Can You Put a Mattress on the Floor?

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So you are thinking of placing a mattress on the floor…

Whether it’s for you, your loved ones or a guest, you’re wondering if it’s the right thing to do. I, mean, mattresses can be placed on any flat surface, right? Well, technically, that’s right.

But, it’s not as simple as that. There are factors to consider. For example:

  • The type of mattress and the kind of floor surface
  • The risks and benefits of sleeping on the floor

Look, we get it. Some reasons can make it necessary for you to lay a mattress on the floor. Maybe you haven’t bought a bed yet. Or you have guests. Or you want to try something different. Either way, you need not to worry.

Let us lead you through: pros and cons of sleeping on the floor, tips for sleeping on the floor, and reviews of the top 8 floor mattresses.


Let’s start with the big question…

Picture Mattress Material Layers Trials Price
The Avocado Mattress

The Avocado Mattress

4.2 out of 5 stars

Latex, Wool & innerspring 3 100 days Check Price
My Green Mattress Natural Escape

My Green Mattress Natural Escape

4.3 out of 5 stars

Natural Latex & innerspring 2 100 Check Price
Milliard – 6 Inch Tri-Fold

Milliard – 6 Inch Tri-Fold

4.2 out of 5 stars

Foam 1 none Check Price
Dromma Bed Mattress

Dromma Bed Mattress

4.2 out of 5 stars

Latex, Visco Elastic Gel & poly memory foam 3 200 Check Price
Dreamfoam Ultimate Dreams Eurotop Latex

Dreamfoam Ultimate Dreams Eurotop Latex

4.3 out of 5 stars

Talalay Latex & Foam 2 90 Check Price
LUCID – 4 Inch Folding Mattress

LUCID – 4 Inch Folding Mattress

4.4 out of 5 stars

Gel-infused memory foam 1 none Check Price
D&D Futon Furniture – Tri-Fold Black Tri-Fold Foam Bed

D&D Futon Furniture – Tri-Fold Black Tri-Fold Foam Bed

4.2 out of 5 stars

Foam 1 none Check Price
Zinus Sleepmaster – 4 Inch Tri-Fold

Zinus Sleepmaster – 4 Inch Tri-Fold

4.1 out of 5 stars

Foam 1 none Check Price

Should You Put a Mattress on the Floor?

As I have mentioned above, laying a mattress on the floor is your choice. The good news is the design of most modern mattresses allows you to place them on the floor and sleep fairly comfortably. But laying a mattress on the floor without proper consideration can have severe disadvantages.

Whether you are considering sleeping directly on the floor for the first time, or you do it regularly, here are the benefits and the risks:

Benefits of Laying a Mattress on the floor

Remaining Cool Through the Night

Don’t you hate being unable to sleep comfortably because you are too hot? Well, sleeping directly on the floor can give you access to cool air. This will help reduce restlessness by reducing sweating. You will sleep more comfortably and wake up feeling refreshed.

Health Benefits

Sleeping directly on the floor can give you better blood circulation in your body. In addition to this, you may experience less back pain or neck pain as your spine stays in a more natural position. Many people find a mattress on the floor quite comfortable. And they feel that it puts less strain on their backs.

Saving on Costs

Are you on a tight budget? Well, I know many beds and other platforms or foundations for your mattress can be a bit expensive. Sleeping on the floor can provide a viable solution for the time being. It also helps out to merely lay a mattress on the floor if you live in a small apartment or any other accommodations with limited space.

What are the Risks of Placing a Mattress on the Floor

Dust and Allergens

Ever noticed how dust accumulates under your carpet? Well, when you lay a mattress on the floor for a long time, you’re inviting the same scenario. And without regular cleaning, there will be quite a collection of dust particles and dust mites where you go to sleep. Thus, you are likely to inhale this dust as you sleep. That’s a total health risk especially if you are allergic to dust. Now, who wants that? No one!

Creepy Crawlies

Eek! Right? Bugs love the floor. They especially love dark, warm spaces. This makes a mattress on the floor ideal for infestation. And to get rid of them, you’ll have to do some serious cleaning. What’s worse is that many times they’ll ruin your mattress. In addition to bugs, you should also beware of reptiles such as geckos.

