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Purple is one of the more renowned names in the bed-in-a-box market and they are incredibly unique. Purple mattress makes use of a hyperelastic polymer in their comfort layer and creates a very distinctive looking grid pattern.

The entire makeup of the mattress is made with premium quality construction and high-quality material. So how does Purple mattress feels and perform? If you want to know the answer to this, then keep on reading this Purple Mattress Review and find out for yourself.

In this review, we will be evaluating the Purple Mattress. This mattress is not only attractive but is also very comfortable and offers its consumer many features and benefits. The best part about this mattress is that it is every bit affordable as it is comfy and its unique construction helps in contributing and providing you with a relaxed sleep every night.

With its unique firmness, innovative design, state of the art hyperelastic material, this mattress is making its way up on the mattress charts as contouring, conforming and comfy mattress that is available at a very reasonable price.

Purple Mattress offers its customers with a handcrafted and extremely affordable mattress that has state of the art features. This mattress is combined foam with an added hyper-elastic polymer structure and construction.

Purple Mattress offers two mattresses that are very different than the traditional mattress you find online or in stores. Both the Purple mattress along with the New Purple makes use of a buckling column gel in its comfort layer. This gel helps in providing a unique feel to the sleeper that is not only pressure relieving but also feels cool when sleeping.

This mattress provides the user with a medium firm feel that is very satisfying and a unique polymer web design that helps in keeping your sleeping surface incredibly cool. With a medium firmness level, this mattress appeals to many shoppers and meets the preferences of many sleepers.

Purple mattress also has some very attractive features that are helping this mattress make a name in the mattress industry very quickly. One such feature includes its conform-ness towards the sensitive point of the sleeper’s body such as their shoulder or mid-back.

Unlike the traditional foam mattresses present in today’s market, the Purple mattress has a very rounded contour that is incredibly similar to a latex mattress. However, this mattress has a bounce and a feel that is very responsive and not similar to the feel of a latex mattress. This mattress is soft where needed and firm when you want it. It offers the perfect spinal alignment needed by a side and a back sleeper.

To find out more about this mattress, keep on reading this Purple Mattress Review!

You Will Love Purple Mattress If:

  • You need pressure relief– the hyper-elastic polymer on this mattress is specifically engineered to provide pressure relief to every area of your body. In fact, Purple mattresses have also been named as the world’s first pressure mattress. This news is great for every side sleeper that wants pressure in their hips and shoulders.
  • Want a versatile mattress– purple mattress works for all sleep styles. The structure of this mattress helps in relieving pressure and has a medium level firmness. Couples with different sleeping habits can enjoy sleeping in the same bed and with its motion isolation you no longer have to disturb your partner in the middle of the night.
  • Sleep hot– its grid construction helps in promotion airflow.

You Will Not Love Purple Mattress If:

  • Want a mattress with inner springs– this mattress is not made with inner springsbut its comfort layer helps in providing your body with pressure relief that is hardly found in innerspring mattress constructions.
  • Like a memory foam feel– even though memory foam materials are very slow in responding they can however trap in heat during the winters. The purple mattress on the other hand has top-notch temperature regulation and remains neutral. It also has quick responsiveness with ease of repositioning.

What Kind Of Mattress Is Purple Mattress?

According to multiple Purple Mattress reviews, this mattress is one of the most intriguing an interesting mattress available in the industry today. This mattress is a combination of foam and a hyper-elastic polymer material that aims at providing you with a unique and comfy feel.

This feeling has been enjoyed by consumers all across the globe. Users of Purple mattress claim in Purple reviews that they enjoy a restful and relaxing sleep all night long. Although this purple mattress possesses some latex type quality and a feel similar to a latex mattress, it does, however,havegreat support and a unique feel to it.

The hyper-elastic polymer on this mattress has a very rare feeling to it that is unlike latex or traditional memory foam mattress has; the feel on this mattress helps in displacing the body weight naturally while delivering stable support and comfort.

Because of the premium composition of this mattress, the typical feeling of being stuck that is affiliated with many foam mattress is eliminated; instead, consumers can enjoy the remarkable feel of the top layer as they change their sleeping positions. The purple mattress is also equipped with many air flow channels that allow consumers to enjoy a cool temperature as they sleep.

