Saatva Mattress Reviews: Everything You Need To Know

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Many of the users have been advised of the advantage of learning from other people experience and so it is no surprise that we are very much dependent on reviews and feedbacks in order to make a more knowledgeable decision without any compromises.

When it comes down to purchasing something or investing in a product that you will buy once and can last for three years, it is essential that you do your research well. A product that requires an extensive amount of research and information is when you plan on buying a mattress. When it comes down to finding the finest mattress to meet your requirements and needs, you will have to search and look at every aspect and feature a mattress can have.

With so many options being available online, it is never easy, and recently Saatva mattress reviews are turning heads in the mattress industry. These mattresses have received more than around 15,000 five star reviews from genuine customers and have grabbed a lot of attention.

Looking at all the reviews it has, and the fame Saatva mattress has been getting we agreed to review it and find out if it lives up to its hype. So keep on reading Saatva Mattress Review and find out if you should buy this mattress or not!

Saatva company started in 2010 and had since expanded itself very well. This company has now grown to be one of the biggest online mattress retailers available in the market. These mattresses are only sold online. Saatva was one of the first innerspring mattress online retailers that offered many mattress types to attract the different sleeping preferences people had. Saatva is known for its traditional innerspring mattress. However, it also sells mattresses made from memory foam under its brand branch called as Loom & Leaf.

Saatva also sells latex mattresses under the brand name of Zenhaven. Saatva company expanded itself in just seven years and had 19 factories all over the United States. This company helps in delivering all over the United States, and this delivery is managed by 135 fulfillment centers.

Saatva started to make a mattress that would have the title of being a luxury mattress but will not make you empty your wallet, and it achieves just that. Saatva has an ideal mattress construction and s an eco-conscious company making use of environmentally friendly materials in their making. For this reason a lot of blogs started to write about Saatva mattress review online.

Apart from it being a green option, Saatva has also taken over the mattress market with its white glove delivery option for free. It has further established itself as a prominent and direct-to-consumer luxury mattress.

For a more detailed review on this mattress keep on reading our Saatva mattress review and judge this mattress yourself.

Saatva Mattress Construction

Saatva mattress construction is very advanced and complex. It consists of the cover made from cotton, multiple layers of foam, individually wrapped coils and edge support. Before we go ahead in discussing the construction of the Saatva mattress, you should know that this mattress comes in a Premier Luxury version.

This version is around 14.5 inches tall whereas the Custom Slim version is 11.5 inches tall. However, both these versions are designed very similarly to one another and have the same level of firmness and feel. But only the 11.5-inch version, Custom Slim is compatible with an adjustable base.

Keep reading this Saatva Mattress Review to find out about the individual layering present in this bed.

Saatva Mattress Cover

The Saatva mattress first consists of a cover and is made from cotton that is 100% organic. The cover is very soft and incredibly breathable and is quilted with foam to create a Euro pillow top that goes beyond what others have offered. The organic cotton cover has a circular knit top panel, and the pillow top is connected directly to the top, on the mattress.

This cover helps in giving the mattress its softness and reliefs pressure when you lie down on it. The quilting on the Saatva cover is tighter in the lumbar area, and this corresponds with the added strip of memory foam inside the mattress. This includes more padding and cushion than a normal pillow top.

This also tends to give your mattress a cleaner and neat look; pillow tops that are sewn on top of the mattress can lose their shape, however, with this mattress this won’t be a problem. The cover is about two inches thick and helps with heat dissipation and provides ventilation.

Foam Layer

Beneath the quilted cover is a layer of memory foam that helps in providing you with additional pressure relief and comfort. This layer has a convoluted design that allows air to flow through the mattress easily; this temperature regulation helps in keeping your body cool all through the night.

This foam layer also helps in providing a transition from the soft pillow top above and the coils underneath it. This laminated layer of memory foam aims on targeting the tension and stress you feel in your lower back area. This foam layer is also has a noticeably different feel as compared to the whole mattress.

Individually Wrapped Coils

The third layer of the this mattress is an individually wrapped coil. This coil layer is added to help provide sleepers with some initial support and also adds some bounce to the mattress. This bounce is essential so that you won’t get stuck in the mattress while you adjust your position.

