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Memory foam is a favorite amongst mattress owners from all over the world, especially because it provides good body support and contouring. But, as with every other type of product, memory foam mattresses have their own advantages and disadvantages and it would be useful for you to know a little bit of both before adventuring on your next shopping spree. The Leesa Mattress is one of the best there is and in this Leesa Mattress review we’ll go over all the reasons why that is.

Visco elastic memory foam isn’t that much different from regular memory foam. It is manufactured differently from one brand to another, which could eventually lead to the foam being more resilient in some cases. Visco foam is known for being solid and dense, which means that it acts like a barrier for most substances. Thanks to its elastic properties, it should be able to return to its initial shape after a short duration of time. This particular foam category is about 50 years old and was originally developed by NASA to make sure that their astronauts have a more comfortable launch.

Basically, memory foam is made from polyurethane, a material that’s commonly used in the construction of mattress, sofas or car seats. Due to tis high density, it has become popular for the support it offers, and a lot of mattress manufacturers prefer to use it because it has a longer lifespan compared to mattresses that have innersprings.

Open cell memory foam is just your average foam, but built with a different inside structure. The technology used to create it allows for better airflow inside the mattress, which makes it highly breathable.

Gel memory foam is (obviously) nothing else than foam infused with gel. Mattresses that use gel memory foam are also highly-breathable, but they do have one extra characteristic. They benefit from what the industry calls “phase-changing material”, which means that in different stages of your sleep, it’s capable of absorbing and releasing heat.

Memory foam provides the sleeper with 3 huge advantages:

  • First of all, it manages to use your heat and body pressure to take the shape of your body and provide the support you long for. Thanks to the heat of your body, the memory foam becomes softer and allows your body to sink in. since it’s elastic, the memory foam can return to its original shape when you get out of bed.
  • Memory foam is capable of alleviating several types of body aches. If you suffer from arthritis, a memory foam mattress can cushion your body so that you won’t feel pressure in the hurting spots.
  • Memory foam mattresses are mostly hypoallergenic, which means that it can significantly reduce the number of allergens that build up inside a mattress.

But there are 2 sides to every coin, which means that memory foam mattresses do have their fair share of downsides as well:

  • Due to the fact that they have high densities, memory foam mattresses are pretty heavy. This shouldn’t be a problem unless you plan to move the mattress around from one bed to another.
  • If there is one thing that memory foam mattress owners complain about is the hotness of these products. Memory foam is known for retaining body heat, which can be particularly uncomfortable during hot summer nights. This is especially an issue for people who live in warmer climates. However, more modern mattresses have invested in all sorts of new technologies that integrate cooling gen into the memory foam or especially designed air chamber to push the heat away from the surface of the mattress.

Memory foam mattress don’t perform well when moisture is added into the equation. They are not waterproof and not moisture-resistant, which means that when exposed to humidity, they can degenerate the mattress and significantly shorten its lifespan. Thankfully, there are all sorts of waterproof mattress covers now available on the market.

The Leesa Mattress Review

Leesa is a mattress brand with quite the tradition. Co-founded by David Wolfe and Jamie Diamonstein, Leesa takes a lot of pride in its financial success and donates a mattress for every 10 sold, leading to a figure of over 30,000 donated up to this date. Their company culture is invested in designing the best possible mattress to feel like you’re resting in a warm and endless embrace at the end of a long day. Without further ado, let’s see what the Leesa mattress has to over in terms of firmness, support and construction.

Leesa Mattress

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Available Sizes

The Leesa Mattress caters to the need of its every customer, making its products available in the following sizes and measurements:

Size Name Mattress Dimensions Weight
Twin Mattress 39 x 75 x 10 inches 45 pounds
Twin XL Mattress 39 x 80 x 10 inches 48 pounds
Full Mattress 53 x 75 x 10 inches 56 pounds
Queen Mattress 60 x 80 x 10 inches 71 pounds
King Mattress 76 x 75 x 10 inches 90 pounds
Cal King Mattress 72 x 84 x 10 inches 92 pounds


The Leesa mattress is all about the comfort and support provided by its 3 different foam layers. It all starts with a 2 inch layer of Avena foam. What makes this layer stand out of the crowd is the high level of breathability that it offers. If you’ve never struggled with waking up in the middle of the night and feeling sweaty and sticky, with the sheets virtually glued to your skin, then you won’t be able to appreciate the importance of having a mattress that allows proper air circulation by withdrawing heat from its surface and leading it away from your body. Avena foam has been around for almost 20 years and it’s known for the good support-to-coolness ratio that it provides. What’s really impressive about this layer is its bounciness. It almost feels like you’re lying on top of a latex mattress.