Mold and Mildew

Now, these thrive in warm and moist surfaces. As you know, mattresses absorb body heat and moisture. And a mattress on the floor will absorb more moisture than usual. Add to this poor ventilation and a lack of light, and you have an environment that supports the growth of mold and mildew. This not only creates a major health risk but also reduces the quality of your mattress. You should be especially careful if you live in a hot and humid climate.

Health risk of extreme weather

When you sleep on the floor, you will receive the full onslaught of the cold or heat depending on the season. Cold weather will lead to cold floors which can make you sick if you don’t take proper care to stay extra warm. Too much heat can also pose a health risk.

Tips for Sleeping on the Floor

I know how it looks. The risks seem to outweigh the benefits.

But that’s not the case. With proper care you can place your mattress on the floor and enjoy the experience:

  • Regularly clean and disinfect the floor to reduce dust. Also, ensure your mattress only rests on a completely dry surface
  • Air out the mattress from time to time  by lifting it and leaning it against the wall to prevent mold and mildew
  • Keep the area clutter free to keep insects and bugs away
  • Use a buffer between the mattress and the floor to insulate against cold. Use a fan when it’s hot to reduce the heat during the night.

Types of Floor Mattresses

Now that we’ve seen the risks and benefits, we can delve into the actual mattresses that work best for sleeping on the floor.

First, a quick look at types of mattresses that you can place directly on the floor:

Folding Mattress

As the name suggests, these mattresses fold for easy storage and transportation. They are also known as Tri-fold mattresses. They are small, lightweight, and affordable.

They work well in small spaces like kids’ rooms or student accommodation. And some double up as chair beds as well.

For these reasons, they are the most popular type of floor mattress. You’ll find them useful when you have guests or if you want to go camping. Roll-up Mattresses

Unlike the Tri-fold mattresses, these are rolled up for storage. They are also lighter and more compact though they cannot be used as chair beds.

You’ll find that they have great support and are quite comfortable. Most of them are made up of cotton or polyester plus thin layers of foam for extra comfort. They’ll work well for your kids as well as your guests.

Latex Mattress and Memory Foam

Now, if you are looking for something more permanent, you can consider the usual foam and latex mattresses. The only difference from the types above is that you have to take extra care with hygiene.

You see, the types above are easily portable, and therefore you can roll them or fold them and clean the surface below them. But with Latex and Foam mattresses you have to lift them at least once a week to air them out. Be extra careful with memory foam, as it absorbs moisture.

Remember the risks we mentioned above and adhere strictly to the tips. Otherwise, with strict hygiene, there’s no reason why you can’t place a Latex or Foam mattress on the floor.

The Best Floor Mattresses 2023 at a Glance

The Avocado Mattress

First of all, I should mention that hybrid mattresses are the best for excellent ventilation and air circulation. So if you are looking for a mattress that can breathe, the Avocado mattress is a good candidate.

Avocado combines a free-floating innerspring system, latex, and soft wool to give this mattress the ultimate breathability. Add to this the fact that it has no odour and you’ll enjoy sleeping on it from the day it’s delivered to your house.

In addition to ventilation, the coils in the mattress provide ample support and comfort as you sleep.

You’ll be glad to know that the mattress has three comfort zones to make sure you have a restful sleep and proper alignment for your spine. Your hips, back, and shoulders will be superbly supported.

You’ll find the mattress to be quite firm, which is good especially if you are on the heavier side. It will help reduce pressure points for those with any aches or pains. The firmness not only adds to the quality of the mattress but also the quality of your sleep.

That’s not all. It has a high bounce. You can quickly change sleep positions as it resumes its form. You’ll find this especially useful when you place the mattress on the floor. And if you have a sleeping partner, you’ll hardly notice any movements they make as you slumber away.


  • comfort zoning for support
  • Firm and durable
  • Organic
  • 100 days trial period
  • Handcrafted in the USA


  • Might be a little firm for some

My Green Mattress Natural Escape

You’ll be glad to know that the founder of this company uses all natural and organic products in his mattresses.