How Firm Is The Purple Mattress?

Purple mattress presents its user with a unique level of firmness and feels which when placed on a scale of 1-10, falls between a range of 6 to 6.5.

With this ideal rating of firmness and innovative design of the Purple Mattress, this mattress tends to fit the sleeping requirements required by the user along with the needs of many sleepers. This feature of this mattress that allows it to meet the need of every sleeper is what contributes to the popularity this mattress has.

With Purple Mattress’s unique and smart grid design, consumers can get the best firm and soft feel to their bed. Again, whether the sleeper is side or back, the top layer of Purple mattress tends to easily disperse the pressure between your body and the mattress and in turn supports your spine perfectly as you sleep.

Purple Mattress does a great job at supporting the overall body weight,and for lightweight sleepers that weight less than 130 pounds, this mattress feels as if floating on top of this mattress with very little body contouring.

For sleepers weighting between 130 to 150 pounds, this mattress helps in presenting with a high level of contour and sinkage. It also provides the feeling of being hugged for heavy sleepers. The unique construction of this mattress and the materials used in it helps in making it respond to your body weight and support it effectively.

Keep in mind that the heavy areas of your body will sink into the mattress naturally, but they will be supported by the exclusive transitional support layer of the Purple mattress. This provides the sleeper with the much-needed pressure relief and a more appreciated relaxing and restful night’s sleep.

How Many Layers Does Purple Mattress Have?

The purple mattress is a very conforming mattress and it molds and contours easily to your body shape. This mattress has a thickness of 9.5 inches and is made up of three layers of hyperelastic polymer material, Lycra, viscose, polyester,andpolyfoam.

Keep on reading this Purple Mattress review to find out more about the layers this mattress has.


The cover of this mattress is made from a mixture of viscose, Lycra,and polyester. These materials made the cover incredibly soft and breathable; since it is very thin, air can flow to and fro the mattress. Lycra is a very stretchy material and is mostly found in athletic clothing; it helps with temperature regulation and takes the moisture away from the body.

This feature of Lycra makes it suitable for this mattress’s cover. The Purple’s cover is a comfy fit for the top layer of this mattress and works well in combination with this layer; both of these work together in minimizing and eliminating any heat from being build up. The cover of this mattress also has an attractive, up-to-date  design and a traditional white color.

But the classy diamond pattern present on this cover gives it a very appealing and elegant look. Even though it looks very simple in design, the overall look of this cover is very chic and appealing to the naked eye. This cover has a zip present so that you can easily remove it in case you spill something on it. But it is highly recommended that the user does not wash this cover in a washing machine unless it is absolutely essential.

If that is the case, then make sure to only use cold water while washing it and lay it flat to dry and do not use the dryer. The manufacturers of this mattress strictly advise you to not place this cover in the dryer for whatever reason because the cover will definitely shrink down.

Comfort Layer

The comfort layer on this mattress is made from a hyper-elastic polymer as described earlier. This layer on this mattress is around 2 inches tall and can respond very quickly to pressure; this gives the mattress the bounce it needs and allows you to change the position on the mattress while sleeping without any interference.

This comfort layer is created in a grid structure and helps in relieving pressure and distributing weight. This grid structure helps in created columns of polymer that remain supportive until it reaches a specific threshold of pressure. Once this threshold is reached, the columns release themselves and allow that area to start sinking, providing immediate pressure relief.

The body weight is then distributed all across the grid,and this means that the hyper-elastic polymer can give in the area where there is increased pressure and is still supportive overall. This, in turn, helps in avoiding the formation of pressure points. This formation also helps in creating air pockets in its comfort layer to help avoid overheating while sleeping.

Transition Layer

The middle layer of this mattress is made with 3.25 inches of polyfoam and has a density of 1.8 pounds. This acts in providing the mattress with some compression support,and this layer also means that the sleeper can transition from the comfort layer of the mattress toward the base layer of it.


The base of the mattress is a 2-pound density with a 4-inchpolyfoam. The firm layer on this mattress will act as foundational support and will help in giving the mattress its shape and structure. This base acts as a solid foundation of the mattress.

