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Find a good mattress for your bedroom can be a great decision for your future. It can change your entire lifestyle and make your life be better and healthier. However, searching for a good mattress can be very difficult and takes a lot of research; you will have to read reviews, focus on the ratings, look at its advantages and shortcomings, etc.

However, doing an extensive amount of research is not everyone’s cup of tea especially researching amongst the wide variety of options available for today. With these many options, one mattress that caught our attention was the Bear Mattress. The amount of Bear Mattress reviews present on the internet actually helped in choosing this mattress.

This mattress carries an innovative touch towards the memory foam industry. It aims to provide a cool sleep to the sleeper and a healthy and speedy recovery rate for active people and athletes. Many customers who bought this mattress were very satisfied until now, and you can see this reflect on their Bear Mattress review.

Well without any further ado, let’s get into this mattress and find out if Bear Mattress is worth your money or not.

The Bear Mattress or Bear as most people call it distinguishes itself from the other mattress present in the market due to its construction focused on highly active people and athletes. This does not mean that Bear cannot provide us lazy folks with the sleep that we need; this mattress works for even the laziest of us.

Bear is a part of the latest generation of the mattress (mattress in a box) and sells directly to the client reducing the cost and its price drastically; it also does not hold up in the quality and manufacturing of and makes sure that it is top notch. Bear has brought a lot of innovation in the industry, and for this reason, many people are willing to buy this mattress.

Bear; Brand History

Bear Mattress is a family operated and owned company that was found and has more than 25 years of understanding of the mattress business. The company aims to provide customers with a transparent and honest experience. Bear company has been created on the basis of the shortcoming of the mattress industry.

All Bear mattress products are created in the United States, and one percent of the sales proceedings are donated to charity. Bear products are available through the website only and in its showroom present in Hoboken, New Jersey.

Bear; Brand Reputation

Even though Bear has been in the industry for quite some time now, it will still be considered as a new brand; especially in terms of the mattress. However, even with this short while, Bear has made quite a name for itself and has been featured in publications including TODAY, CNBC and even Huffington Post.

Bear Mattress was granted an A rating through the BBB- Better Business Bureau.

Well, keep on reading to find out if Bear Mattress is worth the hype or not.

What Type Of Mattress Is Bear?

The Bear mattress is a high-density memory foam mattress present in the market. It has an impressive 3 layer design, an exceptional cover and graphite-gel infused foam that provides the user with long and restful sleep.

How Is The Bear Mattress Structured?

The Bear mattress is made of four foam layers, and the layers increase in firmness as you move down towards the mattress. This mattress is designed using unique and premium quality material and aims to alleviate the recovery process, improve your blood flow and keep the sleeper cool all night long.

These layers include the following:


The cover of Bear is incredibly soft and thin; this feature helps with breathability. The thing that makes Bear mattress cover different from other is that the cover is created with a proprietary fabric infused with a material known as Celliant. Celliant is also used in the manufacturing of sporting apparel and equipment.

Bear makes use of Celliant, as it helps in assisting in the recovery of the body. This material turns natural body radiation and heat into therapeutic far-infrared light, and this helps in improving the flow of blood, increasing the circulation of oxygen, regulating the temperature and more.

Top Layer

The top layer of this mattress s 1.5” thick and is graphite infused memory foam layer. this layer has a density of 4lbs. This layer has good pressure relieving ability and does it properly; the graphite infused in this layer plays an important role when it comes to regulating temperature. Memory foam as everyone is aware of has a problem with overheating; however, Bear mattress undergoes no such problem due to this graphite infused layer.

Graphite gel helps in regulating temperature and keeps you cool at night. Bear also performs very well with various temperature ranges and responds to pressure uniformly as well.

Middle Layer

The middle layer of the mattress is a Quick Response foam layer and has 2 layers. Both of these layers are created with 1” of Bear’s proprietary quick response foam layer and have a density of 3 pounds. These layers give a good bounce to the mattress and make sure that the sleeper does not get stuck in the mattress when changing positions.

These layers respond quickly to pressure changes and act as a transition from soft memory foam present in the top layer to the base of the mattress.


The base of Bear mattress 6.5” thick and is made from premium quality, high-density poly foam. It has a density of 1.8 pounds and is overall very firm. This layer supports the comfort layer present on top and even provides Bear with exceptional durability. A base layer like this is very common in other high-end memory foam mattress as well.

How Is The Celliant Cover Produced?

