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IKEA Mattress Review – An Introduction

IKEA is an international company which manufactures and distributes many goods but specializes in home and outdoor furniture, including mattresses. IKEA mattresses want to deliver a good to the mediocre quality mattress but also want to be budget friendly. IKEA is known as one of the largest and the best home furniture and fittings provider which originated from Sweden. IKEA has plenty of showroom spots near the United States metro areas. IKEA’s products are manufactured in many countries. IKEA provided a very popular series of mattresses which became extremely popular, with its roll- packed mattresses. IKEA has a different business strategy. Unlike other mattress retail stores, IKEA concentrates on selling its fifteen different mattresses more on its in-store happenings rather than online sales.

 However, even if this is a good idea, there is still a drawback. Due to the lack of efforts on online sales, the list of the vast variety of mattresses that are displayed online are a bit confusing for the consumers. Furthermore, unlike the other mattresses companies, IKEA’s online shipping is not free. Even though mattresses of IKEA are a small segment of its product line, it has maintained a well- established presence in the mattress industry.

Affordable new mattresses can be purchased with a large variety of styles and different sizes. IKEA mattress reviews are extremely useful, and these reviews act as a helping tool for customers. These IKEA mattress reviews help form an intuition about the pros and cons, service, performance and many other features of ownership that would not be easily resolved from a store visit. By reading IKEA mattress reviews, an insight into the comfort and durability of the mattresses can be judged.

IKEA Mattress

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IKEA Mattress Comparison

Name Type Height Layers Firmness  Price 
Minnesund Poly Foam 3.8 inches Polyfoam 8.5/10 $169
Meistervik Poly Foam 4.75 inches Poly foam + Base poly foam 9/10 $219
Morgedal Poly Foam 7.1 inches Poly foam + Base poly foam 8/10 $299
Matrand Memory foam or Latex 7.1 inches Memory foam – Memory foam + Base poly foam 8.5/10 $399
Myrbacka Memory foam or Latex 9.5 inches Memory foam – Memory foam + Poly foam + Base poly foam 9/10 $499
Morgongåva Latex 7.8 inches Natural latex + Synthetic latex 6.5/10 $999
Hasvag Coil 8.3 inches Poly foam + Bonell coil + Edge support poly foam 6.5/10 $199
Haugesund Coil 9.8 inches Poly foam + Pocketed coil +Base poly foam 7.5/10 $249
Haugsvar Coil 11 inches Poly foam + Poly foam + Pocketed coil + Base poly foam 9/10 $399
Hesstun Coil 12.6 inches Poly foam + Poly foam + Mini pocketed springs + Pocketed springs + Base poly foam 6.5/10 $499
Hjellestad Coil 15.4 inches Memory foam + Poly foam Poly foam + Mini pocketed springs + Pocketed springs + Base poly foam 6/10 $699
Holmsbu Coil 17.8 inches Memory foam +Mini pocketed springs + Poly foam + Mini pocketed springs + Pocketed springs + Base poly foam 5/10 $799
Jomna Coil 5.8 inches Bonell coils 7/10 $69

Mattress Line up

IKEA has 15 varieties of innerspring, foam and hybrid mattresses as this review will go on to show. They differ from extremely inexpensive to mid-range prices. The IKEA mattress review will differ in quality and the materials that were used to manufacture it. Each mattress comes with ninety- days exchange policy along with twenty- five years limited warranties.

 Individual whole mattresses are sold as well as its foundations and supports can be bought separately. In queen size, the nine innerspring mattresses prices range from $159 to $899. Various types of coil units and comfort layers are present in many mattresses.

In twin size, the JOMNA roll-up mattresses are available only at $79. In queen size, IKEA’s three polyfoam mattresses range from $179 to $299. Two memory foam mattresses are also featured by IKEA from $399 to $549 which also includes three latex mattresses, two synthetic hybrids which also range from $399 to $549 with a natural blended latex option for $999.

IKEA Mattress Similarities

Each of the fifteen mattresses has its own uniqueness. However, each one of them has some similarities which is shared by the entire mattress series. Below review shows some of the similarities between every mattress that IKEA has launched:

  1. Built and designed in Sweden

The IKEA factory that is in Sweden builds and designs all of IKEA’S mattresses.

  1. Warranty

A twenty- five- year warranty comes with every mattress of IKEA. For defects in materials or workmanship purposes, only the warranty can be used and not for normal wear and tear.

