How Long Does a Mattress Last? The Truth Behind Mattress Life

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How long does a mattress last? That’s a question that most households ask, considering buying a new mattress is an investment people prefer to prolong. According to most companies and statistical proof, a good mattress lasts between 7-10 years, depending on how well it is maintained, its quality and what it is made from.

When we talk about the average life of a mattress, we are really just talking about its capability to maintain its shape, give us comfort, and allow us to sleep well. A good mattress is anyone’s dream; just imagine a king-sized bed with a lofty mattress, the sleep would be heavenly!

We’ve already talked about how long a mattress lasts, but the real question is how long should it last? That depends on numerous factors like the materials used, how it is treated, and what conditions it has to face. In a survey, it was found that latex mattresses are most prone to last the longest while futon mattresses tend to wear out the quickest in the market. If you’re using a mattress that is up there on the list, you can sigh in relief, as you won’t have to worry about mattresses for 10-15 years!

What Are The Factors That Can Affect The Lifespan of Your Mattress?

The following factors are vital for determining mattress lifespan:

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This is a no-brainer; the more you use something, the fewer chances it has of lasting long. The same rule of proportionality applies to your mattress, and if you have kids, well, the chances go lower still with all the bouncing around.


People whose weights are higher up on the scale tend to exert more pressure on the mattress, which causes compression. In turn, this lowers the lifespan of the mattress. Likewise, skinnier people exert less pressure and encourage the mattress’s life to prolong.

Cleanliness and Negligence

By negligence, we mean lack of care. Most people like to eat on their beds, but what they don’t realize is that spillages can weaken the materials that make up their mattresses. People also put off mattress cleaning on their to-do lists, which can result in harmful accumulation of bacteria, dust mites, and insects which can severely damage your mattress.

When Should You Get a New Mattress?

Most of us don’t really think about our mattress a lot, but what we do think about is how well we sleep, how tired we are in the mornings and the chronic pain in our backs that just won’t go away. These are very annoying daily life hassles, which can be avoided if you have a good mattress.

Neck and back pains, aches, allergies, and the fact that sleeping at your best friend’s house reduces all these problems, is a clear indicator that you need a new, comfortable mattress. What makes this even worse is when you have to share an old mattress with your partner, all that tossing and turning can really have a toll on you.

You’re Ready to Buy a New Mattress, But Which One?

Maybe you’re a parent who has all of their kids jumping on your bed or you’re a college graduate that keeps on shifting; your needs are different and so is your mattress preference. The following list contains the various types available:

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  • Latex

As mentioned earlier, latex mattresses are the best mattresses out there when we talk about how long mattresses last. These superior mattresses can easily last up to 15 years. This longevity can be attributed to the fact that worn out layers can be replaced by newer ones.

  • Memory Foam

Secondary to latex mattresses, memory foam mattresses are less prone to sagging and can last for a decade if you can properly maintain it and take care of its cleanliness.

  • Innerspring and Waterbed

These types are mentioned together because they have the same lifespan; about 7-8 years. Innerspring mattresses are made by thin coil springs that can sag if consistently neglected. Waterbed mattresses have considerably higher durability due to lack of springs but require more care.

  • Air

Air mattresses are the most common mattresses in the market, especially popular among people who like to sleep on firm beds. But, these can last for a maximum of 5 years as the air starts to leak after some time and constant ignorance can lead to the irreplaceable air pump being damaged.

You’ve Bought Your Dream Mattress, How Can You Increase Its Life Span?

Buying a new mattress is an investment, especially if you went all out and got one of those higher end ones. You need to make sure your credit card is not used for this purpose for a long time. Lucky for you, here are some tips:

Regular Cleaning

This was obvious; it’s already mentioned that not taking care of your mattresses can cause irritation and pain. But how can you clean your mattress effectively? How many times a month or a year should you clean it? The answer lies in your mattress. If the weather in your city is most often humid, then it is preferable to clean it once in two months by yourself and get it professionally cleaned from time to time to get rid of germs and bacteria.

Mattress Protector

Since you’ve already invested in a good mattress, it is preferable that you invest in a good protector from the beginning. A mattress protector is specifically designed to help maintain the mattress’s pristine state and prolong its life. It is also helpful against spills, surface abrasions, and water spills.

Increase Mattress Life
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Mattress Topper

A mattress topper fights against the three enemies of your mattress; body perspiration, dead skin, and indentations. Sweating while you sleep is common, but it can weaken your mattress’s core; however, this can be prevented by using a topper. All foams compress after some time, but a mattress topper can reduce the effects by adding a layer of protection and increasing its life.

Flip That Mattress!

If you want to reduce the depressions and compressions and increase the lifespan of your mattress and your bank account, flip it! On average, you should flip your mattress once every six months.

Get your pets their own sleeping haven

No matter how adorable, pets can damage your mattress from unwarranted accidents, urinating, and sweating all over your mattress. This encourages sagging and the growth of molds and bacteria. Therefore, it is better to get them a bed of their own.

For the complete guide read How to Clean a Mattress?

Beware: The Trap Of Warranty

Most of us believe that the warranty of a mattress is an indicator of its lifespan, but most often, that isn’t the case. Just because a mattress company promises 7 years warranty while the other offers 15 years, it doesn’t mean the latter is a better bet for durability. Before buying, compare the compression depths to analyze what compression coverage the warranty offers.

Final Verdict

How long does a mattress last? Now you know! But still, the average lifespan of a good mattress is anything between 5-10 years. The extra years depend on how well you maintain it, flip it, protect it, and secure it from accidents. By taking all the precautions discussed above and by being extra careful with your mattress, your sleep quality can significantly improve, your aches can go away, and your morning drowsiness can leave you alone too!

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