These individually wrapped coils are also known for being great for isolating motion. These coils are sandwiched and wrapped between a foam casing to increase and add in your comfort, provide a better sleep surface and be durable. You can bounce on the mattress without transferring motion due to these coils designed by keeping in mind people with back pain.

These coils can work independently and provide a very high degree of contouring support for multiple body types. In a queen Saatva mattress, there are 884 individually wrapped 4-inch coils.

Support Layer

This layer is below the individually wrapped coil layer and is made from steel coils. This layer is designed in order to support the layer above and also to provide ultimate support to the sleeper on top of the mattress. These tempered steel coils act as the coil base support system and help in creating a lot of space in the mattress.

This extra space helps in increasing the airflow of the mattress for increased cooling and ensures that your Saatva mattress lasts long. This support layer is designed specifically to help prevent problems such as sagging and increase support. This layer consists of 416 connected coils that are 7 inches in height and made from steel. These coils have an hourglass shape adding bounce to the mattress.

This layer, when combined with the individually wrapped coils layer, creates a coil-on-coil structure, and this makes the mattress more responsive to pressure. This coil-on-coil construction also gives the Saatva mattress some bounce.

Base And Edge Support

During the Saatva Mattress review, we also found out that the base of the mattress is made from high-density poly foam and this acts as the base and foundation of the mattress. This base layer is what the coil support layer is placed on.

The high-density poly foam also hugs around the coil layer, wrapping around it and creates an edge support system. This edge support system is important because many people find themselves sitting and lying on the mattresses edge.

This foam is designed to help keep the Saatva mattress its shape when you apply pressure to the side of the bed.

Saatva Mattress Layers; Are They Eco-Friendly?

You can be assured that this product is completely eco-friendly. The cover of this mattress is organic and is manufactured using only renewable resources whereas the innersprings are created from recycled steel.

Furthermore, the layer of memory foam is Certi-PUR US Certified, and this means that it meets the testing requirement required by a mattress when it comes to its physical performance inside the household and the emissions it releases.

Overall, as a combined product, this mattress is very responsive and can make the sleeper feel incredibly supported and comfortable. The combination of innerspring unit, Euro pillow top and coils work alongside one another and develop the perfect combination of comfort and support.

How Firm Are The Saatva Mattress?

When you first press in the Saatva mattress you will get a feeling of a soft Euro style pillow top. This soft feeling is accompanied by a quick response from the coils present below and giving the mattress a much-needed bounce.

The Saatva mattress comes in three different firmness options. These options include luxury firm, plush soft and firm. Each firmness level is designed while keeping specifics in mind for example:

The plush soft firmness level is great for side sleepers since they like the feeling of being enveloped on their mattress and often have a problem with their arms sleeping before they can. If you do not have a heavyweight and tend to sleep on your back and side, then plush soft will be perfect for you.

As far as the luxury firm is concerned, this mattress firmness has the same comfort level that most of the finest hotel mattresses have. With this comfort level, all kinds of sleepers are comforted equally including stomach, back, and side sleepers

This comfort level is also great for couples who have different needs; if you are a sleeper who changes their position frequently at night, then the luxury firm is perfect for you.

The firm option of this mattress is ideal for sleepers who tend to sleep on their stomach or on their back. This mattress is for customers who prefer to float on their mattress instead of sinking in it. So if you are a heavy sleeper, then the firm option is best for you.

However, keep in mind that everyone feels the firmness of the mattress differently since they have different body types and their weigh is also distributed uniquely. So choose the mattress that you feel will suit your needs. Also read the Saatva mattress review firmness test present on the internet to help make your decision easier.

Does Saatva Mattress Provide Good Motion Isolation?

If you plan on sharing your bed with your significant other, then you will want to be aware of what it feels like when the other person gets up in the middle of the night and then gets back. You will also want to know what it feels like if your partner tosses and turns all through the night.

For this reason, it is significant that you focus on the motion isolation feature of the mattress. One of the best features of the Saatva mattress is its motion isolation, and this is also one of the most vital parts of Saatva mattress review.

The movement on this mattress is very well isolated and is practically isolated to the point where your movement actually occurs. If you tend to change your position while sleeping or if you get up to use the washroom in the middle of the night, the Saatva mattress will not move even a single bit.