How Does The Sinkage And Motion Transfer Work In This Mattress?

Just like every other foam mattress, Purple also absorbs motion very easily and therefore has little to no disruption when your significant other moves. This mattress also has a light powder coating of a non-toxic powder type of material,and this helps in minimizing any kind of noise the polymer may create.

When talking about the sinkage of this mattress, this bed will dip to around 1 to 1.5 inches whether you lie on your side or on your back. However, this bed has weak edge support,and when sitting on the edge of the bed, the sinkage is greater and is around 2.5 to 4 inches of sinking.

Sinkage of this mattress depends entirely on the weight of the person and so will vary according to the weight of every individual sleeper. The purple mattress has a specific bounce that is only exhibited to this mattress and is very unique. This polymer material mattress affords a bounce very much like that of a latex mattress.

Does Purple Mattress Get Hot While Sleeping?

The Purple Mattress comes with many features and benefits that make it ideal for a wide range of sleepers and without a doubt, one of its most notable features is the ability of this mattress to remain cool.

The special design of this mattress with air pockets help in creating a unique polymer smart grid that will keep the surface where the customer sleeps very cool. This makes the Purple mattress one of the coolest mattress to sleep on all year around.

Does Purple Mattress Have A Smell?

Just like every other mattress present in the market, Purple Mattress reviews also show that it has off-gassing. When this mattress is first removed from its packaging, this mattress has a very faint smell of a new mattress. But this mattress smell goes away within a few days and leads to no off-gassing at all.

Moreover, the Purple Mattress is green and is CertiPUR-US certified. According to some research carried out by Purple Mattress Reviews the odor of this mattress is minimal to none and does not last very long.

Does Purple Mattress Require A Foundation?

The purple mattress does not require a foundation,however; Purple does offer a platform base to its customers. This base is designed specifically to work for these mattresses.

You are not required to purchase a base with this mattress as long as your Purple Mattress is placed on a strong and tough surface. Such bases include a box foundation, slats that have a three-inch gap in between them or an adjustable bed frame or even the simple floor will work for this mattress.

How To Take Care Of The Purple Mattress?

Purple Mattress manufacturers do not have any kind of special and official policies for taking care of the mattress. Rotating your mattress is not required,but experts usually advise people to rotate their mattress at least twice per year.

Some experts even recommended flipping your mattress every once in six months,but with Purple, you cannot do that because the polymer layer should stay on top.

How Durable Is The Purple Mattress?

The Purple Mattresses are manufacturers in the United States of America. According to the data available to us during this Purple Mattress Review, we can indicate that the lifespan of this mattress is better than the lifespan of other foam mattresses.

In addition, the exclusive combination of hyperelastic polymer and foam helps in increasing the durability of this mattress. The manufacturing of this mattress is from premium quality products and materials with control standard for quality; this helps in making this mattress one of the highest quality product in the industry.

According to the Purple Mattress review it receives, this mattress guarantees great owner satisfaction.

Size And Shipping Of Purple Mattress

Just like every other mattress present in the market today, Purple Mattress is also available in 5 common mattress sizes as mentioned in the table below.

Name Of Mattress Dimensions
Purple Twin Mattress (XL) 38” Width x 80” Length
Purple Full Mattress 54 Width x 75” Length
Purple Queen Mattress 60 Width x 80” Length
Purple King Mattress 76 Width x 80” Length
Purple California King Mattress 72 Width x 80” Length

The height for all mattress sizes is the same- 9 ½”.

These mattresses are easy to move and lift and they weight around 70 pounds to 140 pounds. The weight of the mattress depends entirely upon the size of the mattress you purchase. The shipping of this mattress is entirely free,and this mattress is sent to you directly in sturdy packaging and is completely compressed.

It comes with ergonomically designed handles that you can conveniently use to carry this mattress to your room. Once in your room, you can easily unbox it, set up the mattress easily and enjoy the Purple Mattress whenever you want.

Sleep Trial And Guarantee

Purple Mattress manufacturers stand behind their product firmly and provide to the users with a 100-day free trial. Once you test this product and are not satisfied with it, Purple will provide you with your money due to their 100% money back policy.

