Mattress Thickness: How Thick Should Your Mattress Be?

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How thick should your mattress be? Mattress thickness is one of the main factors when it comes to comfort and quality of sleep. Does it really matter what thickness we buy? Is a 6-inch mattress better than a 16-inch thick mattress?

What Is The Ideal Thickness For Your Mattress?

Mattress thickness is sometimes also referred or specified as a mattress’s height. When we talk about whether the thickness of a mattress really matters, the answer is yes. The way your bed fits with your entire bedroom interior design rests with the thickness of your mattress. When you discuss what bedspread or duvet to invest in when you’re buying a new mattress, you’re really just specifying the mattress’s thickness according to your specific needs.

Mattress Thickness – An Overview

We’ve already discussed that The next question is, how thick, on average, are the mattresses available in the market? Here is a list to help you out:

Low Profile Mattresses

Low profile mattresses have the average mattress thickness of 2 to 5 inches and are found majorly in blowup air bed and floor mattresses. These are a perfect fit for a more modern bedroom or people who prefer beds that are no too high. But, there may be a compromise on comfort, especially for heavier people.

Ideal Thickness For Your Mattress
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Thin Mattresses

On average, standard thin mattresses are about 5 to 8 inches thick and are usually made of foam which is a very dense material. Most popular use of these is found in children’s beds or baby cribs. These also can be used by thin people as they exert less pressure. They suite a contemporary bedroom with Scandinavian design language.

Standard Mattresses

A standard mattress mostly has a thickness between the ranges of 8 to 12 inches. These are the mattresses most abundant in the market and are made with spring, foam, and latex; all of which give it different levels of firmness. These mattresses are more expensive when compared to thin mattresses.

Medium to Thick Mattresses

These mattresses have a thickness ranging from 12 to 20 inches and are the superior ones in the market. Some are single or dual material structured while some have multiple layers. These give great comfort.

Very Thick Mattresses

These mattresses heavenly; they have a thickness of 20 inches and above, and this can be attributed to advanced technology, material, and design. They fit well in traditional settings and are a sign of luxury. These are less common in the market though.

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What Thickness Mattress Should I Get?

When we talk about the optimum mattressstandard mattress thickness, we cannot generalize. The answer to this depends on your weight, your preferences, and what type of mattress you like to use. These are discussed in detail:

Your Weight

If your weight is on the higher end of the scale, then you should ideally go for a thicker foam mattress to prevent you hitting the bottom when you sleep on it. This is because heavier people can cause compressions due to the pressure they exert.

Your Tendency Towards Pains and Aches

If you have chronic neck pain or back pain, the thickness of your mattress can affect you more than you think. You should consult your doctor about what suits you better and invest accordingly.

What Thickness Mattress Should
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Your Preferences

The thickness that suits you depends on the level of support you need. A person who sleeps on their back has more body surface in contact with the mattress than a side sleeper. A person who sleeps on their belly needs a softer mattress. So, one has to specify their tendencies.

How Your Mattress’s Thickness Depends On Your Sleeping Position

We’ve already discussed that the thickness of a mattress depends on your preferences, but most importantly; it depends on the way you sleep. Your sleeping position is a key factor for optimum comfort thickness.

Back Sleepers

Back sleepers generally require a mattress that is firm; measuring about 6 to 8 inches thick. These people require more support for their shoulder blades and behind. At the same time, they also need correct spine alignment. Therefore, such individuals can opt for hard latex foam or an innerspring mattress with at least 4 inches of memory foam on top.

Side Sleepers

If you love to sleep on your side like most of the population, you require more support for your hips and shoulders. An 8 to 10 inches thick mattress will be ideal for you. You should invest in a mattress with a solid foam core with softer foam outside for optimum support and comfort. Some may also go for 12 inches mattresses that are easy to flip too.

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Front Sleepers

These rare species require less support but more comfort. A minimum thickness of 10 inches and a maximum of up to 15 inches would be perfect for these sleepers. Memory foam is perfect for stomach sleepers; the thicker, the better! If these sleepers weigh more, then extra inches can help give more comfort. These people can opt for a solid core mattress, a high-density foam, or a strong innerspring.

Pregnant Women

Any sleeping position works for a pregnant woman, but most women prefer to sleep on their sides when pregnant. For maximum comfort, a soft top of 4-6 inches of soft memory foam with an additional hard latex foam base would do wonders. Memory foams are an ideal choice as they can go up to 12 inches in thickness.


So, does thickness really matter after all? Going back to where we started, answering this question is genuinely subjective. The thickness of your mattress is all about what you like, your preferred comfort level, and your sleeping position. Your weight also has an important role in this equation.

So how do you choose the perfect thickness? Try the mattress out! Go to a store and lie on mattresses with varying thickness, look for details on the material constituents and the general consensus on the comfort level and then buy it to enjoy a good sleep!

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