My Green Mattress features a luxuriously soft cover made of organic cotton and all-natural wool. The material feels so soft, and you’ll enjoy every moment of your sleep.

Do you find yourself wondering if a mattress is too firm or not firm enough? Well, with this mattress you can relax since it offers the ideal medium firmness level that you’ll find quite comfortable. It consists of a layer of Latex and a pocket coil innerspring unit that give it a high bounce.

The coils are individually wrapped for maximum motion isolation so you can sleep without any disturbances from the movements of your sleeping partner.

For extra comfort, my Green Mattress has three comfort zones located in the middle and on the top and bottom part. These work to support your pelvic area, shoulders, and back. The mattress hugs the body well and provides excellent support for those who are on the heavier side.

Additionally, this mattress is very durable because of its pure natural latex. Latex, as you know, is used to make long-lasting materials.  Moreover, the product comes with a 100-nights trial period.


  • Uses tested and certified organic raw materials
  • Affordable
  • Pocket coil innerspring unit for extra support
  • Made with natural latex for durability


  • Can be considered too firm by some

Milliard – 6 Inch Tri-Fold

Want to own a Tri-fold mattress that promises a refreshing night’s sleep wherever you go? Then, look no further.

The Millard 6-inch Tri-fold is well ventilated to give a cool night’s sleep. You need not worry about hot sweaty nights with this mattress. Additionally, it’s easy to pack and unpack, meaning you can set it up in seconds.

It will fit snuggly into most rooms and give you comfort and support as you sleep. All you need to is unfold it and lay the mattress on the floor. And it folds quickly and neatly to make your morning a breeze.

This luxurious piece is portable and is perfect for your trips. What you can use in tents, RVs, and mobile homes. Better yet, it has a removable soft bamboo cover that is easy to clean. The cover has an anti-slip bottom that ensures you are well supported as you sleep.


  • High-density memory foam for support
  • Excellent ventilation for a cool night’s sleep
  • Removable soft bamboo cover
  • CertiPUR-US certified for comfort and support


  • Some might consider the mattress too soft

Dromma Bed Mattress

It’s no secret that Dromma is getting quite popular in mattress making scene. The company works to provide high-quality mattresses and offers a 200 night trial period so that you can be sure that their product is right for you. This, of course, is a testament to their confidence in their mattresses.

Let’s see what makes this particular mattress great.

For starters, it comes in an attractive, soft, pure white cover. Now, if you have kids or pets, I know you are tempted to give this a pass. But before you do, you should know that the cover can be unzipped and clean to maintain its purity. Of course, you can always buy a mattress protector to make maintenance easier.

Additionally, it has 3-layers: Dunlop Latex top layer, a Visco Elastic Gel middle layer, and a poly memory foam bottom layer. The top latex layer not only enhances durability but aids in circulation as it has airflow holes.

To avoid the firmness debate, Dromma allows you to choose between the Medium Soft and Medium Firm options. You’ll be glad to know that either option is okay for sleeping on the floor. Medium Firm is recommended for back sleepers and those who tend to hog the bed. Choose Medium Soft if you tend to sleep on your side or stomach.

The mattress will hug your form snuggly to give you a comfortable sleep even if you tend to shift a lot in your sleep. Don’t worry about waking your sleeping partner either. This mattress provides excellent motion isolation to ensure everyone sleeps peacefully.


  • A choice between Medium Soft and Medium Firm
  • Long-lasting, made with a layer of Dunlop latex
  • Breathable for air circulation
  • 200-night trial period


  • Some sinking for those on the heavy side

Dreamfoam Ultimate Dreams Eurotop Latex Mattress

What would you say about a mattress that is delivered to your home straight from the factory? I bet you would say ‘Yes, please!’

Well, the Dreamfoam deliver their mattresses directly to their customers and thus cut out the middleman. The company aims for affordability as well as quality and comfort.

A top feature of this mattress is its eco-friendly and bio-degradable cover made from bamboo fibres. I bet you can already imagine the ultra-softness and coziness of such a cover. Besides, it’s durable and has antibacterial properties. Better yet, you can unzip it whenever it needs a wash.