  1. Trial Period

IKEA supports a “Love it or Exchange it” return policy in which if one does not like the mattress or is not the right fit. Thus, IKEA provides a 365- day trial, so within these days one can exchange the unwanted mattress with another mattress of the line. However, the mattress that needs to be exchanged should be clean and undamaged when returned.

  1. Refunds

In accordance with the “Love it or Exchange it” return policy, in case if the mattress is unopened, money- back refunds can be allowed. However, in case if the mattress has been opened, one can exchange the mattress for a different mattress between the time period of the warranty, but no refunds are allowed.


  • It has an average to the above-average satisfaction
  • Value potential
  • It has an average to above-average performance
  • Selection variety
  • Warranty

Motion isolation, ease of movement, odor, and sleeping hot display average numbers, thus the overall IKEA mattress reviews portray an average to mildly above average range of satisfaction, and as a result of this, all IKEA mattresses provide satisfactory comfort as well as performance. Due to the lower average pricing that IKEA has of its mattresses, this acts as a confirmation that the brand has value potential since other brands may charge higher prices which have similar to lower satisfactory level.


  • Limited firmness variety
  • Some durability concerns
  • Exchange-only policy

According to various reviews, many people may find it difficult to find a comfortable, suitable mattress. Even though IKEA has a large variety of mattresses, however, they are mostly firm to medium firm. There have also been many complaints in IKEA mattress reviews about untimely sagging or impressions, thus. As a result, questions are raised on the potential durability of IKEA’s mattresses especially about the innerspring mattresses. Many reviews complain about the performance, feel and build quality of IKEA’s mattresses due to the following reasons:


For support, deep compression support, comfort, durability, and aesthetics, a mattress’ thickness play a vital role. One may not get the suitable support if there is a lack of the right amount of supportive foams or coils beneath one’s body. Most reviews show people prefer a 10 inch or thicker mattress. However, IKEA’s mattress’ thickness is causing concern since it has only a few mattresses which are 10 inches or thicker. However, these are all coil mattresses.

Foam Density

The most upsetting features is the foam density in PCF (pounds per cubic feet). Different mattresses of IKEA have different comfort levels, for example, Minnesund, and Meistervik use a comfort layer of only 1.7 PCF, for Morgedal the comfort layer is 2.2 PCF, while the Matrand and Myrbacka are a tad bit higher at a 3.1 PCF. This is not a dense enough foam for most people, as reviews state. However, foam quality, layer design, layer thickness, and other factors also are taken into consideration, to sum up, the total mattress performance.

Coil Counts

Just like foam density, coil counts act as a gauge of durability. 594 coils or less are found in IKEA’s Hasvag, Haugesund, and Haugsvar mattresses. Many believe that the 594 coils are not enough for its price and thus IKEA’s Hesstun, Hjellestad, and Holmsbu mattresses are considered better than IKEA’s Hasvag, Haugesund, and Haugsvar mattresses. 594 dual coil layers with a total sum of 1188 are present in IKEA’s innerspring mattresses.

IKEA Mattress Review – IKEA’s Mattresses

The six innerspring and hybrid IKEA mattresses that are available for purchase are:

The Having Mattress

The review of this product will talk about how it is innerspring with a 1.5 PCF poly-foam comfort layer and a support core constructed with Bonnell coils.

The Haugesund Mattress

This review shows how it features a 1.5 PCF poly-foam comfort system and a pocketed coil support core. It has a 594 coil count which is quite sufficient for a queen-sized bed. In this review, we will be seeing how the pocketed coils hat it provides, offers better support and also reduces motion transfer, which makes it an ideal choice if two people are going to be using it. Due to the use of these pocket coils, the Haugesund’s quality is a bit above average in innerspring mattresses. After reviewing this mattress, it is not recommended for two grown adults or even one overweight individual as stated by many user reviews.

The Haugsvär Mattress

It is a mildly thicker version of the Haugesund innerspring, with a 1.8 PCF poly-foam comfort layer and a pocketed coil support core.

The Hesstun Mattress

It is an innerspring mattress that features a comfort system with 1.7 PCF poly foam and mini coil layers, and a pocketed coil support core.

The Hjellestad Mattress

It is a hybrid mattress featuring a pillow-top comfort layer with memory foam, polyfoam, fiberfill, and pocketed mini coil components. It is also manufactured with a pocketed coil support core. It has a double layer of pocket springs which provides one’s body with a good amount of support. The comfort layer is comprised of a high-density memory foam layer and contains a pillow top or a hybrid as an extra.

