed next to yours. This mattress can fit around in any small room without a challenge.

These twin mattresses are cheaper but have a high quality making it the perfect investment for you. It does not cause you to burn holes in your pocket and is the perfect opportunity for parents to save up.

Manufacturers of twin mattress design these beds with toddlers in mind, and this is why they have all the necessary qualities needed for their slumber.

Your child can sleep a long and restful sleep with a twin mattress and have a good quality nap as well. The best twin mattress will help in giving your child an uninterrupted sleep and thus has a positive effect on their health.

Types Of Best Twin Mattress For Toddlers

When you shop for the best twin mattress for your child, you will have the same options as you have for the shopping a full-sized bed. There are twin beds made from spring material, memory foam, and latex.

Keep on reading to find out more about these mattress materials


Spring mattresses are one of the cheapest options available in the market and are suggested for parents who cannot afford a lot of cash. These mattresses provide your child with the basic amount of support needed as well as pressure relief. Innerspring mattresses, however, are a little noisy and not as comfortable as latex or foam mattresses are; these spring models stay comfortable for a couple of years without any problem.

When opting for a spring mattress avoid buying them for an older and heavy child as they are not very supportive.

Memory Foam

Memory foam mattresses are one of the most popular material options today and are used in the best twin mattresses in the market. The reason behind this is memory foam is very adaptive and can cradle your body more comfortably than a spring mattress. This mattress is also great at pressure relief and can help keep your child’s spine aligned better than innerspring mattresses.

The best part about this mattress material is that premium-quality memory foam has the ability to stay resilient for a long time and longer than a spring mattress. However, you will have to spend a hefty amount of money when buying this mattress as they are a little expensive.

One drawback about this mattress is off-gassing which is why you must grab a CertiPur- US certified foam models since they have low levels of off-gassing and are safe to use. If you already use memory mattresses at home, then you will be comfortable having a memory foam for your child. Unless you are or your child is very sensitive to smell, you will not feel bad for buying a memory foam mattress; just let it out in the air before using it.

You can also avoid the chemical smell and the issue of VOCs by using a latex sleeping surface.


While classic latex is not as comfortable as memory foam but a new latex foam material is much better and helps in keeping the springy quality is has. These latex mattresses are one of the most comfortable and best memory foam options available today in the market.

Latex mattresses are also one of the most reliable and long-lasting mattresses available in the market. For this reason, these mattresses are a long-term investment for parents who are able to afford it. A good and high-quality latex mattress can stay with your child throughout their toddler years until high school.

The flexibility these mattresses have is the reason that they are able to stand out among other mattress materials. Latex mattresses do not sag or develop any soft spots like spring, and memory foam does after using for a few years. A growing kid requires a proper spinal alignment at night, and a latex mattress is a perfect way to ensure that.

Latex also has the best non-toxic credentials and do not off-gas as memory foam does. They do smell of latex for a few days, and then it goes away. Also, this smell has no toxic chemicals in them. Making it one of the safest options present in the market. However, the downside of these mattresses is that they are very expensive and you will have to pay double the amount as compared to a hybrid spring model or a memory foam.

While this price point may be an area of concern but thinking about the durability of these mattresses you can get much more advantage from this mattress easily.

Budget Of The Best Twin Mattress

When choosing for the best twin mattress for your child, you must know that you must keep your budget from $100 to $1000. You will also find a mattress for $50. However, these are not of premium quality and hence not recommended for you to buy. Anything that cheap falls into a sketchy territory and should not be taken into consideration.

Think carefully about your budget and how much you are willing to spend. Keep in mind that a mattress is a long-term investment so you can spend more in order to avoid spending the same amount of money after a few years.


When buying the best twin mattress for toddlers, it is important that you dug into a comparison of the safety of these mattress materials. The first thing to focus on is the spinal support provided by these mattresses ; support is essential for your child’s health. A lot of cheap mattresses do not offer support at all, and so it can whack out your child’s spine and ruin it leading to other chronic issues. It is vital that you invest in a mattress that provides ultimate support to your child.

Another thing to focus on is flame retardants. Majority of the chemical flame retardants are very toxic, and you must stay away from them. The law requires you to get a mattress that is flame resistant and so you must choose a mattress that comes with a chemical-free flame barrier. One such material is wool, and nowadays memory foam manufacturers are also making use of a silica fabric layer that does the same thing.

You must also look out for uncertified materials. A lot of online sold mattresses come from a sketchy importer who avid listing down their materials and the chemicals used in its construction. These materials can be filled with toxins and other harmful fumes. So make sure you buy a mattress that exceeds the safety standards of US and discloses all about their material.

Why Buy A Twin Mattress For Your Child?

For starts, a twin mattress is way cheaper than any other type of mattress. Also, a twin mattress has a specific design made for children and is very durable. For this reason, they last longer and do not get damages after constant use and abuse done by toddlers.

The best twin mattress for toddlers will help in supporting your child in his or her development years so that they are smart and healthier. Also, it will help in providing them with a good night sleep so that they wake up active and energized for a new day. This restful sleep is also essential for their physical and mental development.

5 Best Twin Mattress Reviews

My Green Mattress

My Green Mattress is one of the best twin mattress and best organic mattress for kids. This mattress was designed specifically for a child and while keeping their needs in your mind. The owner of this mattress had a daughter who suffered from eczema, and this caused her a lot of discomforts while sleeping.

To get rid of this, the owner designed this mattress using natural products to help decrease her symptoms and to help her sleep comfortably.  This mattress has a 10-year warranty and is made from three inches of Dunlop latex which is 1005 natural.