The active Celliant minerals found in the cover of this mattress are initially grinded into more smaller particles; these particles are even smaller than a human hair. Many of these particles are then extracted and combined together in order to create a resin. This is then interwoven into the fibers of the Celliant material.

Celliant has a huge role in better functioning of your body. It allows for better healing and immediate pain relief. All of these including the durability it provides makes it an incredible material for the cover of Bear Mattress.

Apart from Bear, Amerisleep is another mattress that makes use of this technology. Keep on reading this Bear Mattress Review to find out more about this technology.

Bear Construction Summary

To summarize the construction of this mattress, the top layer is created with memory foam. For this reason, you can expect this mattress to provide you with exceptional support and proper pressure relief. Beneath this layer is the layer of quick-response foam that adds its own luxurious touch and bouncy feel to Bear. This prevents sinking in the mattress and also eliminates the harsh rigidity that poorly constructed mattress usually have.

Who Will Love The Bear Mattress?

It is no secret that many mattress companies tend to create mattresses that target different customers and similar is the case with Bear Mattress. However, this does not mean that Bear is only good for the targeted group, which includes athletes and active people. This mattress is also good for the normal society and lazy people like us.

But this mattress will appeal you the most if you are looking for some specific qualities. These qualities include:

  • You Are An Athlete And Physically Active Person

The Bear Mattress is one of the very few mattresses present in the market that make use of the Celliant technology. This technology as mentioned above plays an exceptional role in the sleep process for an athlete and aims for faster recovery after the intense excising session. This technology is a great feature added to the memory foam mattress and makes it ideal for active people.

  • You Are Looking For Extremely Comfortable Mattress

Moreover, these are no doubt that mattress can be very expensive; however, Bear Mattress is a mattress that is affordable and very plushy. Bear mattresses are made for people looking for immense comfort and a cloud-like feel.

  • You Like The Feel Of The Traditional Memory Foam

Many people have unique taste; some like to sleep on spring mattresses, some prefer latex, and some like to stick to the traditional feel that memory. Unlike other mattresses, Bear mattress has completely unique support and different comfort structure, and for this reason, Bear is exceptionally famous and loved by users.

  • You Want A Good Value For Your Money

The Bear Mattress is unlike any other brand present today. It is unique in many ways; including feel, construction, and support. This mattress is also made one hundred percent in the USA and is manufactured there as well. It is shipped directly from the company’s warehouse to your doorstep and this way you also avoid the unnecessary and usual cost that the middleman keeps when you buy a mattress through the retailer.

This is the reason why the Bear mattress provides you with the same feel and quality like other high-end mattress but at a lower price.

Who Will Not Love The Bear Mattress?

Even though Bear is an exceptional mattress present in the mattress, but like every other product, it also has some shortcoming. Since this mattress is unique and created with a new revolutionary memory foam technology, it is possible that you may not like this mattress for the following reasons:

  • You Have A Strong Firm Or Soft Preference

The bear mattress like most other mattresses present today relies on the technology of memory foam for proper upper body support. For this reason, it only comes with a single firmness level. You have no option to adjust it or tweak it. So if you are looking for a soft and adjustable bed, you may have to look for something else or opt for a mattress topper.

  • YouDo Not Like The Feel Of Memory Foam

This feature is very important for spring lovers to consider. You cannot just switch from your traditional spring mattress to a memory foam mattress without feeling anything different. This change can be either negative or positive depending on where you are from and your personal preference and opinion.

How Does The New Technology For Bear Mattress Work?

As far as Celliant technology goes, these infra-red rays have a very important role in the recovery of an athletes body after a hard day of outdoor activities as compared to other conventional mattresses. However, before you get tempted to believe that you will be very warm on this mattress and may even sweat, think of it this way; unlike ordinary infrared rays, these far-infrared rays cannot pass heat on and so you do not sleep hot.

You can find out more about the technology for Bear Mattress using the Bear Mattress Reviews.

Does The Bear Mattress Contain Harmful Chemicals?

The Bear Mattress is certified by the CertiPUR-US. Bear mattress complies to the many strict environmental and health standards such as low emission for indoor, made without using ozone depleted, prohibited phthalates, mercury, PBDEs, lead, formaldehyde and other heavy metals.

These substances are used by many mattress manufacturers, however; the certificate that Bear has proves its quality and guarantees the safety of this product.

Does Bear Mattress Have Off-Gassing Potential?