Avena claims that its memory foam is even more durable than latex (which we already know is one of the most durable materials used in the construction of mattresses). The 2 inch layer of memory foam that lies beneath the Avena acts as a very good support and prevents you from sinking into the mattress too much. By applying pressure to this comfort layer, you can feel its responsiveness and the contour it provides because of its memory foam construction. The Avena layer and the memory foam layer work hand in hand to provide a high number of sleepers with a bouncy mattress that’s able to comfortable take the shape of their bodies. Even with its firmness, it might appeal to a lot of side sleepers because of the support it provides. Last, but not least, comes the 4 inch layer of support foam, acting as a base for the mattress.

Leesa has created a little something called Universal Adaptive Feel. It’s a term used to describe the results given by the 2 top layers of the mattress. By working together, these layers are capable of supporting a wide array of body shapes and sleeping styles. What’s so amazing about this combination is that Leesa has manage to counteract the quality of the memory foam that makes the body sink into the mattress with the bounciness of the top layer which, as we mentioned, feels a lot like latex.

Level of Firmness

How comfortable you are going to feel when sleeping on a mattress is greatly determined by its firmness level. No everyone enjoys sleeping on a firm mattress, just like some don’t find plush mattresses very comfortable. It’s all about what your body needs: the setup that it requires to find comfort at the end of the day. Describing the firmness of a product is pretty hard if you didn’t have the chance to test the mattress yourself. People with different weights and body shapes will feel the same level of firmness in a different way. When you first get the chance to sit down on the Leesa mattress, it will feel medium. Testing the firmness of the mattress can be done by standing on top of it and then measuring how much the mattress sinks in. On a scale from 1 to 10, 10 being the highest level of firmness, the Leesa mattress is somewhere in between 5.5 and 6.5.

We want to discuss about the indentation load deflection of the different layers, but let’s explain the concept first. Indentation load deflection (or ILD, for short) is a term generally associated with foam mattresses. It measures the softness or firmness of the memory foam. The regular formula calculates how many pounds it takes for a memory foam piece measuring 4 inches in thickness to sink in by 25%, based on a test that applies this weight on an area of 50 inches. This weight is also referred to as the amount of pressure in this test, which is a number that eventually reflects the indentation load deflection.

ILD is sometimes expresses as a range, not as a single number. This happens because the rating can depend on the reconditioning of the memory foam prior to the test. In addition to that, there are other variable that can lead to variations of the ILD, such as humidity. For example, if the ILD of a mattress is 10, it means that it takes 10 pounds of weight to sink the mattress in to a 25%.

That being said, the Leesa mattress has a different ILD rating for each layer. As a general note, an ILD rating of 12 is the correspondent of a very plush mattress, while an ILD of 50 shows a very firm one. The Avena foam layer has a rating of 20, the memory foam layer has a rating of 9, while the base layer has a rating of 32. Calculating the average of these 3 numbers, you get a medium-firm mattress.


The Leesa mattress was clearly constructed in an intelligent manner, as the most breathable layer within a mattress should always be placed on top. Dissecting the mattress, you could see the indentations on the lower side of this layer, almost resembling those of an egg carton. The airholes on the top side of the mattress are designed to help air circulate downwards, to the large aeration holes we mentioned earlier. To better understand why the Leesa mattress provides great breathability levels, you should know what happens to your body’s temperature when you lie in bed.

The minute you start dozing off, there is a slight drop in your body’s temperature. An unsuitable mattress will trap your body’s heat and prevent it from undergoing the normal temperature stages of sleeping. In general, memory foam is known for retaining heat, but Leesa is quite different in that aspect. It usually takes about 15 minutes for the Leesa mattress to return to the room’s temperature after you get up. This is longer than average, but still a very good score considering that it features a memory foam layer.

Edge Support

If you’ve ever shopped for a new mattress, then you’re probably already familiar with the concept of edge support. This depict the capabilities of the mattress to stay firm as you apply pressure on its edges. If you often find yourself sitting on the edge of the bed for whatever reason, you need it to stay firm, for your own comfort. Edge support is also important for getting out of bed, as it would be terrible to find yourself slipping off the bed. The Leesa mattress doesn’t have the best edge support we’ve ever seen in a foam mattress, as it sinks in quite a bit when you sit on the edge of the bed. However, this is not uncommon for memory foam mattresses. But even with this little bit of sinkage, the bounciness of the Avena layer makes it easy to get out of bed. It’s important to mention that even if it doesn’t provide the best edge support, if you find yourself sleeping to close to the edge of the bed, you shouldn’t feel like you’re sliding off.