This mattress also has a comfort layer that provides you with ultimate comfort. The remaining eight inches of the mattress consists of a layer of pocketed coil innerspring. This mattress also implements zoning in the mattress causing it to be a little firmer from the middle so that it can easily accommodate your child’s lumbar area.

Since you will be shopping for a child, you will want to buy a mattress that will be suited to their height so that they can take full advantage of their mattress. For this reason, twin size is perfect for them. When buying this mattress be aware that you will be spending a bit more money than other mattresses available in the market, however; this mattress is the perfect example of durability and natural materials.


  • Low off-gassing
  • Low in motion transfer
  • Makes use of premium quality material


  • Some customers claim that the mattress is too firm

Dreamfoam Ultimate Dreams

The Dreamfoam Ultimate Dream mattress is a very popular mattress today due to its construction and quality of materials. This mattress is made with 100% biodegradable bamboo along with high-density polyfoam and Talalay latex as well. It comes with an additional layer of added comfort with a Eurotop.

Sleeping on this mattress gives you an exquisite feeling of sleeping on a cloud and the cotton feel it has is bound to be appreciated by your child. The cover of this bed is made from bamboo fibers, and this helps in adding breathability to your mattress along with durability and provides this mattress with antibacterial properties and hypoallergenic.

The comfort layer of this mattress is made with three inches of Talalay latex, and since a lot of compression takes place in the comfort layer, latex is the perfect material. Latex also provides your mattress with increased durability and the holes present in this layer helps in regulating temperature.

This mattress is supported with a polyfoam base of high density.

When talking about the firmness of the mattress, this product focuses on the firmness very seriously. Once you order this mattress a representative from Dreamfoam will ask questions regarding your child and their sleeping habits; these questions will help in figuring out the right firmness level for your young one.


  • Has a reasonable price for the premium quality latex
  • Provides you with a timely delivery
  • Helps in reducing aches and makes you have a cool sleep
  • Has great motion isolation capabilities


  • Some users complain of off-gassing

Pangea Bed Copper Mattress

When your child sleeps, it is important that there is temperature regulation so that he does not start sweating and disrupt his sleep cycle. For this reason, it is important that he or she is able to hold on to cool body temperature so that they can enter into a deep sleep and allow a better restorative process to take place.

If your child tends to wake up feeling hot and sweaty, then you will have to consider a technology that is used in the manufacturing of Pangea Bed Copper Mattress.

As the name clearly states, this mattress comes with copper infused inside the cover of it, and this helps in aiding in heat transfer. This mattress also has 100% Talalay latex found in its comfort layer and this material provides support to back sleepers. The addition of specifically designed PangeaBed Cool gel memory foam provides your body with the cradling needed by side sleepers.

The firmness level of this bed is medium firm, and when unboxing this product, you will not notice any kind of off-gassing. One downside that this product has is that this mattress comes with low edge support. Therefore if you want to make it a habit to read your child a bedtime story while he or she sleeps, you will have to opt for a full-size mattress so you can lay down instead of sit on edge.


  • Is great for hot sleepers
  • Has low motion transfer
  • Hypoallergenic and can accommodate all kinds of sleepers
  • Is antifungal, antimicrobial and antibacterial
  • Has premium quality quilt cover


  • Low edge support

Bear Mattress

Kids are always energized, and they need this energy to have fun and play all through the day. If your child is involved in sports and is physically very active, then you must check out the Bear Mattress. This mattress was made while keeping a physically active kid and an athlete in mind.

The bear mattress is made with the help of Celliant technology that is incorporated in its cover. This technology helps your child’s body in dealing with the buildup of lactic acid and can cause aches and pain when they play.

Aside for this feature designed for athletes, this mattress gives ultimate contour due to its layer of cool graphite gel memory foam which is one inch thick. Beneath this layer is a 2 ½ inch layer of foam that is very responsive and gives your child the bounce that they need in order to move in and out of bed. Finally, your child’s body weight will also be supported by a 61/2 inch base.


  • Has low off-gassing
  • Is incorporated with cool sleeping technology
  • Has reasonable pricing


  • Has weak edge support

Aveline Mattress

This mattress is not only the best twin mattress present in the market but also has the best budget. However, when investing in a budget mattress be aware that there will be issues in durability. However, if you need a quick substitute and will buy something better when you have enough money, then the Aveline mattress is a viable option. This mattress is CentriPUR US-Certified and contains no flame retardants, mercury, lead, phthalates, TDCPP, TCEP or any other heavy metals. Since it is only eight inches thick, it can be a great product for young children with a low weight.

The cover on this mattress has a zipper so you can easily take it off and clean it when you want; the cover is also made from stretch know fabric. The two-inch gel-infused memory foam that is present in this mattresses comfort layer is very beneficial and helps in keeping your child cool as they sleep.

The base of this mattress has six inches of high-density foam and provides your child with the support they need.


  • Has low motion transfer
  • Is easy to clean
  • Allows temperature regulation


  • Lacks edge support
  • Weak durability


While Aveline can be very suited to your needs and be great for your child but if you want to replace your kid’s mattress and are on a budget then go ahead and grab the Dreamfoam Ultimate Dream mattress as it can be perfect for your toddler.

All of these five mattress’s are great for your child and can suit their needs easily. They come with a trial period of 90-100 days, and you can always avail this trial and make sure that your child is satisfied with his or her bed. Make sure that whatever mattress you buy is CertiPUR and has been tested against harmful chemicals.

Also, do your own research so that you can make a well-informed decision; a mattress is a once in 10 years investment so make sure you make the right decision. Decide on the comfort level your child needs along with the material most suited to their skin and then go ahead and shop. Hope this best twin mattress review proves to be helpful for you!

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