The top layer of this mattress is made of Talalay Latex which contains air holes that make the mattress breathable. This enhanced ventilation guarantees you a cool night’s rest. No more worries about overheating. Moreover, the latex ensures that the mattress will last for a long time.

On the other hand, the base is made of 8 inches of high-density foam for extra support and breathability. As you can see, this mattress is sturdy and can well support people on the heavier side.

Now, here’s something that sets Dreamfoam apart. Instead of predefined firmness, the company lets you order the exact firmness you’d like. Once you place your order, the company reps contact you and lead you through a series of questions to determine the perfect fit for you. And that’s not all. They will follow up to make sure you are satisfied. Now, that’s quality customer service.

The good thing with picking your unique firmness level is that you’ll find the support from the mattress to be just right. You can lay this mattress on the floor as it has been customized to your specific needs. Plus, it has a great bounce-back and motion isolation which makes sleeping with a partner a breeze.


  • Direct delivery from the factory
  • Customizable firmness for excellent support
  • Eco-friendly and cozy bamboo cover
  • Breathable
  • Quality versatile material
  • Great customer service


  • Slight odour on the first day

LUCID – 4 Inch Folding Mattress

Maybe you limited on space at the moment. Or perhaps you like house furniture with multiple functions.

Well, why not get this Lucid 4-inch mattress that doubles up as a sofa.

You can also use it as a play pad for your kids. What’s that? How will you clean it after the kids have been all over it? You’ll be relieved to know that it has a removable and washable cover that is designed to resist dust and stains.

It’s comfortable and compact, so it can be set up in any room you want.

Enjoy comfort and support with its gel-infused memory foam. It provides excellent temperature regulation to keep away the night sweats and restlessness.

That’s not all; it has double stitched handles to help you carry it and is light and easy to pack. It also comes in a variety of sizes.


  • Gel-infused memory foam for comfort
  • Great temperature regulation
  • Removable cover that is dust-resistant
  • CertiPUR-US certified for comfort and support


  • Some might find the cover a bit scratchy

D&D Futon Furniture – Tri-Fold Black Tri-Fold Foam Bed

If you are squeezed for space, then this foam bed might be the solution you seek. It’s durable and perfect for narrow spaces.

It’s made with high-density foam. And at 1.8 pounds it is sturdy, reliable, and is a comfortable mattress for use on the floor of any room. Thus, it will serve you well when you have guests. It also folds up easily for neat storage when not in use.

Additionally, it has a washable cover, and each square has a zipper so you can remove it and fit it back quickly.


  • Made with high-density foam
  • Sturdy and reliable
  • Made in the USA


  • Some find it  too firm

Zinus Sleepmaster – 4 Inch Tri-Fold

Looking for a floor mattress designed for maximum support and comfort?

Then, set your eyes on this Zinus Sleepmaster Tri-fold.

What makes this mattress special? Zinus combines memory foam, Viscolatex responsive foam, and high-density base support foam to make this a superbly comfortable mattress that offers excellent support despite your sleeping position.

Moreover, it’s made with naturally infused ingredients. This means you can use the mattress on the floor and be sure of no odour.

Additionally, its unique design makes it well ventilated to not only keep the mould away but also give you a restful night’s sleep.


  • Multi-layered for extra support
  • Infused with natural ingredients
  • Ventilated for temperature regulation
  • CertiPUR-US certified


  • Needs extra care when handling at the seams

Verdict (Our Thoughts)

You can enjoy a great and refreshing night’s sleep even if it has to be on the floor. From narrow spaces to large bedrooms the list above provides something for everyone. You can have the best of both worlds by getting a permanent mattress and one which is portable.

Just remember (and we cannot overemphasise this) that sleeping on the floor requires strict hygiene. What’s the point of buying one of this mattresses then falling ill from dust bunnies under the mattress surface? No point at all.

So, if you have decided that laying a mattress on the floor is the way to go, commit to regular cleaning, dusting, and airing of the mattress to protect your health and that of your family.

With this review, you can confidently purchase the mattress that has impressed you. And if you have any questions, please reach out to us, and we’ll be more than glad to help you out.

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