Motion Transfer

There once was a commercial, back in the days when memory foam mattresses just started appearing on the market. The commercial depicted a woman that was jumping up and down on a bed, with a glass of wine placed next to her that didn’t move a single inch. It was particularly impressive at the time, because it depicted amazing motion transfer and people hadn’t seen anything like it up until that point. Having a mattress with low motion transfer will be ideal for people who don’t sleep alone and have different sleeping habits. If you’ve ever had a fussy sleeping partner and you slept together on a mattress with terrible motion transfer results, you most likely woke up because the mattress moved underneath you too much. The Avena layer has a lot to do with this low motion transfer, because the top layer is bouncier rather than absorbent.


Since the Leesa mattress is invested in delivering the best possible product, it naturally has to meet the required standard for the safety of its customers.  The product is CertiPUR-US ® Certified, which means that it’s made without using a lot of harmful chemicals and compounds. The Leesa mattress is constructed without the use of ozone depleters or PBDE flame retardants. It does not contain any lead, mercury or other heavy metals. It lacks formaldehyde or phthalates regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Trial & Warranty

In the past, a lot of people were skeptical about buying products online, especially is said products cost hundreds of dollars or more. With mattresses, this skepticism went on a long way, since it felt impossible to decide to purchase such a product without having the chance to test it first. Today, the world’s most popular mattress manufacturers have made it their mission to provide every potential customer with the peace of mind that they are not wasting their money, but instead investing in their comfort for many nights to come.

This is why, you know have to option to benefit from a free trial nights. The Leesa, just like many other premium mattresses, comes with 100 free nights of sleep trial. This means that you have 100 nights to decide if the mattress caters to your needs and if it provides the comfort and support you were looking for. If it doesn’t, then you have the opportunity to ask for a refund and return the mattress to the seller. As for the warranty period, Leesa offer 10 years of guarantee, which is a pretty decent period, although there are mattress manufacturers that have warranties extended to 15 and even 20 years.

Leesa Mattress Review: Who’s It For?

Based on a lot of customer opinions and feedback for the Leesa mattress, it is pretty clear that, while a lot of people take benefit in using this product, the most satisfied customers are the ones who like to sleep on their back or on their stomachs. This makes sense, considering that this is a medium-firm mattress, which means that it’s able to provide correct spinal alignment and proper support for these particular types of sleepers.

Leesa Mattress Review: Who’s It Not For?

The Leesa, while a great bed for just about any sleeper, wouldn’t be the best choice for those who sleep on their sides. Also, those who prefer to be warm when they sleep may want to move on from the Leesa as an option because of its cooling properties.


The Leesa mattress is pretty amazing considering its generous price tag. It’s great for people who share their beds with a partner, because of the low motion transfer that allows you to move around freely without having to worry about waking up your partner. Due to all its certifications, it’s pretty clear that the mattress is designed with the end consumer’s safety in mind. It doesn’t use any harmful chemicals, which means that it’s great for people who suffer from allergies.

Thanks to the Avena layer, the mattress is as bouncy as it is supportive. That means that getting in and out of bed is super easy, just as it is easy to move around freely during the night, without feeling that your body is sinking way to deep into the surface of the mattress. As we’ve mentioned before, the most amazing part of this mattress is how the top 2 layers was combined to compliment each other. The memory foam layer added underneath the Avena layer would normally cause the sleeper to sink into the surface if it were added first. But since the Avena layer is responsive and bouncy, it counteracts the negative effects of memory foam.


  • Perfectly combines the top 2 layers so that the sinkage of the memory foam is counteracted by the bouncy Avena layer.
  • The Avena layer is constructed with air channels to provide you with coolness as you sleep.
  • Meets the required certification to be a toxin-free product, good for people that suffer from allergies.
  • Due to its construction, it’s suitable for people with multiple sleeping preferences.


  • Edge support is not that great, especially if you like sitting on the edge of the bed.
  • Lots of customers reported a chemical-like odor after unboxing the mattress.
  • The Leesa Mattress price is a little steep but worth every penny.
Overall Rating

Very Good!

The Leesa Mattress is one of the best there is and in this Leesa Mattress review we’ll go over all the reasons why that is.

Construction 9.4/10
Level of firmness9/10
Edge Support 8.5/10
Motion transfer 9/10
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