This 100-nightrisk-free trial offers the customer enough time to give this mattress a try and to experience the groundbreaking features this mattress comes with. If after sleeping on this mattress for 100 days you are still not satisfied and happy, then you can contact Purple customer service and they will arrange a pickup for your mattress right away.

Purple Mattress Warranty

Purple mattress provides to their customers with a 10-year warranty,and this warranty is comparable to other latest mattresses in the market with a similar price range.

How Much Does Purple Mattress Cost?

The Purple Mattress price range ranges from $699 to $1,299 without any discount. These prices can vary on whether you want to opt for a superior platform base along with your mattress or not. the price for each size of Purple Mattress is mentioned in the table below:

Mattress Price
Twin XL $699
Full $899
Queen $999
King $1,299
California King $1,299

The price range of this mattress is very well in comparison with other foam mattresses that are very expensive. With an impressive construction, cooling support, overall satisfaction and a mind-blowing consumer rating regarding its comfort, Purple Mattress is really good to buy for this amount of money.

How Does Purple Mattress Compare With Casper?

Casper mattress has had a major competition with Purple Mattress,and this competition has been going on for years now, but the question arises how well do these two amazing mattresses compare with one another?

Firstly, the construction of both these mattresses is very different from one another. Casper mattress has a very tradition foam construction whereas Purple Mattress features a very unique and distinctive gel grid.

With that being cleared, both mattresses are a great option for combination sleepers. Casper mattress accomplished this goal via its zoned support technology; this technology provides extra support on the hips of the sleeper and leaves the rest of the mattress soft for the user,and that is good for pressure relief.

On the other hand, Purple mattress makes use of its gel technology,and this gives the mattress a good pressure relief and at the same time helps in supporting and cradling you while you sleep. However, if you are light weight and prefer to sleep on the side, then you must opt for Casper mattress.

The reason behind this is that Casper is a soft mattress overall and the comfort layer of the Purple Mattress may not provide you with the pressure relief you need if you are light. At the end of the day, the prices of both these mattresses are comparable,and so it comes down to what you feel and prefer

If you are looking for a balancedfoam, feel then you can grab Casper mattress. If you want the unique feeling of collapsing on a gel grid, then you must consider going for Purple mattress.

Purple Mattress; Is It Worth Your Money

The purple mattress offers to their customers a high quality product at a very reasonable price. This mattress is soft where you want it to be soft and firm when you need it. This mattress is combined with two layers polyurethane foam and a hyper-elastic polymer layer.

When both of these are combined, they provide the consumer with a feeling like no other. Purple mattress provides the user with a high level of comfort, support, bounce,and great cooling. This mattress also does way above average when it comes down to relieving pressure points and minimizing the transfer of motion.

Purple is without a doubt an innovative step towards the future due to its unique manufacturing and distinctive material design used  for its construction. This mattress provides the user with a quality sleep needed by them every night.

With a 6.0-6.5 level of firmness, multiple airflow channels, easy absorption of motion, state of the art Smart grid design and it’s all Green and Eco-friendly processes help in setting this mattress apart from the other competitors present in the industry.

With the price range this mattress has, it is a more favorable purchase. In addition to its reasonable price range, Purple provides a 100 night free trial, a 10 year warranty and free shipping in the country. This mattress also provides special benefits and features for their customers at the time of purchasing and even after it.

Overall, the Purple mattress is a good mattress and has all the needed features required in a bed today.


Purple mattress manufacturers have made use of a science driven approach in order to make their brand name be successful. The Hyper-elastic polymer grid present on their mattress provides the perfect amount of pressure relief and caters to the need of a wide range of sleepers.


  • Has a smart comfort grid
  • Provides no heat retention
  • Has a 100 night trial and 10 year warranty
  • Great pressure relief


  • Is heavy around 70-140 lbs
  • Poor edge support
  • Smaller than standard mattresses so not ideal for tall people
Overall Rating


Overall, the Purple mattress is a good mattress and has all the needed features required in a bed today.

Materials And Quality9.2/10
Comfort And Support9.3/10
Edge Support 8.7/10
Value For Money 9.3/10
Trial And Warranty 9.3/10
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