Such a combination will improve one’s blood circulation which is extremely beneficial for one’s skin and for one’s muscles which will result in a relaxing sleep experience. Inside the mattress, one can find another soft layer of pocket springs which serve to contour to one’s body posture and therefore, provides an even more comfortable sleep.

It also contains handles on each side, making it easy to carry it and move it around. It also comes wrapped up in a protective cover. Once it is in place, one must simply unzip and remove the cover. Many user reviews on various review platforms have praised it because of its good motion isolation, pressure relief, and many reviews have even said that they have stopped experiencing neck and shoulder pain after only a few weeks on this mattress.

The Holmsbu Mattress

It is a hybrid mattress featuring a comfort layer constructed from gel memory foam, polyfoam, and fiberfill components, as well as two pocketed mini coil layers. It also comes with a pocketed coil support core, and a cover made from a blend of polyester and cotton. It has a thick memory foam layer which is going to help one relax more and have a restful sleep experience by helping one’s body circulate more to one’s skin and muscles. The mini pocket of coils in the top layer proves that IKEA has improved the support and comfort of its mattresses. The memory foam has been made with a cooling gel which makes the foam take much more time to warm up. This means that one will have a cooler sleeping experience with this mattress. In particular side, sleepers have expressed their positive experiences with the mattresses in reviews which compliments the mattress’ support and comfort.

The eight foam and latex mattresses of IKEA that are available for purchase are:

The Minnesund Mattress

The reviews on this product state that it is an all- poly foam mattress that does not include a comfort layer. It is manufactured with a 1.7 PCF poly foam support core. It is the most inexpensive foam based mattress one can find. The cover is a standard polyester cover which is removable and easily washable. However, it is only four inches thick so support and comfort cannot be expected much from the mattress. It comes in three sizes, twin, full and queen, and it should work well with children under the age of 13. It is recommended to use this bed occasionally.

The Meistervik Mattress

It is a mildly thicker version of the Minnesund foam mattress. It does not contain a comfort layer but has a 1.7 PCF poly foam support core.

The Morgedal Mattress

It contains a 2.2 PCF high-resilience poly-foam comfort layer and a 1.7 PCF poly foam support core. Morgedal mattress is a poly foam bed which is available with high-density foam and well-built comfort zone and thus makes it an ideal mattress for side sleepers. This mattress provides pressure relief for your hips and shoulders due to its well-manufactured comfort zone. Within the bed, there is an additional layer of a soft foam filling which provides it with even more comfort and support. The mattress is quite cost-effective (as reviews also state) despite of its quality and is available in medium firm and firm thickness levels.

The Matrand Memory Foam Mattress

This supports a 3.1 PCF memory foam comfort layer and a 1.7 PCF poly foam support core. This IKEA foam mattress is basically easy to clean because the fabric itself is removable which means that one can put it in the washing machine. Since it comes, roll packed it can be easily transported which means it will take a little time to fill up to its original size once one unrolls it. This usually takes 24-48 hours. IKEA’s memory foam mattresses have good breathability, meaning it is cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

The Matrand Latex Mattress

It is constructed with a synthetic latex comfort layer and a 1.7 PCF poly foam support core. Reviews also show that IKEA’s latex mattresses usually have poor heat retention, which means that it will warm up a bit more. One should avoid it if one has trouble falling asleep due to the warm weather. This mattress will contour well to one’s body posture and therefore provide pressure relief and will allow one to relax and fall asleep easily. Since Latex beds have temperature fluctuation issues, the surface of the mattress is made out of lamb’s wool which helps it keep a consistent temperature throughout the night. It has a removable cover.

The Myrbacka Memory Foam Mattress

It is available with a comfort system with layers of 3.1 PCF memory foam, 2.2 PCF high-resilience poly foam, and lamb’s wool. The support core is constructed from 1.7 PCF poly foam. It has excellent breathability. This mattress will contour well to one’s body posture and therefore provide pressure relief and will allow one to relax and fall asleep easily. The surface of the mattress is made out of lamb’s wool since latex beds often have temperature issues. This kind of wool should help it keep a consistent temperature throughout the night. Washing the mattress is easy since it has a removable cover.

The Myrbacka Latex Mattress

It contains a comfort system with layers of synthetic latex, 2.2 PCF high-resilience poly foam, and lamb’s wool; the support core is made from 1.7 PCF poly foam.