When going through multiple Saatva mattress feedbacks, it can be clearly seen that customers were fully contented with the motion isolation provided to them by this mattress. This motion isolation is due to the individually wrapped coils layer present in Saatva. Since these coils are completely isolated and independent from one another, they help in preventing a motion from getting transferred. Also, the way these coils are suspended inside this mattress helps in eliminating vibration from occurring.

This motion isolation is an ideal characteristic for people sharing a bed and for people who are light sleepers; so you can toss and turn all night long without the other person being disturbed.

Does Saatva Mattress Get Hot While Sleeping?

Sleeping cool all through the night is something very essential needed for a sleeper in order to get a good and peaceful rest at night. The reason behind this is that your body temperature starts to drop slightly as you enter the most regenerating stage of sleep.

So it is important that your mattress remains cool all through the night and with Saatva mattress you will get just that. This mattress does not get hot while you sleep at all and tends to remain cool; the reason behind this is the coil construction of the Saatva mattress.

This coil construction is created in a way that it allows increased air ventilation is allowing air to enter in and out while you sleep. Light sleepers tend to get up in the middle of the night due to their mattress heating up, and this is due to the memory foam present in the bed.

Saatva however, has designed their mattress in such a way that it provides great heat dissipation. Also, the organic cover present on this mattress aims at keeping it very dry and cool.

How Long Does A Saatva Mattress Last?

These Saatva mattresses are manufactured and constructed in the United States. They are made using the most premium-quality materials that are renewable and highly sustainable. Saatva company estimates that their mattress can last approximately for around 12 to 15 years and this figure has easily outpaced the mattress market by double.

Most innerspring mattresses last for around six to seven years and Saatva mattress as the ability to outrun these years. When comparing this mattress with a budget foam or a spring mattress, Saatva mattress has the ability to last nearly three times longer than them and provide the perfect level of luxury performance required.

Does Saatva Mattress Have A Smell When It Is New?

When you go and buy a new product, you will notice that it has a distinctive smell during the early days of you owning this product. The smell detected by your nose is due to the release of volatile organic compounds used in the manufacturing of the product.

While this smell does dissipate, some people get very bothered by this smell, and if you are one of these individuals, then you will be happy to know that Saatva mattress has no off-gassing. Since Saatva mattress comes unpacked, there is no compression of any kind. The mattress does make use of memory foam. However, the foam is made from bio soy foam, and this foam quickly off-gasses during its manufacturing.

This is a huge step up from the memory foam mattresses present online and often come from the brand rolled in airtight packaging. These memory foams can take days and sometimes even weeks to completely release their gas in a ventilated space, and this can be hard to get rid of in your apartment and in winters.

With this Saatva mattress there is no smell of any kind because once the foam is manufactured inside the mattress and fixed at the Saatva factor, it does not have any smell at all. This feature makes this mattress perfect for people who have allergies and are highly sensitive to smell. It is also great for pregnant ladies who may get and feel nauseated.

How Big Is The Saatva Mattress?

How Big Is The Saatva Mattress
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Just like every other mattress present in the market, your local Brick and Mortar or online, Saatva mattress also has six different mattress sizes available. These sizes include:

Size Name Mattress Dimensions
Twin Mattress 38” x 75.”
Twin XL Mattress 38” x 80.”
Full Mattress 54” x 75.”
Queen Mattress 60” x 80.”
King Mattress 76” x 80.”
California King Mattress 72” x 84.”

All these sizes are available on Saatva Mattress websites and have different prices as well. You can find out about their prices later in this Saatva Mattress Review.

Saatva mattress also allows you to choose between two different thickness levels, one thickness level is 11.5,” and the other is 14.5”, as mentioned earlier.

However, both these thickness versions cost the same, but this choice is offered to the customers for simply aesthetic reasons. For example, if you have a short bedhead, then your bed will look better with an 11.5” mattress.

Another great feature that Saatva mattress has is that the King size mattress and Queen size mattress are also offered as split mattresses. This means that getting the mattress through the door will never be a problem.

This split feature of the mattress is purely done for delivery purposes and in no way does it affect the performance of this mattress. Also even with a split in between, you will never feel the split as you sleep.

Does Saatva Mattress Need A Foundation?

Even though you do not require any kind of foundation with the Saatva mattress, Saatva Company does, however, recommend their customers to make use of foundation. The reason behind this advice is that a foundation helps in increasing the comfort of the mattress, enhances its durability and is anti-sagging.