Since the Bear Mattress does not make use of any kind of volatile compound for its construction, so the odor of this mattress is very much neutral. According to the creator, there may be a slight smell as you open the packaging; however, this smell dissipates as soon as it arrives, so you do not have to worry.

What Is The Feel And Firmness Of Bear Mattress?

As mentioned once before in this Bear Mattress Review, this mattress has a single firmness level. This level is a 6.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale where 10 is the most firm, and 1 is the least firm.

Nonetheless, this mattress does have a quick response foam layer present in this mattress that covers the exterior of this mattress and makes it more responsive than the traditional memory foam bed. In short, the addition of this response foam gives Bear Mattress with a unique touch. This unique touch is such that you can sink comfortably in this mattress without feeling trapped or stuck when you want to get up.

Also with the past Bear Mattress reviews, you can decide for yourself whether the firmness and rigidness of this mattress are good for you or not.

How Is The Motion Transfer Of Bear Mattress?

Everybody knows the struggle of sleeping with someone who tends to change their position all through the night; they know how disruptive this can be and how disturbing this is if you mattress cannot provide you with proper motion isolation. This can prevent you from getting the sleep you desire.

However, with the Bear Mattress, motion transfer is very minimal. This transfer is equal to none, and this feature makes this mattress an ideal option for couples; especially couples who can get disturbed easily.

Bear Mattress Price And Sizes

The Bear Mattress is present in the traditional sizes including Queen, Kind, Full, Twin and California King. The price point of each mattress differs from one another except for California King and King Mattress. The regular prices of these mattresses are as follow:

Size Of Bear Mattress Price
Bear Mattress Twin $540
Bear Mattress Twin XL $640
Bear Mattress Full $740
Bear Mattress Queen $840
Bear Mattress King $940
Bear Mattress California King $940

Bear Mattress; Hybrid

In this Bear Mattress review, we focused on the mixed memory foam mattress. However, there is another Bear mattress known as the Bear Hybrid Mattress. Both Bear Mattresses have a unique feel and unique construction, but Bear Hybrid Mattress has better support and is less plushy as compared to the Bear Mattress.

The Bear Hybrid Mattress is made with many foam layers to provide you with the kind of sleep you are looking for. It is 14.5” thick and improves the support immensely due to the different materials present. This Bear Hybrid Mattress is made with a total of 5 layers; starting with a hand-quilted tufted top that is an added protection on the mattress.

The second layer of this bed is a breathable high-performing foam with the third layer of cool-gel infused memory foam underneath it. The fourth layer is a coil system that supports your body and also provides a good flow of air to keep you cool at night. The last layer on this hybrid mattress is made of a high-density support foam to provide it with a medium firmness level.

All these layers work together to provide the sleeper with incredible support, good comfortable sleep, and good temperature regulation so that you do not sweat during your sleep.

Bear Mattress Accessories

Bear Mattress also comes with its own family of different sleeping products; you can make use of these products for a better sleep on your Bear Mattress. Recently, Bear has added two new products to their family, and these include Bear Protector and Bear Pillow.

Bear Protect

The Bear Mattress protector known as Bear Protect provides your mattress with a five-sided, breathable and waterproof cover that takes all your worries away. This cover helps in making you sleep cool all night long. The HeiQ Adaptive Fabric Technology present in this cover works alongside Bear’s Celliant Technology and takes heat and moisture away from your body.

Bear Pillow

The Bear Pillow is another product by Bear Company and is an all-sleep position pillow. This product is designed with recovery technology and has an ultimate cooling system. It contours to the body’s desired position naturally and provide ultimate support for your neck, head, and spine.


  • This mattress is made with innovative technology and has a reasonable price point
  • Built for athletes and active people
  • Provide an all-inclusive 10-year warranty
  • Also gives the user with a 100-night risk-free trial


  • Has a limited firmness option
  • Has weak edge support
  • Can be too firm for some sleepers


Whenever investing in a product that lasts for a long time, make sure that you do your proper research and spend your time searching and reading online. This way you can make a well thought out decision and get the most out of your investment. We hope that this Bear Mattress Review proved to be helpful to you; however, do read other users Bear Mattress Reviews present to make a more informed decision.

Also, keep in mind that you must invest in the mattress that is more suited to your body and that has the features that you require the most. This way your money will not be wasted.

Overall Rating


Bear Mattress is a family operated and owned company that was found and has more than 25 years of understanding of the mattress business.

Price Point9.4/10
Motion Transfer 9.2/10
Temperature Regulation 9.3/10
Edge Support 9.0/10
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