The Morgongåva Mattress

It has a characteristic of one layer made of 85% natural latex and 15% synthetic latex. However, this mattress is not available online. This mattress is the cure for back pain. Back pain is often a result of improper spinal alignment. This is something which may occur when the bed one is sleeping on cannot properly contour to one’s body weight and/ or sleeping posture. The mattress has 90% of natural latex and the rest 10 % is synthetic latex. This combination helps relieve back pain. Inside the mattress, one can find a dense polyurethane foam layer which is suited for pain relief. It is available in four different sizes: Twin, Full, Queen, and King. It has been dubbed as a medium-firm in reviews. It is 8 inches thick.

Types Of Mattresses

  • Inner Spring

Due to the time, the innerspring mattresses have been in the market and due to their affordability, these mattresses have been the most popular choice of many individuals around the world. Multiple firmness options and its comfortability adds value to the mattress. However, one may have to buy a new mattress after 5-10 years in order to keep good sleep quality since the innerspring mattresses are not durable. If one is currently experiencing back, neck, or shoulder pain it means that one may be sleeping on springs since inner springs mattresses do not offer much pressure relief.

  • Latex

The durability of Latex mattresses is much better than the durability of innerspring mattresses of IKEA. Latex beds are usually eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, and allergen and dust mite resistant. During the summer IKEA’s Latex mattresses warm up quite a lot and are more firm than IKEA’s memory foam mattresses.

  • Memory Foam

The best mattress for comfort and body pressure relief is IKEA’s memory foam mattress. These come in three different firmness levels soft, luxury firm, and firm and provide proper spinal alignment. If one is a side sleeper, one should go with a luxury firmness, stomach sleepers should go for a very firm bed, and finally, go with a soft foam if one is a back sleeper. One should choose their mattress’ firmness according to their preference. One will be cool during the summer and warm in the winter due to its excellent air circulation, great breathability, and excellent durability.

  • Pillow Top

These are also known as hybrids. It is called a hybrid because it is actually innerspring beds but can also feature memory foam, latex, wool, fiberfill, and cotton. IKEA provides a small selection and variety of these kinds of mattresses. However, pillow top beds are not suited for low weight people. Especially if there is memory foam inside. This is because lightweight people would not be able to compress the foam enough actually to make use of the support below.

IKEA Mattress Rating Chart:

Mattress Durability Motion Isolation Temperature Regulation Noise Edge Support
Haugesund 7/10 5/10 8.5/10 8.5/10 9/10
Haugsvar 7/10 5.5/10 8/10 8/10 9/10
Hesstun 7/10 5/10 8.5/10 8/10 9.5/10
Hjellestad 8/10 7/10 7/10 8/10 9/10
Holmsbu 8/10 7/10 7/10 8/10 9/10
Matrand (latex) 7/10 9/10 7/10 8/10 7/10
Morgedal 7/10 8/10 7/10 8/10 5/10
Myrbacka(latex) 7/10 8/10 7/10 8/10 5/10
Morgongava 7/10 9/10 8/10 8/10 5/10
Matrand(memory foam) 6/10 9.5/10 6/10 8/10 5/10
Minnesund 6/10 8/10 6/10 5/10 5/10
Meistervik 7/10 8/10 7/10 8/10 5/10


Thus, concluding our review, one should buy a mattress which has an excellent level of comfort and support and which is hygienic that means that it is anti-allergenic and is dust mite repellent and that will provide solid pressure relief and good motion isolation. One should get the most suitable size and should pay close attention to the different types of mattresses that are, latex, foam, innerspring and pillow top in order to enable ones’ self to make a good decision.

 One recommendation from our review is the Holmsbu spring mattress which is an innerspring mattress and which contains pocketed coils which provide great support. Due to the increased density of the foam (as aforementioned in the review), it will be comfortable since the cover is infused with a cooling gel, meaning it will warm up during winter and cool during summer.

Our review suggests, IKEA mattresses should be taken into consideration if one has a tight budget. From the ultra-cheap Minnesund to the moderately priced Myrbacka, our review gives one an array of sizes, both firm and medium-firm feels, and comfort / support materials of different densities and types. Even if one gets a high quality mattress, one that is praised all around the world, it still might not be a good fit for you.

As our review says, It’s not just the quality and price of the brand one needs to consider; it’s the bed type that people often go wrong with. It is all about choosing the one that’s going to fit one’s exact needs and expectations, such as firmness level, type of support, motion isolation, foam density, pillow tops, and much more after deciding which brand to try the mattress from and deciding the budget.

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