It is also important to remember that any contact with organic surfaces on the bed or the floor can reduce the airflow, decrease temperature regulation and encourage the growth of mildew. This is why Saatva suggests the use of foundation.

Saatva offers two foundations of 4” and 8” that you can purchase alongside the mattress; you can also use the existing box spring you have or the foundation you are already using if it is in good condition. A good condition means that your foundation is sturdy and does not have any sagging within the support area or around it.

The added bonus on using your own box spring foundation is that Saatva may keep your mattress warranty in place and this is something other mattress manufacturers do not do or allow.

However, do make sure that you read the warranty information present on the Saatva mattress as it does have some limitations. Saatva has also launched its own adjustable base in May 2017, and this base is known as Lineal.

Does Saatva Mattress Require A Mattress Pad?

The answer to this question is No. The European pillow top is enough for everyone’s comfort and adding an extra layer of the mattress pad is discouraged. The reason behind this is that a mattress pad can decrease the performance level of the mattress and the firmness you have selected.

A protector is not required to use on this mattress, but it is not a bad idea to consider buying a premium quality protector in order to increase the lifespan and durability of this mattress. This is doubly important if pets and kids use your mattress as well.

The pillow top of this mattress is organic cotton knit top with a 1.25 inches super soft foam and Dacron along with a ¾” of quilt fill fiber. So no, this mattress does not need a mattress pad.

How To Take Care Of Saatva Mattress?

To increase the durability of your mattress, it is important that you take full care of it. To take care of your mattress, you must follow a few set rules and guidelines and follow them religiously.

The number rule on taking mattress care is rotating it. Most manufacturers recommend their uses to rotate their mattress and flip it whereas Saatva asks their users to only rotate it. It is recommended that you rotate your mattress after every six to seven months and consequently once a year.

Saatva mattress is handcrafted and made with the most premium quality components and products. Due to this reason, this mattress is incredibly heavy and so rotating it on your own will be difficult. Make sure that you take some help from your partner or your friend when rotating the mattress as this will help in preventing any injuries to your back.

If your mattress starts to become grubby and soiled, then you can clean it up by using a small amount of anti-bacterial soap and a sponge dampened with warm water. However, remember to never drench this mattress with water.

To remove any smell on your mattress place baking soda all over it and leave it on for twenty minutes. Then use a vacuum and suck the powder up thus nixing the smell. Also to get rid of excess moisture accumulated on the mattress make use of a steam vacuum with a drying feature or simply let the mattress dry on its own under the fan.

Does Saatva Guarantee Any Comfort?

According to the company’s website, Saatva claims that from the day you get this mattress delivered on your doorstep you get 120 days to sleep on it. Now you can decide within these 120 days if you want to buy this mattress or not.

This 120-day trial starts when you get this mattress delivered to your doorstep and not when you purchase it online. If for some reason you are not contented with the feel, firmness, and comfort of this mattress you can return it. Saatva Company sends their own people to pick up this mattress and returns all your money; this does not include the $99 transportation cost.

There are also no restocking fees at all.

How Is Saatva Mattress Delivered?

Saatva has started to offer a free white glove delivery all over the world. Many other companies also offer this white glove delivery option, but Saatva goes an extra mile. They help in removing your existing mattress along with the foundation and then installs the new Saatva mattress in the room of your choosing.

All of this is done free of cost.

What Warranty Does Saatva Mattress Have?

If the Saatva mattress has any defect due to workmanship or any structural issues within the first two years of you owning it, then Saatva promises to replace the mattress at no extra cost including delivery charges at all.

If you discover a flaw or defect between three to fifteen years of you owning a Saatva mattress, then they will repair the mattress without any cost. You can also replace the entire mattress completely if the mattress has less than six years left on its warranty; however, to replace it you will have to pay around 25% of the purchasing price.

According to the manufacturer of this mattress, the validity of warranty is guaranteed if you make use of a platform bed. The warranty gets void if you use the mattress onto a metal frame that has less than four or six legs and it is also annulled if you use center-line support for the King and Queen size mattresses.

This is very important to remember if you make use of your previous mattress foundation.

How Much Does Saatva Mattress Cost?

Saatva Company prides itself on being a premium quality luxury mattress at the best price. Their business models focus on cutting out the middleman to further decrease the price as it reaches the use; for this reason, the best place to invest in the Saatva mattress is through the manufacturer’s website only.

Right now the prices of Saatva mattresses are as follows:

Size Of Mattress Prices
Twin Mattress $599
Twin XL Mattress $749
Full Mattress $999
Queen Mattress $1,099
King Mattress $1,499
California King Mattress $1,499

The price list of both the 11.5” and 14.5” thickness mattress versions is the same.

How Does This Mattress Compare To The Loom And Leaf?

When comparing these two mattresses, the first noticeable difference between them is the difference in construction. Saatva mattress is an innerspring mattress that comes with a pillow top whereas Loom and Leaf is an all foam mattress.

The firmness of both this mattress is very similar to one another, so the main thing to consider is your preference and what you like in regard to its feel. If you like to sleep on your mattress and have previously owned an innerspring mattress and liked it, then Saatva mattress is the right choice for you.

However, if you like the feeling of sinking in your mattress and being hugged by your bed, then you should opt for Loom and Leaf.  You can also read this Saatva Mattress Review and compare it with the review for Loom and Leaf.

How Is Saatva Mattress As Compared To Casper Mattress?

When comparing the Saatva mattress with one of its main competitors in the mattress market Casper, you can see the differences very clearly. Firstly, the Casper mattress is a softer mattress and has a feel similar to the feel of memory foam. Whereas Saatva mattress is a firmer and an innerspring mattress.

Moving on, if you are a stomach or back sleeper, then Saatva is a better choice since it is more supportive. But if you prefer sleeping on your side, then Casper provides better pressure relief and can be the smarter choice.

At the end of the day, choosing a mattress comes down to your preferences. If you like the feeling of a firmer innerspring feel to your mattress then invest in Saatva mattress. If you like a softer and memory foam feel then don’t hesitate in choosing Casper.

If you are a hot sleeper, then Saatva is a more cooler sleeping mattress. The coils present in Saatva mattress allow for greater airflow and proves to be a more breathable mattress altogether.

Finally, the prices of Saatva mattress and Casper are pretty similar, but the Saatva mattress is a more long-lasting mattress. So if you add in the extra years you can use the Saatva mattress in, it will prove to be of a better value.

Do read Saatva Mattress Review and Casper review for detailed comparison between the two premium mattresses.

You Will Love Saatva Mattress If:

  • If you want a classic feel of traditional innerspring then this mattress is perfect for you.
  • If you are looking for luxury in a reasonable price with high-end construction and eco-friendly materials.
  • If you want strong stitching and premium construction.

You Will Love Saatva Mattress If:

  • Like the feel of a classic memory foam and the feeling of melting in your bed.
  • Want a bed in a box because Saatva is not compressed and shipped in a box to your door step.

Summary Of Saatva Mattress Review

Now that we are done with the elaborate Saatva mattress review, we can take a look at who is more suited to this mattress.

Saatva mattress is great for sleepers who like the feel of a traditional innerspring mattress feel. It is also great for people who like good support when they sleep and a slight bounce. The coils used in this mattress construction have a quick response and allow you to adjust your position easily. This coil on coil structure helps in keeping your back in a good position when you sleep.

This mattress is also perfect for sleepers who want to feel on top of the mattress and do not like sinkage. The quilted cover does permit you to sink in the mattress buy the coil system present helps in defending your body being stuck in the memory foam.

In short, this mattress has a luxury performance at a great value. Saatva has created a feeling of the same kind that you get in a high-end hotel. This Saatva Mattress Review is to help you in making an informed decision.


Saatva Mattress is without a doubt a luxury mattress and is a very good option for customers searching for a premium mattress at a reasonable price. Hope our Saatva Mattress Review proves to be helpful for you.


  • It has good durability
  • Has an excellent value according to the premium quality materials used
  • Has excellent motion isolation properties
  • Is very easy to move around on when finding the best position to sleep in


  • Not the best mattress if you like the feeling of memory foam
  • Some consumers complain about this product for being too soft or too firm
  • Some complaints of sleeping hot are also there
Overall Rating


Saatva Mattress is without a doubt a luxury mattress and is a very good option for customers searching for a premium mattress at a reasonable price.

Materials And Quality9.6/10
Comfort And Support9.4/10
Edge Support 9.4/10
Value For Money 9.5/10
Trial And Warranty 9.3/10
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